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Romanian Aid To Upgrade Lusaka’s Compounds


Premium Audit Consulting awarded by Romania International Development Cooperation Agency (RoAid) with a development grant for a pre-feasibility study as a preliminary tool in the Smart City Program; a housing project and aid to the development and upgrade of compound areas in Lusaka. The Smart City Program is an initiative to establish the means for a sustainable development of Lusaka.

The General Director of RoAid, Mr Catalin Harnagea  accompanied by a delegation from the Embassy of Romania to the Republic of South Africa arrived on Tuesday for a three day visit in Zambia to meet with Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure, Ministry of Local Government, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Lusaka City Council to initiate dialogue on the Smart City Program.  “Our mission is to contribute towards the global efforts of sustainably alleviating extreme poverty and supporting stronger democratic institutions in developing countries, by sharing our own experiences”, stated Mr Harnagea. The Pre-Feasibility study is the first step in  the process to  developing a strategic plan for the urbanization and eradication of slums in Lusaka.

In a meeting with the delegation, Minister of Local Government, Hon. Vincent Mwale highlighted that the population of Lusaka is on the increase and in dire need of housing. “A large percentage of residents are living in very poor conditions with insufficient supply of clean water and poor waste management causing  a threat to public health”, stated Hon. Vincent Mwale. Discussions with stakeholders and  ministries will continue to establish policies, methods and strategies of the Smart City Program.


  1. Zambia being helped by a developing European country. The Romanians tend to seek economic refuge in other developed European countries and these are the people helping zambia. In Netherlands their women predominantly work in the red light district Are things really this bad under pf?

    • Are we not ashamed to be receiving aid? And meantime our political leaders are living lavish lifestyles, while the rest live in slums? Is it any wonder that the bible says “the love of money is a root for all kinds of evil”? How can you live in so much luxury at the cost of the blood, sweat and lives of the poor. You Rob the poor to satisfy your love for money, so hospitals have no medicines, schools have no facilities, universities have no funding, street kids are multiplying on the streets, young girls are turning to prostitution to survive. And you can still sleep in you mansion built from stolen money and drive your expensive car?

    • Hahaha, this is nothing to write home about, Romania is like Africa in Europe, PF should be ashamed of themselves begging everyone and anyone.
      I have been to Romania myself, not much difference with Africa.

    • How come….Romania is a third world European country…..this doesn’t make sense….its almost like a naked man promising you a shirt

    • N.E.Z. You are definitely referring to Romanian Gypsies. The conditions of that race is the same across all over former eastern Europe. Romania is in the EU and gets a lot funding from there. So they can come to Zambia better than helping their local gypsies who seem not to have accustomed themselves to living in Europe and just wonder around Europe. N.E.Z also learn to scrutinize issues before you open your mouth. you might be exposing dangerous ignorance.

    • Minister of Local Government, Hon. Vincent Mwale highlighted that the population of Lusaka is on the increase and in dire need of housing. “A large percentage of residents are living in very poor conditions with insufficient supply of clean water and poor waste management causing a threat to public health”, stated Hon. Vincent Mwale.

      But what are you doing about it…USA’s Millennium fund is the biggest project in the City for sanitation and water PF govt has never matched this project all projects are either Chinese loan funded or some other loan: they would rather build overpriced roads…surely how can he even call himself Minister when he can not deliver the basics…there talking to Romanians.

    • @ abena I think you have failed to grasp my point. The issue and the fact is that the largest ethnic minorities in romania are the Hungarians, 6.1% of the population, and the Roma, 3.0% of the population. Remember that this is referring to those stationed in romania and not the normads. Irrespective of whether they are normads or not, the fact remains that they are romanians and have been failed by their state/ government. Why should they have to change their lifestlyle to receive the benefits any romanian is entitled to under european law and human rights act? It is the same as saying that the british who colonised australia are right in segregating and mistreating the rightful owners of that land, the aborigines.

    • It shows how low and self depricating Zambia has sunk in terms of standards of living, it is very undignified and pathetic to get aid from Romania, one of the poorest countries in Europe.

    • Come on this is Stupid, a developing country with no natural resources Helping Zambia?? “This mentality of receiving and getting free things should stop”. If these people have failed let smart Zambian take over to come up with proper strategies to develop our Country. I HATE AID.

  2. Romanians need that aid more, this is like people from misisi assuring people from ngombe of providing them with mansions.

    • N.E.Z. We receive a lot of aid from The Czechs. They give us scholarships. But, then check how their Gypsy population lives. In some cases maybe worse than some areas in Zed. So are you going to tell them to keep their aid until they have solved their problems with the gypsies in their country who are by the way Czechs by nationality too. So really if they have workable plan and we dont, let them in.

  3. When are we going to stop depending on the concept called Aid!!!!!!!!!. Here in RSA I have live for more than 10 years I have never seen that concept aid making headlines in news papers like in Zambia………………………..

    • These are ministers in the MMD wouldn’t even get a position as ward Councillors today they are Cabinet Ministers …they never learnt anything from the writings of Damiso Moyo…they are shameless perpetual beggars with a very dull visionless leader as President. Someone from outside setting an agenda for them all they do is sit and watch hope that some change will fall on the side when the project is finished they are in the forefront dancing vigorously….this is the caliber of people you are talking about!!

  4. Romanian aid …hang on a minute has this NGO forgotten about it own people who stay in caravans or are forced to work in illegal brothels or crowd council houses in Western Europe…just mentioning that name in Walmart supermarket and guards, staff are on high alert.
    What is wrong with our are proud for someone to come and clean up your bedroom. When you have money you go to procure jets and overpriced $1.3 billion highway.


