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Zambia Railways Limited invests $15 million to enhance its track safety record.

Economy Zambia Railways Limited invests $15 million to enhance its track safety...

Zambia Railways
Zambia Railways

Zambia Railways Limited says it has invested about $15 million in order to enhance its track safety record.

Company Board Chairperson Lubinda Linyama says Zambia Railways has prioritized track safety for its locomotives through the digitization program that it has embarked on.

Mr. Linyama says derailment of locomotives was the biggest challenge that the company faced in the past.

Speaking when he addressed delegates at the South African Reward Association Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa, Mr. Linyama said his company has paid about US$15 million to procure state of the art signal and communication equipment.

He said the improved signaling and communication system will invariably improve safety on the tracks and reduce derailments of locomotives.

Mr. Linyama mentioned that lack of modern signaling and communication equipment has negatively affected operations of the railway company due to delayed delivery of goods.

He appealed to financing institutions and suppliers of signaling equipment to consider coming up with an integrated system that dealt with safety, communication and state of the art clearing systems in order to help improve the performance of the rail transport not only in Zambia.

Mr. Linyama said real time communication technology is key to the success of the rail sector in the SADC region which is facing a lot of challenges.

This is according to s statement issued by Naomi Nyawali, the Press Secretary at the Zambian High Commission in South Africa.


  1. Always doing things bit by bit …Chriwa told you you need so much but you laughed at him now you are buying small things, what happened to that $120million for track repair from EUROBOND?

    • Problem is in zambia, railway travel is considered primitive to most people. By now 2019 we would have had many rail lines criss crossing the the entire zambian landscape. Other countries have future plans for railway, developing new tech in that field.

    • @Jay Jay

      I think this is just a cover up story to either avoid questions of what happened to $120million or the $15 million mentioned here is the money some Chinx will pay to buy ZR and run it with some improvements being hoped for.

      BaPF nibachimbwi chabe no plan.

    • Under Lungu and PF all you will get lies and more lies then coruption and theft of public resources.

      For regain it’s lost glory like under Mwanawasa PF has to be got rid of ASAP.


  3. A lot of USA $ are pumped into the dilapidated Zambia Railways from time to time yet it is still limping and wobbling like an old terminally cancer stricken lion. Why not invest in New ultra modern state of art Railway System. Ethiopia and Kenya have done it… why cant we did it :)!!
    Get rid of the old and frail Liability and invite all stake holders, Private and Public investors who can manage and run the utility profitably, just like Mines, Road transporters and agricultural investors to mention afew.

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