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Show me evidence that I sold the mines and I will buy you a house-HH

Headlines Show me evidence that I sold the mines and I will buy...


UPND Leader President Hichilema has pledged to purchase a fully furnished 3 bedroomed house for anyone with tangible evidence proving that he benefitted from the sale of the country’s mines.

Speaking Friday morning on a Radio Christian Voice’s “Chat Back” programme, Mr. Hichilema said anyone alleging that he benefitted from the privatization of the mines should provide evidence.

He said he is ready to buy a three bedroom house for anyone with evidence to prove that he benefitted from the sale of mines.

Mr Hichilema stressed that he stands ready to buy fully furnished three bedroomed house for anyone with evidence to the effect that he took part in the privatization of the mines.

The opposition leader said the move to liquidate KCM has placed the survival of the workers, suppliers and contractors into jeopardy while the abrupt intervention by the state is highly suspicious.

PF’s failure to place the mining giant under receivership in order to protect the interests of suppliers and workers remains highly questionable.

He added that the PF’s failure to place the mining giant under receivership in order to protect the interests of suppliers and workers remains highly questionable.

He said contrary to assertions by the PF, the truth was that the company shafts and its assets would be sold off.

And Mr Hichilema says the National Dialogue Forum was an activity in futility because it contravenes the right procedures of constitution making.

He said the resolutions of the NDF were null and void and will not change anything and added that the opposition party membership was ready to be prosecuted for shunning the forum.

On the proposal to reintroduce Deputy Minister position, Mr. Hichilema said it was surprising that the PF chose to reintroduce deputy ministers at a time when civil servants’ salaries are not yet paid while University students have not received their allowances.

He warned that the PF would be hit hard in 2021 by the people of Zambia for destroying the economy and their lives and vowed to remain standing with the people of Zambia regardless of the dangers ahead.

On the proposal to reduce the number of campaign days from 90 to 60 days, Mr. Hichilema said the decision was not in the best interest of Zambians as it is practically impossible to reach the 156 constituencies in the country.

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  1. There you go. Before even we heard from this man I told you people about the mine I was working for that was put under receivership but we never lost Jobs cars or anything. Its completely different from liquidation. I guess the government has a stack of cash to restart the project or an investor willing to start from scratch which is very hard in these economic times. Not forgetting how it has been nationalised and security for a new investor. I will say now. this is the end of the mines for a long time. with evidence of instability. Kaya. Those celebrating the method please post here after one year.


    • If Ba Chris Mulenga didn’t have a palatial mansion, he would have provided evidence. In any case you must be really dumb to think that there are receipts out there saying HH profited from the sale. Only Delusionals will eat this up!

    • That way of talking is the reason why your personality gas always crashed with many Zambians, which has stopped you crossing the line into State House.

      Humble yourself !!!

    • HH, I have evidence that you NEVER sold the mine. Can I have the 3 bed house haha.

      It’s very retrogressive to believe that an individual could have had sold GRZ properties such as mining companies without GRZ approval.

      God bless Zambia

    • Kikikikikikikujukujukija
      He is putting it so casually. It is said that you participated in the dubious sale and heavily benefited from it.

    • I am curious about a response from Sunday Chanda and Amos Chanda, let alone PF cadres on this forum. Who is going to win the house?

    • Is this the calibre of leaders in Z, says that you bring evidence & I, a rich man, bribes you with a house to silence the matter? And the Tongas on this platform are applauding. Iyeee!!! Zambia has no future

    • I agree Bongo Bongo. Evidence of wrong doing and a reward for providing the evidence if truly it is cannot go together – these are mutually exclusive!

      How can a felon possibly reward you when they have been sent to jail and all assets taken away? The reward would be a poisoned chalice and you could equally be accused of benefiting from proceeds of crime …

    • If all the evidence is burnt anyone can say bring the evidence because the person involved knows very well that no matter how much one looks he will never find it. From the word go people have been saying he sold the mines but he kept quite but now that he burnt all the evidence he’s offering the house. This is cheap politics. Lol. I can’t be brought this cheap proclamation. Nothing has changed HH sold the mines for the song to benefit himself.

