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Response to Hon. Gary Nkombo’s Challenge -Sakwiba Sikota

General News Response to Hon. Gary Nkombo's Challenge -Sakwiba Sikota

Gary Nkombo in Mazabuka
Gary Nkombo in Mazabuka

GARY NKOMBO, the UPND Mazabuka central Member of Parliament, came at me like a raging boxer over the UPND Members of Parliament who stayed away from the National Dialogue Forum but on the side were seeking to have their thoughts on the various Bills being discussed taken into account.
Gary, who is a very good personal friend of mine, was demanding that I name the UPND MPs who during the National Dialogue Forum (which he referred to as ‘the National Drunkards Forum’) sessions wanted to sneak in their contributions. One of these MPs said he supported the NDF because of the writings of a very inspiring author and philosopher called Pratik Paudul which he introduced me. Pratik Paudul wrote, “A lot of problems in the world would disappear if we talked to each other instead of talking about each other.”
I came to learn about Gary’s reaction to the statements I made on ZNBC’s Sunday Interview when one of the UPND MPs who had contacted me during the NDF contacted me. The UPND MP, (whom I shall refer to as “Deep Throat” like the Watergate whistleblower) seemed greatly agitated and in a state of extreme stress. “Deep Throat” demanded that we meet in secret. I have never seen “Deep Throat” look so troubled and frightened.
“Deep Throat”, after reading Gary’s demand that I disclose the names of the UPND MPs, was afraid that I was going to snitch on them and rat them out. With a thoroughly furrowed forehead and face distorted by being drawn out by tension, “Deep Throat” begged me not to disclose his name. He stated that his party was so extremely annoyed and disturbed by the fact that so many UPND MPs had attended the NDF, that they had sworn never to adopt them as candidates for the 2021 elections.
“Deep Throat” stated that the party has gone so far as stating that even if these MPs came back and apologized, they would not be adopted. For this reason people in the constituencies where these MPs came from had been given the go ahead to start campaigning against these MPs. “Deep Throat” stated that being from Southern Province it would be difficult for him to stand as an independent and win if he did not stand on UPND ticket. “Deep Throat” said if it was not for this he would have come out in the open. Incidentally, the other UPND MPs who approached me from behind the scenes are also from Southern Province and I assume they too have not come out in the open for the same reasons as “Deep Throat”.
I assured “Deep Throat” that even if Gary and his party members subjected me to water boarding, I would not divulge their names and I would publicly communicate that I respected that they had approached me in confidence and my integrity would not allow me to breach that confidence.
I have not given this UPND MP the name “Deep Throat” to mock him in the manner President Donal Trump mocks people because like the author and philosopher Pratik Paudul whose writings I was introduced to says, “You never look good trying to make someone else look bad.”. However, whenever Donald Trump fails to come up with a meaningful argument against someone or something he resorts to kinder-garden name calling like, “Little Rocketman ” , “Lyin’ Ted” or “Crooked Hillary”. Name calling of the National Dialogue Forum as “National Drunkards Forum” is going even lower than Donald Trump!
It is unfortunate that Gary decided to name call and label the people who attended the NDF as drunkards. In attendance were national youth organizations, national women’s organizations (like Women for Change, YWCA and NGOCC), reverends, pastors, freedom fighters, Church Mother Bodies (such as Independent Churches Association of Zambia and Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia) and even their Royal Highnesses.
How will Gary and his party appeal to the womenfolk and youths in our nation after having labeled them as drunkards?
As we approach Africa Freedom Day on Saturday 25th May this weekend, is Gary and his party going to have any kind things to say about the heroes who brought us independence when it is clear that they have labeled the freedom fighters as drunkards?
Will Gary and the rest of his party members this weekend go for prayer in these churches presided over by drunkards?
In the American history we learn that some Native American Chiefs were given bottles of distilled liquor by European raiders like Bernardo de Galvez, viceroy of New Spain, who instituted a policy of pacification of the Native Americans.
The next time Gary and his party pay a courtesy call on any of our Royal Highnesses, will they in an attempt to pacify their Royal Highnesses and their people, leave as their token gift a crate of liquor since Gary has labeled them as drunkards?
My friendly advice to my good pal Gary is that he should quickly retract the “drunkard” slur and apologise to the people who attended the National Dialogue Forum for it is clear that this careless statement has put Gary’s boxer shorts in a painful terrible twist.
P.S. Just in case Gary’s motivation to demand release of the lists of names is his fear that his bosses are suspecting him to be one of the MPs who secretly approached me (more especially seeing that on the first day of NDF participants registration he was seen in the registration room) this posting serves to confirm that Honourable Gary Nkombo is not one of the UPND MPs who secretly support the NDF and its resolutions.


