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HH took advantage of my popularity to get power-GBM

Headlines HH took advantage of my popularity to get power-GBM

File:HH and GBM at a meeting with ECZ earlier this year

Former UPND Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has alleged that United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema wanted to use him in order to ascend to power.

Speaking when he addressed a rally in Kapiri Mposhi Mr Mwamba said that Mr Hichilema merely wanted to ride on his popularity in order to win support from the Northern region of Zambia and his Patriotic Front members sympathisers.

The former Defence Minister, who spoke in Bemba, stressed that Mr Hichilema has no political experience because he has not been a Ward Chairman, Councillor or Member of Parliament; and therefore it would be difficult for him to become Republican President.

Mr Mwamba bragged that he is more popular than Mr Hichilema, adding that this could be seen from the number of people that followed him when he was part of the opposition political party.

The former PF Kasama lawmaker further lamented that he was side-lined by the UPND leader, stating that Mr Hichilema occasionally held clandestine meetings without his knowledge.

“When all these dark corner meetings were being held, they were planning to suspend me. And they could not give me time to exculpate myself. As such, I had to put my head on the chopping board. I decided to go back to the PF because it was a recommendation from my sympathisers and supporters to back to where I belong.” Mr. Mwamba said.

Mr Mwamba was welcomed by PF Kapiri Mposhi District Chairman Wigan Maluti, his Vice Godfrey Kangwa, former PF Kapiri Mposhi district Youth Chairman Brian Nkolola and Central Province Youth Secretary Alice Boka, among other party officials.

And over three hundred United Party for National Development (UPND) members have defected to the Patriotic Front (PF) in Kapiri Mposhi district.

The UPND members defected at a political rally addressed by Former UPND Vice President Geoffrey Mwamba.

Meanwhile, former Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) National Chairman Richard Kachingwe charged that the UPND is an undemocratic party that should not be allowed to govern the country.

And PF District Chairman WiganMaluti said the ruling party has continued to grow in the area as witnessed from many people defecting to it from opposition political parties.


  1. Well considering HH never got into power means your popularity is non existent. And where the heck is the story on Chitotela being arrested with 9 fresh charges ba LT? You havent heard yet?

    • GBM in one two years will be a mad man on the streets. Mark my words. We think he is just yapping but inconsistency in thinking is a very serious failing health symptom.


    • Kekekeke Ba GBM bushe kwaliba ifyo that I trained him?
      Us who have taught in schools can’t go about bringing down former students that “he was just my student”.
      Ukraine just elected a comedian like Kasaka as president. Why not HH?

    • GBM lost weight for Mumbi Phiri, she said she doesn’t like kneeling under stomach wants see something.

    • GBM has already gone mad…this is a lesson to everyone…be careful who you befriend the majority just show up in your life to destroy you….no wonder i remain anonymous and i live a quiet and peaceful life….alot of GBM’s out there

    • How did GBM become a millionaire…oops he’s a millionaire in Zimbabwean dollars…and i guess its through corruption and stealing…..and he probably was sent to join UPND by Lungu as a spy for PF…NEVER TRUST A POLITICIAN

    • Ba GBM has got a very big head. And a very loudmouth He thinks he is Zambia’s kingmaker. He is very unfit for political office
      HH was dumb to pick such a man and elevate him past longer serving UPND members. Plenty of us warned him right here but like all arrogant politicians he ignored us the electorate. Now he is eating humble pie. In a democracy you must show us that you are not a dictatorship

  2. GBM has not told us how come he found himself in SA every time political trouble was brewing or when lungu planned to arrest UPND leaders ??

    We know we was being warned by kapoyongo. UPND leadership further concluded GBM was still in constant contact with PF …..

    • Is GBM not interested in KCM mine? GBM like thuggish businesses, cash business, unlike HH who don’t touch cash.

    • The intelligent way to prove you are popular is to start your own part, simple science. I am sure Talyali is launging his lungs out.
      Watch “GBM’s Recorded Conversation with Zambian Voice Chilufya Tayali” on YouTube

  3. This proves our point that you have no solution to offer but your popularity and your money…Be wise!!

  4. Kikikikiki….kutiwaseka. BaStreet fighter being popular? In what? In insults? Wapya kaMumbwe phiri kaisaa…! Hehehe

  5. Umungulu Wekawekafye, we have a serious issue at hand concerning KCM Chena chilifye pamunankwe who is not responding. If you are popular why did your daughter loose terribly in Kasama?

  6. Getting rich using muti
    Bala pena these are the signs ba GBM.
    Ba shi Chilekwa has a mind of a child rather he is a man child….shame.