  2. Yes can the PF rats who sing HH mines HH mines pleas provide evidence so they get a 3 bed house ???

    Njimbu , you can have a house , where is your evidence ??

    • Look, the issue is he abused his office and sold assets to himself. This is how HH got rich.

    • It reminds of NAZI persecution of Jews. Whatever goes wrong during NAZI times, it was because of Jews. The economy goes wrong, it is the Jews who are sabotaging the economy; The disease outbreak, its because of the Jews; anything that goes wrong, its the Jews. The Nazis even blamed Jews for bringing blacks in the Rhineland for bring blacks to pollute the super race. PF is NAZI in thought and in deed, always blaming HH and UPND for whatever goes wrong. SOWETO market burns, its HH, Privatization its HH, the economy its HH because he is a front of imperialists. What kind of nonsense is this. False narrative being given by PFOOLs and taken up by their naive cadres as truth to sing in every gathering or social media without knowing that its malicious and hate speech. Base PF fellows.

    • Just because there is no evidence doesn’t mean HH did not participate and benefited from the dubious sale of our mines!
      But time will catch up with these people who plundered our wealth, one way or the other.

    • Mrs Mumbi should be the first Person to come with the Evidence and claim the House from HH. The Transaction is better handled thru Courts so that contractual relationship is on record and respected.

    • ” Bring evidence ” is the ‘language of thieves ‘ especially after he schreds it. Chiluba sang the same.

  3. When a lie is told very very often it acquires a false “fact” to some foolz. Provide evidence against HH and you’ll get Lungu’s eSwatini mansion free.

  4. Watch goalposts shifting. The gauntlet has been thrown. Let the contestants line up please.

  5. Its a tired story the situated has presented itself KCM is in ur hands let’s see wat u wil do u who hv been singing HH sold the mines PF wat goes round ones around the mine is here in trouble needing u to save it and its workers.

  6. As an economist and someone experienced with such issues, l expected to give us detailed analysis of the KCM matter. Kambwili was more detailed than HH. I have a problem of HH s approach on situations like this. This is a chance to highlight the failures of PF but he is merely giving us we have already been told. Please!!!

    • We are still analysing ,

      Even international mining media don’t know what will happen , they are very sparse on news about ZCM

      Slowly catches the monkey….

  7. The battle lines have bee drawn, if you have evidence provide it now at supersonic speed and own a three bedroomed house fully furnished or forever shut your traps. Back to KCM they have appointed Makebi Zulu and another law firm of Lusaka to represent them in the liquidation saga. Those you who thought this was a walk in the park, brace yourselves for a showdown in court, after all the due process of the law will be followed to the later. Meanwhile jobs are not guaranteed as this debacle continues.

    • He has swallowed the evidence kapala. However he remains guilty until he proves him self innocent

  8. Hh moves 3 steps toward and you are tempted to believe he has come of age, then suddenly 10 steps backwards

    Hh sold kcm to an indian for $25m USD and that indian went about bragging. Am sure part of kick back is in Panama.

    I think lets just forget about this hh. He doesn’t know whether he is going or coming

    • Mr Political I was just about to over rate you but you have moved 100 steps backwards after moving two steps forward.
      KCM Was sold by the Mwanawasa government to the Indian after Anglo American pulled out. Please have your analytical facts right
      THE BRAIN IS THE MOST OUTSTANDING ORGAN. IT WORKS FOR 24HRS; 365 DAYS RIGHT FROM BIRTH UNTILL ONE JOINS PF.???????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????

    • Its political, that challenge is thrown to you since it seems you have evidence. Don’t just talk for sake of it.

