Wednesday, May 22, 2024

HH’s Radio Interview on Mines and NDF



  1. That is what leadership looks like. A great eloquent intelligent man of the people who sacrifices his time and efforts to help Zambian, when he could choose to concentrate on his many businesses. My Swiss wife who has just taken up dual Zambian citizenship has just received her party membership card and will be voting in next elections. I love this woman to the moon and back a million times

    • I have just said he sacrifices his time, effort and even personal finances to keep checks and balances over the corrupt pf regime. Let us appreciate it when we have someone brave enough and generous enough to spend his life and time fighting for us when he is worth millions of dollars. This man loves this country so much that he is willing to risk his life and assets for you and I

    • Thanks HH for an eloquent and educative Interview. This is National Service and Patriotism of the Highest Order by HH. Thanks. NDF is a scheme by ECL and PF to retain Power in 2021. They want to mutilate the Zambian Constitution and ensure they Rig the Election thru the
      “legal”way by using the Captured ZEC, ZPS, the Courts and Public Service. I am now wiser after listening to HH Interview.

    • Waste of space
      No answers just the same jargon
      No solutions just the same bitterness maybe even worse

    • To the person who has commented above me: your father wasted his proteins on you.

    • HH is calling on early presidential elections??? That’s unfair man, because PF don’t have a running-mate.

    • Not moving, boring as usual.

      Extremely empty, shallow and baseless. Negative energy.
      He beats about the bush. Something dodgy about this man.
      I will give you a benefit of doubt, otherwise.
      We will see what happens.

    • Dual citizenship is one of the good things the PF government has done but you never praised them for it even though it has benefited your family and your party.

  2. Hakainde who ever you are leave your comments in the toilet when ever you want comment force your self to do the toilet buziness

  3. Iwe Trib,al Hacks, it’s Africa Freedom Day, you are supposed to spare a thought for Africa. This boy has no timing for occasions, yali muonaula ubongo. Tauli keader iwe, no munobe Maimane mailo alitumine message ku bena Africa bonse.

    • And you are happy with gbm mopping a chitenge material with hh face on it in front of cadres, on Africa freedom day ? Do you see how politics of patronage can make you look like a swine? Learn to be objective. We are not saying that you need to love hh. But at least respond to his points in a level headed way rather than taking everything personal. You have a lot of hate in you. Did your parents split up when you were young? Seek help

  4. Great stuff HH. We need more and more (Maunda maunda) in Tonga and (Nafimbi) in Bemba.

    God bless Zambia.

  5. I have come to underatand that fools like cadre are the ones who are tribal. Infact my conclusion is that bembas are tribal because they the ones who continue singing about this tribal nonsense am not tonga but that is what i have onbserved.

  6. So no wisdom plus lack of experience amounts to a complete mess. But if you don’t have wisdom means you are unwise and consequently literally a f.ool. Too many misgivings.
    I applaud him for a fruitless spirited fight. Whether into oblivion a gifted triumph makes me ask a question what makes a man so determined even in the face of unseemly presidential reality. He has broken records in presidential bid ambitions. Very few people can be as negatively outstanding as hichilema and steal soldiering on to his desires. Kwati ni lunshi pamafi. Only time will tell.
    We will see what happens.

  7. lool “I don’t mind anyone attacking me because they give me an opportunity to tell them the truth,” it’s refreshing to actually listen to someone articulate their vision. Mr HH please work on ur body language and charisma, learn from PF please otherwise, the £ will reach k50. you cant get your votes by being smart to ignorant people find another strategy, consider dancing we all know it works.

    • Bitter truth, indeed Zambians vote for rhetoric and not sensible people or issues unfortunately! For as long as HH continues selling intelligence, the masses will not listen because that is simply the language/knowledge they do not understand except for a few bloggers who do not even vote by virtual of being in diaspora.

  8. You are just a bitter person, your missed an opportunity together with your cronies. It is too late to cry over spilt milk. I hope you have learnt a lesson.

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