  7. GBM is a hungry and bitter man who will say anything “HH” to push for relevance. These are men who were once celebrated and should not have got themselves into politics in the first place. So when he joined UPND & HH to even be Vice President for the party, didn’t he know what he was getting himself into and a person like this surely wants to mislead Zambians when he even ran away to South Africa during HH treason trial, imagine what he would do if Zambia was invaded. GBM is finished goods, even the residents of Kasama are seeing a better improvement compared to his time as MP..

  8. iam sure now this man was not fit for position he was given in upnd. no wonder mumbi phiri is advising him, but he is so dull that he cant listen . what kind of people can really follow such a crap of a polititian . if he was very popular he should have formed his own party, than going round exposing his stupidity all over.

  9. Yaaa this man has such a wrong opinion about himself..popular,popular yet the people (HH and his daughter) backed and campaigned for lost! Kambwili is even better coz he maintained his seat through a person he supported.GBM will talk his lungs out ,they will use him and after that they wi?l dump him! He will be so frustrated that he may crack!!

  10. This man is a true lier. He was ever away when UPND leaders were being harassed. He was there just as a spy and nothing else. PF has done well not to welcome him. He is a big let down. He never added any value to UPND if he did HH could have been president now. And he is subtracting some kilos from PF with his childish stories that cannot buy anything.
    What a disaster!!!!!

  11. Congratulations GBM bring back all the Upnd to PF let ka HH start at grass-roots level as a ward chairman

  12. This man GBM is making noise in someone else`s home, PF, before he is even allowed in. I respect HH for totally ignoring this man`s childish behaviour. This GBM is even too dumb TO NOTICE that he is now working for a party whose top leadership does not want him. I pity his family.Such a huge man with a brainless head. Money does not buy integrity.

  13. Ilyashi lyamukachasu kkkk. I hear Arizona trucks are treaking back to Zambia.Opposition teyabana iyo. Ulufumo gone, insala Tata ba Gbm just kiss lungus feet and shut your trap.

  14. Oh please gbm give us a break. You are nothing but an empty mealie meal sack. Even pf have ignored you.

  15. We told them, now they are crying foul. He is not even gone mad yet! He has sacks of insults as usual and he want to offload , wapya munzi!!!

  16. This mans obsession with decampaigning UPND and HH is very disturbing for someone who always hobnobbed with the top brass. He Is now hanging around with district chairmen ! ..Just to further his agenda of character assassination!
    …Awe kwena

  17. Scam Bag looking for relevance. Zambians this fool is not fit to be a Ward Chairman. Just like ELC he can’t see the problems that are there needing solutions. Very blank.

  18. Me too, GBM burning bridges he will need to cross again. Doesn’t he know that ruling parties have a short life span. Very soon the boat you have run to will start sinking and everyone will free. Mumbi is trying to teach you something about being respectful because you might need the person you insulting daily pretty soon. Zambian is not like SA or Uganda. They like change and they might decide to kick you and your party out

  19. Woipa ataba yeka, may God scatter you enemies, so that God blesses you well. Keep fighting God is in total control of the Universe.

  20. Mwilansekesha ati HH has never been a councillor,ward chairman or M.P IYEE MWEBANTU……………

  21. Go Back mukwiba = GBM, this man is lowly getting mad. The man is desperate for anything from PF but he wont be welcomed in because they are all busy stealing and wont have a time for a broke person like GBM.
    Chisushi uyu mudala and he will cry more…..

  22. Can someone tell this f0ol that having money is not the same as being popular. Is this guy a businessman or what? He behaves too dull for a person as successful as he is in business. It must have been corruption through out his business. He sounds like a mad person. What popularity is he talking about. Infact the UPND lost a lot supporters when GBM was made vice president because most people thought HH had picked a f0ol for a vice president. I know a lot of friends who stopped supporting UPND when GBM was made vice president.


  24. What popularity did the Master Gas Bag (MGB) have or has that someone can ride on? He has a false sense of his greatness or popularity. It is this same sense that drove him into challenging Given Lubinda for the Kabwata seat. He was advised not to stand on the MMD ticket because the PF, then in opposition, was strong in Kabwata. ena ati iyo ninkwata impiya. Nalawina! did he win? Nakalya. Za yellow walloped him. It is this same illness that has caught up with him now. he is neither a threat nor a political asset to anyone. He went to UPND because he was afraid of the strong challenge the vibrant Kelvin Sampa posed in Kasama. I doubt his relevance to the PF.

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