  9. I expect Sunday Chanda to own another house fully furnished by HH all else from this day onward let him keep quiet bring forward issue based topics not the personal attacks we have been hearing

  10. HH, just prove the source of your wealth. Every wealth earned leaves a trail which the public can easily follow. Remember criminals anywhere try everything possible to hide their criminality so that they look innocent, when infact not. Look at Dangote, his profile is very clear and freely talks about how he became rich and as such he has been able to motivate others alot of people. Now HH, can you for once stand up and simply explain to the nation how you became rich? Offering a house is just ridiculous and he is trying to fool the Zambian. A person who MAY have that information may not even need the house. Do not expect a poor person in need of house to have evidence involving high level white collar crime. Just prove yourself by laying bear the source of your wealth
    your tracks are…

  11. Ur tricks and propaganda on HH are now finished . Lies always has an end. Cook something again will short it down.

  12. me I offer all my assets worth £1,000,522 british pounds to any one who can bring evidence that HH made the decision to sell zambian mines.

  13. By the way why hasn’t lungu addressed the nation. All this is planned with vendetta who are looking for an easy way out without paying what they owe us. Why can’t lungu ask them to pay us what he claims they have been making in mines and owe us

  14. This HH crook is so pompous to the extent of daring us hey? Which thief on earth lives traces of evidence in their evil acts? In 2015, after his election loss to President Lungu, HH failed to answer where he got the million dollars on SABC “The Question Time” four times by the presenter. When asked where he got the wealth from, his answer was “thats not the point, but we need to create opportunities”! Which opportunities, he failed to disclose his source of wealth. If i doubt, go to Youtube and search for “HH Question Time”, SABC

    • you mean he is brave enough to face BBC Hardtalk and south african media whilst your so called dumb humble excuse of a leader is busy playing tom and jerry with the zambian people. fooosakeee iwe

    • Lungu was arranged to be interviewed by CNN at the UN assembly in NY , he refused to leave his room……the American representative for Africa , the black woman had to catch lungu in the corridor , that’s where she gave him a bolicking about brutalising the opposition

  15. Even if you someone with evidence to prove that you sold the mines what is a house mwaliba kasila. HH don’t even comment on NDF why didn’t you attend you thought you are the only Zambian if you don’t attend then it will not happen it has come to pass don’t cry a fool

  16. unhuu… this one is serious for me now HH. i have data on your activities, serious data. I am also neighbors with you just near M-FEZ.
    Promise me a condominium in Pretoria RSA and i will release a bombshell. you will sign a commitment in the presence of my lawyer.

    I am serious!!

  17. Zambians have been told only one thing
    And that is we are poor because HH sold
    The mines at giveaway. That’s the only
    Excuse PF has.can that make sense.?

  18. Elements of political immaturity are now rife in Zambia including from the opposition leaders!!!!the country is doomed for failure..people need simple explanations and responding in that manner shows lack of empathy for the people who are dying for answers and or explanations as to how government assets were disposed off and what makes one qualify for the top most job in Zambia!!

  19. Hemming Chiabi (@pemsec225) | Twitter is a marriage breaker, he is a prostitute proposing married women in the UPND UK group. Tell him to go to hell just like his relative above who is pompous of his riches.

  20. Hichilema’s reactions to allegations levelled against him leave me wondering. Isn’t it too late to say what he’s just said? Even ka Eddie Chomba accused him of being a Freemason, he took to court but the moment ka Eddie said he would ask Hichilema to take off his shirt he withdrew the case. What kind of human being is he? These accusations started when Bibani another Indian failed to run Luanshya mine, how many years have passed?

    • Hichilema is a thief par excellent. They don’t mention nonentities like Chitotela in Paradise Papers, that’s a very rich CV

  21. I have children with my wife. If anyone gives me evidence that i sleep with her, i will give you a fully grown bull

  22. Not everyone is interested in a house offer, and that is what we call cheap politics. HH at your stage you still play such cheap politics.Your are not fit for presidency.

    • HH we know your role in privatisation. Don’t dare us like this cos we ain’t stupid. It is such which make you unsuitable for presidency. I repeat please we know what you did show some remorseful ness. Better keep quiet and all may be quiet.

  23. Yes he is a free mason and the moment he smiles and takes off his shirt in public he will die and his body will evaporate and disappear in thin air. That is part of the freemason Covenant he signed for life.Ni nfwiti!!!!