    • JAY JAY also get your facts right. Those living in tents are called Gypsies. They are all over Europe and behave the same way. they dont like to live stable lives but rather lead a wondering life. A white Romanian is a developed and educated person. I work with some IT Gurus from Romania in Barclays Investment Bank. They are good people and different from the Gypsies that you ignorant people here are referring to.

    • There is always one moron who wants to urge blindly about nothing are facts The Romani, colloquially known as Gypsies or Roma, majority of the Gypsies are from Romania….you work with them I used to share a street with them years ago. The fact of the matter is they themselves are in need of assistance!!

    • abena please read my response to your un-informed comment above. JayJay and myself are in consensus on this issue. Any person who has lived in western europe will tell you that even hungarians and non gypsy romanians have migrated to other well developed european countries due to high corruption in their country and poor standards of living. Why should a lower bar of standards be set for zambia? so it is ok for us to received loans from countries because their poorness is better than ours? please have some pride. its seems you have spent too much time in the UK at the expense of your zambian pride. Visit zambia my friend. Also get in touch with the zambian community here in the UK. I am doing alot of cross boarder businesess and helping alot of zambians

  5. Romania would do better to upgrade their own compounds in Romania instead of coming to Zambia. Crazy world.

    • That means you are in a worse state of affairs …these PF-MMD Ministers like Vincent can not even build a simple structure at Soweto Market…to date this boy has never told us how much was raised from donations for this market even donations from Cholera which has come and gone and come again.
      We have a govt that has no limits no pride…happy to accept any handout …you wonder where all the tax goes to? oh I forgot debt servicing for pointless overpriced projects that they were sontaling in 2016 look at them now the projects can not even pay for themselves its arrears and payment delays everywhere

  6. This deal stinks, apart from being shameful. There’s everything wrong with Vincent Mwale. Romania is a third world country, how can they give us such aid? PF must learn to be honest. It’s annoying to hear such things. Weren’t these the same chaps that built KK’s tunnels and Fisho Mwale’s Donnegal vulture funds? Let’s wait and see.

    • That’s what Zambians are good at waiting and seeing …they see garbage they do the same wait and see…Lazy Lungu has never had Press Conference even on a serious issue like KCM they will wait and see but will talk about it bars till the barman begs to go home so he can close up.
      Wake up docility!!!!


  8. All what matters here is not that you don’t have but that you can not believe in yourself, the reason why we have not done much, self confidence will proppell you to greater heights.
    Self confidence is the key to development .
    I liked Sata he could do things an average man fear to do despite his humble education , Mwanawasa feared to rebase a kwacha and we were buying goods at thousands of kwacha but this simple man , took the bull by the horns and it worked and the millions we carried in our pockets are now history.
    Self confidence is the issue here is not how they grade you if you want you can be a super power , let’s learn from China just a few years ago China was a Third World nation to day yes to China has become a threat America , everything in the world is…

    • Rebasing doesn’t mean that the goods will be cheaper if you remove zeros…you are still carrying millions!!

  9. I should add here is not that one has got money , no not money but brain to convey ideas into money anything you are looking at can be money if you use your brains intelligently.
    Think wider than before Zambia has a lot to offer to world but Zambians can not see it the reason why that country wants to have connections with Zambia and indeed it will work for his country

  10. Romania is a fast developing, high income mixed economy with a very high Human Development Index and a skilled labour force, ranked 15th in the European Union by total nominal GDP and 10th largest when adjusted by purchasing power parity

  11. Guys. Checkout on wikipedia before you Wright them off Romanian achievements and contributions to modern science.

  12. It’s the year 2019, Zambia got independent in 1964 and yet we are still going around begging and making headlines of it.

    Founded: 1878
    Population: 19.59 million (2017)
    GDP: $244.16 billion USD (2019)
    Calling code: 40
    Area: 92,046 sq miles
    Capital: Bucharest
    Founded: Oct 24, 1964
    Population: 17.09 million (2017)
    GDP: $22.38 billion USD (2013)
    Calling code: 260
    Area: 290,587 sq miles
    Not only is our country larger and richer in resources but we have almost the same amount of human hands to put in the work. What does this say about us as a people? Shameful!!

  14. We are all good at analyzing things on the platform, all of us here posting things that are negative have never come up with ideas to develop our country or better still the city, Look family, our country will not go anywhere if all we can do is become social Media analysts. We need to change the way we think. Whether PF or anyone else in power it goes back to us the people, e.g drainages have been constructed we don’t take care of them and yet we can proudly go the media and say Boma iyanganepo, that’s not even a bug case, in short if you’re not feeling the pain you will always just have negative opinions not solutions. Let’s change the way we think. Zambia is my country and if we had noble men we would never allow another man to come rule or do something in our house but do it…

  15. Kikiki sometimes u can laugh. So you are saying if you build kabulonga in misis tht is poverty eradication? Or that is development? Anyway it depends with where u come from n things you believe in. Am wondering why the emphasis is on developing compounds and rather not develop other areas that have not been developed yet…like these bushes in changwe and other areas around. You must understand that this is people displacement hidden in a work called development. As must as you may think that compounds are not ideal for settlement. The fact is that pipo in compounds are more essential to the well being of the city even more than pipo in kabulonga n state House combined. We get cleaners from there, casual workers,gardeners,maids, marketeers, bus drivers,taxy drivers etc. Now build…

  16. it seems these chaps can sell zambia to poor countries in eaurope.Romanian women are cheap coz of poverty.Awe ubututu of muzungu anokonde mentality in zambia.any poor whiteman can make money in zed due to inferiority complex starting from ba minister.bwafyaaaaa saaaaan

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