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Under-performing Council Secretaries in Luapula warned

Rural News Under-performing Council Secretaries in Luapula warned

LUAPULA Province Minister Nickson Chilangwa
LUAPULA Province Minister Nickson Chilangwa

Luapula Province Minister Nickson Chilangwa has disclosed that no Council Secretary will be allowed to leave the province without the permission of the Provincial Permanent Secretary.

The Minister says the move is aimed at ensuring that Council Secretaries who are in the habit always wanting to be outside the province at the expense of doing their work are kept in check.

He says the levels of indiscipline among Council Secretaries in the province is worrying and that it is time things are changed to enhance developmental progress in the Province.

ZANIS reports that speaking when he officially opened the Provincial Development Coordinating Committee (PDCC) at Henry Courtyard in Mansa, The Minister pointed out that there is need for Council Secretaries to stay in their offices and deliver on the huge responsibilities they have been given.

The Minister has since challenged Council Secretaries who fail to fulfill their responsibilities to resign, saying the province needs committed people if it is to develop and not those that want to frustrate the developmental efforts.

He has further urged Council Secretaries, Council Chairpersons and District Commissioners to work in harmony saying there is no need for pulling each other as they are all working towards developing the Province and the Nation at large.

Earlier Luapula Province Permanent Secretary Felix Phiri called on Civil Servants in the province to keep the momentum of the 2017 Luapula Expo alive.

Dr Phiri observed that is important that everyone steps up their efforts in ensuring that what was started is achieved.

He notes that there is a lot which is happening in the region, in terms of investment and that it is important that everyone puts in their best to bring development to the region.

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    • Your question is right on point. I really don’t know what Council Secretaries and their councils do, apart from endless fruitless meetings.

  1. Can this be rolled out to the fake presidency too so that lungu can stop travelling aimlessly

    The problem is not these ill disciplined workers, BUT that Visionless Goon Jona Chagwa, currently squatting in State House.
    These are all fruits of appointing non qualified stone throwing P.F cadres into professional jobs.
    These Cadres are not only ill qualified, BUT lack the professionalism, morals, & work ethic of properly qualified workers, hence they treat their workplace like the P.F secretariat, where they can waltz in & out @ anytime, & theres NO consequence whatsoever, as long as one shouts the loudest that “Jona Chakolwa is the Greatest, & most Humble”
    Its the same problem we are experiencing, with ill qualified Mposa Mabwe’s like Richard Musukwa -(Mines), who now says he will audit the Mines. What hes he…

    • cont;
      What has Musukwa been doing all along, NOT working & auditing, BUT shouting Jona Chakolwa is Alpha Omega of Dununa Mwibala, whilst drawing a salary for Gross incompetence?

  3. When their boss in State House is forever warning at under performers like him do you expect him to do differently…fish starts to rot from the head.

  4. Hey Nick, when you say underperforming councils, are really sure about that? To make such a statement, I would assume that your councils have been fully funded and workers paid their salaries on time with no outstanding salary arrears. If not then sorry my dear. Your just barking like a rabid ???? papa!!

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