  24. In communities where we stay some men goes out with other people,s wives and are seen by some people who don’t want to involve themselves in telling the husbands. The issue is let court free but it is there happening and people talk about it.The one who does it thinks he is not seen and he is very clever.In the same way you may thing you are very clever because people don,t want to involve themselves in your issue and you want them stop talking about it.Cheap,Cheap Politics at work.

  25. HH we know your role in privatisation. Don’t dare us like this cos we ain’t stupid. It is such which make you unsuitable for presidency. I repeat please we know what you did show some remorseful ness. Better keep quiet and all may be quiet.

  26. Even if HH did steal but he may not be the right guy to rule because:
    1) luck of judgement by buying asserts he was disposing.
    2) Not speaking out or critising the govt. at the time for selling his country’s asserts very cheap.

    • HH we know your role in privatisation. Don’t dare us like this cos we ain’t stupid. It is such which make you unsuitable for presidency. I repeat please we know what you did show some remorseful ness. Better keep quiet and all may be quiet.

  27. HH concealed the evidence with chiluba death.HH should bring chiluba back and the evidence will be available.

  28. HH stop throwing stones in a glass house.There is no pride in theft………………………………….

  29. When Former President FTJ was being prosecuted by late President Levy Mwanawasa he called out to HH to say something about the privatisation but he remained quiet and the former President FTJ complained till his death. HH has just started daring people after the death of FTJ and late President Sata… The truth still remains that he’s greedy and a white caller crook who has hidden the privatisation loot in the paradise papers otherwise why would genuine earned money be hidden in the paradise papers….

  30. He is giving away the Lima bank house he got dubiously during privatization. HH always waffles or goes ballistic when asked how he made his money. Some people would like to learn from you how you made it but you are so stingy to share information. Is it stolen money or satanism money. HH is very secretive, not even his upnd people know much about him. They also don’t know how he amassed his fortune. They also waffle.

    • It means then that Zambians are very very stupid and dumb to allow just about anyone to sell off national assets like the mines….a national treasure upon which the entire economy of Zambia lies. How is that even possible. To believe the current PF leadership and the late Sata that HH sold the mines is in itself unfounded and highly retrogressive. HH never sold the mines, the MMD govt under the late FTJ did so shut the f*** up and simply show evidence. HH has challenged you.
      Besides, where is ECL to address the nation of what exactly is going on with KCM???

  31. Kudos, Njumbu, Mumba jr, Ind. Observer, Ayatollah etal,
    sonta, evidence to own a house. Boring just flip-flop, bla-bla-bla-bla

  32. You should feel sorry for your fellow Tongas for stealing from them. Mulekwatako insoni yama!! Who is your father by the way?

  33. Ndiye kuti there’s no other force in Zambia that can emerge as MMD did in 1990? We need another movement. UPND will lead Zambia nowhere. PF is already on its knees. MMD is party that does not know whether it is coming or going. Kambwili, too much dobo, the only thing he knows is to faint when he hears prison. Kalaba is only famous in his head. Chipimo’s party is a party only good for nothing. The rest are like heritage party that only resurrects when there is smell of national elections. So what is the future like? Maybe the hope is a breakway UPND party, that will get members from PF. But can that happen? Kaya? Lungu and HH have taken Zambian people too much for granted. Both need to be kicked out. What are the views of others?

  34. With all the rantings on this forum against HH, I was thinking the house would be gone by now. This clearly shows that people speak out of ignorance. Henceforth, stop this nonsense of talking about people without evidence of their wrong doing. bitterness is just as evil as witchcraft. Hate nobody who has not wronged. don’t judge people on what you have heard from others, get to know them yourself.

  35. HH you gave what you term professional advice on options open for sale and GRZ took a decision though it was more Knox M then yourself and he later worked for Anglo. In your case it is know that you took advantage of your company liquidating Lima Bank and you bought the MDs house in Kabulonga yes you claim it was a market bid we worry how many market bids you will participate in if you were in Plot 1

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