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Margaret Mwanakatwe wants all accountants in government registered with a regulatory body

Headlines Margaret Mwanakatwe wants all accountants in government registered with...

Finance Minister, Margaret Mwanakatwe
Finance Minister, Margaret Mwanakatwe

Finance Minister, Margaret Mwanakatwe, has directed the Accountant General to ensure that all accountants in government are registered with a regulatory body.

Mrs. Mwanakatwe further said that the Ministry of Finance should take up the payment of subscriptions for all accountants that are going to be registered.

The Minister’s directive comes after one of the delegates at the 34th Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants(ZICA) Annual Conference, expressed concern over unregistered accountants serving in government, especially in remote areas.

Mrs. Mwanakatwe has further urged Accountant General and the Deputy Secretary to Cabinet to go on the ground and check what is prevailing.

And Accountant General, Dick Sichembe, said his office will comply with the Minister’s directive as it is a requirement by law that all accountants in the country are registered to a regulatory body.

He however said most accountants in government are registered but that the challenge has been in paying annual subscription fees to regulatory bodies.

Meanwhile, Deputy Secretary to Cabinet, Christopher Mvunga, has urged Directors of Finance in the public sector to provide professional advice on financial management issues to respective controlling officers to stem out audit queries.

Mr. Mvunga has further urged the Directors of Finance to work closely with the office of the Accountant General to encourage the use of more efficient digital financial products that financial institutions are offering to promote efficiency and reduce financial irregularities.

Mr Mvunga said this last night at the Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants – ZICA Annual Ball held at Avani Victoria Falls Resort.

He said government through cabinet looks forward to working with ZICA in driving the financial reforms and advance the country’s development agenda as espoused in the Seventh National Development Plan and Vision 2030.

And Mr. Mvunga has assured that the government is fully committed to implementing various public sector financial management reforms.

He urged accountants to familiarise themselves the Accountants Bill of 2018 and work closely with the Ministry of Finance and Justice, to address all issues related to the work of finalising the Bill so that it can be presented to parliament for consideration.

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    • said that the Ministry of Finance should take up the payment of subscriptions for all accountants that are going to be registered…..

      So this is a mere fundraising exercise then.



    • I hate people who get excited in a crowd of people
      The Government and MoF should not pay subscriptions for Accounts in Government to their processional body. When Teachers are paying to the Teaching Council, I take it that it’s not the Ministry of Education that pays for teachers.
      You’re preaching austerity measures and countering those very measures. Like double h once observed, kindly administer your own prescription.

    • Now Ministry of Finance is taking payments from every accountant…what a shambolic government always thinking of how to milk people with blanket taxes in the name of regulation..

  1. That should be the lowest of her priorities – the job is too big for her

    She has lost it – She needs to go!

    Having an accounting qualification doesn’t mean she is any more competent to handle a job of this magnitude



  2. Agony is having an incompetent ministry calling for the regulation of a profession when the apparent risk to this economy is not accountants but rather the leadership itself. How can you enforce rules and regulations when the people at the top are incompetent and corrupt to the core. Get your priorities right. my swiss wife was right about most zambians- they lack sense of priority

  3. Will this be extended to other professionals working in govt such as Engineers, medical practitioners, lawyers, teachers? When PF took over in 2011, they made a pronouncement that govt would no longer be paying membership subscription for individual civil servants. Questions will be raised and rightly so, if this recent pronouncement by our Aunty only applies to Accountants

    • Where will the fees be going to anyway? It appears we are getting too intoxicated with more money into our pockets?. Is this another way of taxing poorly paid accountants in Zambia .

  4. My fellow citizen, I think there is something very wrong with every sober-minded Zambian even listening to this woman who has clearly failed Zambia and even turns up drunk at a national event to show you how much she can’t be bothered about your plight. My people, it is very clear this woman is just on the job to get paid and receive those backhanders that are keeping her busy drinking every weekend. Bane, it is time you spoke out before 2022 when this which we are keeping silent today will come and haunt us X 10 when IMF and the World Bank come knocking at Zambia’s door for an audit. MWANAKATWE MUST SHUT UP AND GO……

  5. ZiCA survived,just like any other regulatory body,on subscription.As a nonprofit making organization,subscription is the only way to run its operation activities.Subscription is to nonprofit making organization,as tithe is to church.

    • So didn’t you read this concern was raised by one of the delegates at zica AGM? read to understand

  6. Where was she speaking from? Madam first address the elephant in your room and then go about doing your job because you’re losing respect and credibility really fast. You clearly have a problem but you’re pretending that you don’t have it or that people haven’t seen it. Amazingly Zambians are letting you get away with it. Unbelievable!

  7. This woman is an alcohol addict. She must go for treatment. However, I am told even her children are drinking like her. She is a bad example in our country. Even when she was being interviewed in the USA she started talking about mukula trees. She is dreaming of mukula trees when PF has sold everything to China and Zambians are sleeping, they do not even know where the mukula money has gone.

  8. Most comments here show that people are damn ignorant. It’s mandatory for every accountant and auditor whether student or practioner pa to register with zica.actually this concern was raised by one of the delegates at zica AGM.the minister just echoed what zica always says.accounts understand this. Actually we are happy because she said employers must pay on our behalf.

  9. She has no idea what she is talking about.
    The regulatory body she is talking about is ZICA but should Accountants pay to Ministry of Finance.
    ZICA itself only receives subscriptions and is not supportive to Accountants.

    Am sure she is drunk.

  10. Seriously.Black people pride them selves on a knowledge of history.Did Pythagoras belong to an accounting body?Did Newton belong to an accounting body.Did Einstein belong to an accounting body?Did Euclid belong to an accounting body?Did Archimedes belong to an accounting body?Did Pascal belong to an accounting body.Did professor kemeny who wrote the B.A.SI.C. computer language belong to an accounting body.None of the great mathematicians were associated with an institution.Genius comes with hard work.You can not teach or create genius using an institution.Peter Carlos Hinds.

  11. That all accountants be registered.Are these accountants going to be approved by CNN and the BBC also.Peter Carlos Hinds.

  12. My country and its leadership are f….d! Getting drunk and pissing in public forums. Is this the Zambia Mama Chikamoneka fought for????? May the founders of Zambia rest in peace.

  13. Dudu is right in this case and what she has done is commendable and common practice and could be out of her personal experience.
    If the employer is going to demand for every accountant to be registered with a Regulatory body like ZICA, ACCA, CIMA, etc then the employer who is demanding for such regulation should pay for it and Mrs Mwanakatwe has agreed to pay for it. This cost will in fact pay for itself from reduced theft or misuse of public funds over time because there will be a link between employment and behaviour at work (regulated by an accounting body). Accountants will know that any misbehaviour will get them struck off and no employment now and in future with a criminal record. Good move Dudu, no Jack Daniels after the conf.

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