Sakwiba Sikota S.C
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  1. I don’t think you wanna be using “Deep Throat” as a code name in this day and era…it means something else completely nowadays boss

    • hahaha, meeting in alley ways and dark corners with “deep throat”

    • Indeed Sakwiba is an idyot to the core.
      This is week is KCM grabbed by thugs.
      Sakwiba should be fighting that Lungu Milingo PF cadre, who worn free jackpot ever, than picking up Gary Nkondo who can’t lose any fight. And Zambians like Gary anyway.

    • Sakwiba is spot on. All upnd MPs had wanted to attended the NDF. They were all scared of their leader. It was indeed the reason most of them started sending secret sms to those who were on the NDF. By the way it was not only Sakwiba who received sms. Some coded submission were also submitted to the secretariat on behalf of UPND.

    • I kinda not get it as somewhere it was reported that UPND would not penalize anyone attending the NDF going further to suggest that a ploy was afoot. There is a disconnect somewhere with the feuding “leaders” with what they want the public to know! I take it to be smelly propaganda.

    • Tex Mex, you are dirty minded. If you had watched Sakwiba Sikota on Sunday interview, yu would have seen a very sober minded lawyer in action

  2. The PF propaganda machine at its best lol.. $1=K14 and fuel price will soon follow, let’s focus on real issues bane

  3. Sakwiba Sikota hates Southern province because of losing the UPND presidency to HH even if they made him MP for Livingstone. Get over it, soon HH will be republican president.

  4. He trying to be useful to hh so that he can be anointed to take over upendi once hh is DONE

  5. I regret wishing that this guy should have taken over from Mazoka.
    He would have sold UPND to PF for a song.

    • @Adedos, Deep throat was the name given to the informant who provided information to journalist Bob Woodward in the water gate scandal. You are too obsessed with sx

  6. I have lost respect for Sakwiba. His Sunday interview was very dull and unconvincing, failing to honestly answer Grebazio`s questions on Deputy Minsters ,coalition government,public order act ..Now he has replied to Gary Nkombo`s challenge in a very childish manner. Sakwiba is lying .There is no UPND MP who sent him messages during the so-called NDF sittings.These MPs are the most consistent and HH and the people of Southern Province are very blessed to have such a supportive group.Unlike the traitor and opportunistic ones from other parts of Zambia.

    • Hopani is liar, deadnbc news clip during ndf deliberations one bokosi told the zootopians that only MPs from Texas were not attending the NDF , how come hopani is claiming that he met deep throat from Texas, who is telling the truth?

    • The interview with sikota sakwiba was very interesting. It gave me the reasons not to vote for UPENDI. VERY CHILDISH PARTY

  7. Many UPND MPs wanted to go NDF but they didn’t because they were AFRAID of HH.

    It’s unfortunate that even learned UPND MPs are SLAVE to HH.

    What a shame!

  8. Hopani in his aimlessly fight with sugar boy from mazburg, claims that deep throat is from Texas, how is that possible when during the NDF deliberations madam bokosi told the nation that only MPs from Texas did not attend, liars abound in zootopia.

  9. Bland, is all I can say about the response. We hibernate for ages, and slowly the political ice is thawing, elections on the horizon and moribund parties are stirring back to life. What a circus. Zambians wake up and see for yourselves.

  10. G Nkombo is an ***** and a shame to the Upnd and Southern province. Stop calling Sakwiba a hopani because Nkombo is an ***** you can compare him to Sakwiba. HH will not form government only in Southern province and he should start at the glass root level as ward chairman

  11. How can Nkombo say all the people who were attending NDF chakolwazi(dunked) that is a shame to our chiefs and the church. He is cowered and an idio….

  12. Sakwiba Sikota did not lose the UPND PRESIDENCY at the convention in 2006, it was stolen from him. vote buying, changing registers and violence at the UPND convention. Every sensible Zambian remembers the tribalism at the UPND convention in 2006. “ONLY A TONGA CAN BE UPND PRESIDENT”. If I recall correctly, is it not Sakwiba Sikota who saved Hakainde Hichilema from prison when he was charged with espionage in 2013 by the King Cobra?

  13. Sakwiba Sikota knows and understands HH very well if anything ask Doctor Banda former Vice president for UPND, Patrick Chisanga former Vice president for UPND, GBM former vice president for UPND, bob Sichinga, Edith Nawakwi, Nevers Mumba and Lifwekelo.

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