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Kalusha and Kamanga set for integrity test for heated CAF seat race

Sports Kalusha and Kamanga set for integrity test for heated CAF seat race

Kalusha Bwalya and Andrew Kamanga’s CAF executive committee member nomination will both be put through an integrity test to settle the two old foes battle for a seat in Cairo.

Kalusha’s COSAFA Zone seat is up contention and his archrival and FAZ president Kamanga has thrown his hat into the ring for elections at July’s CAF congress in Cairo.

“In regard to nomination by FAZ for the CAF Executive Committee position, the two candidates, namely Kalusha Bwalya and Andrew Kamanga will be required to undergo an integrity test as guided by the current FAZ Constitution,”FAZ spokesperson Mwazi Chanda said.

“The FAZ Ethics committee will process both candidates in accordance with the FAZ Code of Ethics ahead of the nomination process by the FAZ executive committee.”

Meanwhile, Kamanga and Kalusha were both guests of Sports Minister Moses Mawere at his office on Thursday to discuss the standoff.

Mawere said the meeting was progressive.

“We were very careful not to interfere in any way because we are aware that this is a federation position. It is a federation matter which can be dealt by themselves. Ours was just to give them that platform through which they can discuss themselves,” Mawere said.

“Ourselves also mindful of the statutes; that is why we have said after we have deliberated. Go back the executive.

“I am happy as a satisfied minister that at least both of them have agreed that the FAZ executive have to meet and discuss this matter and come up with a position.

“The position that FAZ will come up with next week, I expect every Zambian to support it, including government. They are the rightful people to make a decision.”


    • #1.1 John mpundu

      Yes it is very relevant ……how do you vote the the best interests of Zambian football when you don’t even live in the country ???

    • Great Galu can not pass that test…the man has no plan B outside football he has to selfishly eat in football through corrupt dealings. Look at him only in Zambia to promote himself once he gets this he is off to RSA to his trophy musungu wife. He knows he is nobody without a job or a fancy title.

    • This is the problem in Africa people don’t know when to give up.
      Kamanga is current FAZ president who represents football interest in Zambia.
      Whose interest will Kalusha represent? Stop treating people like Royalty this guy corruptly pocketed money meant for FAZ and lied yali ni nkongole! has he no shame to try and stand again eish !

    • How can you ask if Mukwita and Emmanuel Mwamba live in Zambia.
      CAF is an international organization, not a ward in Kabwe.

    • Kalusha was reported to FIFA by Simata.
      FAZ later fall out of friendship with Kamanga’s FAZ.
      Now let’s see if the FAZ has any ethics and intergret.
      If they good people, then they should hear how Kamanga and Simata’s relationship started and ended before even look at Kalusha’s career.

    • @1.5 nostra

      The CAF executive members make decisions and vote for resolutions that beat benifit and represent their countries first than African football in general , why should Zambia’s vote be used to represent South African football were kalu lives and works from ? He knows South African football more than Zambian football, he has not much clue about Zambian grass roots football, in fact his football academy is in South Africa, benefiting South Africa

    • King Kalu wasn’t there when Andrew Ndanga Kamanga and Pasipononga Liwewe shared K800,000 with their minions

    • You think CAF will feed him, some of you are worse than idyots.
      Kalusha is in field he belongs, he has all what to say. But your Kamanga is just a typical PF thug all about bringing others done and grabbing other people what belongs to them.
      There is no intergret in Zambia at moment.

    • Chizungu boss!
      Show us were kamanga stole!
      As for your disgraced kalu just ask Fifa
      Bane fimbi kuibwelamo fye

    • Put that bottle of whiskey Nostra… and think… GREAT Galu has had no long term plan ONLY perpetual stealing that’s why he keeps scrapping for these positions …this is why two year ban would have been damaging for him as he needs those VIP meetings at FIFA for him to carry out his dodgy dealings. His collegues are doing bigger things like George Weah him he is just a dull chap even dull chaps can speak English we have them as football pundits.

    • imwe baffikalla just leave me with my English, I hate that language.
      I am pissed off, not drunk YET .
      Mweembwamwe, leave me and Kalusha alone!

  1. Integrity test? Whatever this means only these goons understand, suffice to say that both Kalu and Kamanga have serious issues partening to integrity, Kamanga paid himself millions of ZMW and his cohorts during the under 20 Africa cup, never came clean, as for Kalu, we all know that he was recently pardoned for his misdeeds over bribes. So what integrity tests are these buffoons talking about? It’s all football politics and don’t get supprized as to who is picked.

  2. We are living with kalu here why giving him a position while he stays in SA? let him go back to Zambia and start fighting for positions not here


    • For me I want results. Kalu gives us results on the pitch. So what plans is gay gay talking about????.
      Kamanga makes us Zambian soccer fans want to hide when we meet rivals because we are losers.
      He is the only FAZ chief who has failed to qualify Zambia for Afcon. I don’t watch football to see people in suits. I watch to see Zambia in victory.
      The current Zambia is not what kind of team I support

  4. The question should be, which candidate will go to Cairo and win the election? Of the two, Kalusha can easily get it than Kamanga. If Kamanga is chosen to go and contest at that level, I’m convinced he will lose the contest. Let’s wait for the truth. Good luck to both of them.

  5. Oh my goodness! How do they even have an ethics committee in an association as unethical as FAZ?… These buffoons don’t cease to amaze me.

  6. Please let the baton be passed on to someone else other than to keep wallowing in past glory until everything ends up erased by a simple single miscalculation! I shudder to imagine Brazilians pushing for legendary Pele to International Soccer bodies organizations at every opportunity that gives for the man is an icon that the country can count on to shape the game in his homeland spanning different administrations!

  7. For Kalusha it’s all about himself. Remember he did the same to Mulonga. This is like being an Ex President and arguing to be Zambia’s representative at the AU. What nonsense is that? Why the man move on?

  8. Wallowing in past glory for sure, Kalulusha is convict and does not even live in Zambia for crying out loud.

  9. Aamzing how shallow minded we zambians can.A normal zambian who has followed kalusha and kamanga cannot compare the two,they are miles apart when it comes to knowlegde on football.The only time Mr. kamanga can beat Kalu is when it comes to personal wealth,but then that has not Qualified the country to the Afcon…..Twice he has failed to qualify the country,He ran kabwe warriors so terrible that they were demoted to the lower division,what integrity is FAZ talking about and we zambians talking about?How can he even be proud to call himself a FAZ president?,and in any normal society,Kamanga should have resigned on moral grounds or forced to resign by the media ………
    SOME fans here argue that kalu lives in SA and Kamanga lives in zambia and therefore we should support kamanga.Fine…

  10. Kamanga will never be anything in zambian football.he doesnt understand what it feels to carry the hopes of 17million zambians on your shoulders on and off the pitch,Kalu has shouledred this burden not once but throughtout his life.How anyone can even want to compare such an accomplished football player and administrator to a failure like mr kamanga Teddy Mulonga surprises me.The sooner we accepted that Football is beyond Kamangas understanding the better for the country.Football is beyond running an oil marketing company that is straight forward,Football is a national Business that is only understood by those who knw it,its not learnt in class……..

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