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General Miyanda shuts down Heritage Party

Headlines General Miyanda shuts down Heritage Party

Brigadier General Godfrey Miyanda
Brigadier General Godfrey Miyanda

Former Zambia’s Vice president Brigadier General Godfrey Miyanda has requested the Ministry of Home Affairs to deregister his political party, the Heritage Party.

The Leaders of both the Alliance for a Better Zambia and the Heritage Party requested the Registrar of Societies to cancel the registration of their political parties.

Brigadier General Godfrey Miyanda, was the president of the Heritage Party and the Alliance for a Better Zambia was under the Leadership of Father Frank Bwalya, who now is Zambia’s Ambassador to Australia.

The Full list of de-registered political parties are the People’s Redemption Party, National Alliance Party, National Democratic Focus, United Nationalist Party, Party for Unity Democracy and Development, Zambia Conservative Party, Zambia United Development Party and the Zambia Development Conference including the Democratic Assembly.

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  1. Yaba…..thrown in the towel….he has given…time to stay away from Politics General please….you had your time….just get into some serious farming

    • I have never heard of any Heritage Party member……just dont know why he had even gone to the media to announce his party’s demise I hope he is not trying to get attention from PF or UPND so that they can recruit him….

    • Even Nawakwi should shut down that one-woman thing of hers. What is it called again?
      Lots of these one-man noise making ventures should follow. Like those that we just hear from when they just discover that Lungu is not a Zambian, then they go quite. Tayali same same. That ganja party also. Twingi wasting time

    • Bongo Bongo – If through NDF silly proposals go through Parties like Nawakwi’s FDD are the ones PF will fund to help them form govt.

    • I asked Ba Miyanda about convention, he said we could be 10 people there.
      I left the Heritage Party on 1st Feb this year. I will consider reopening it.

    • Even the brightest burning coal standing alone eventually dies … the General with his gravitas should have joined my UNIP as a new-con but he didn’t listen.

      He’s one great patriot, though, whose highest honor was serving the nation he really loves as three time Acting Commander In Chief. Having tasted that grit made him believe he could do it alone thus his demise.

      Thank you very much, Sir for your service to this great nation as Brigadier General of the strongest Military Squad KK ever built on the continent of Africa impenetrable by all enemy forces; not even that of the boers.

      And thank you once more for your service as Vice President of the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise.

      I really enjoyed your mature politics even though I was never a fan of your original…

    • Continued…

      I really enjoyed your mature politics even though I was never a fan of your original political party.

      I also miss the good times we used to have together at church functions with you hammering those chords on the piano with such skill and expertise.

      God speed, Sir. When you served, you did that with dignity and honor where your station led.

      Proud to have been an acquaintance … epo mpelele.


    • B. R. is commenting here, but not commenting on his buddy clueless Lungu’s “emergency meeting,” concerning the failing economy. Hey Mumba, why don’t you offer some solutions to your clueless friends? Offer advice, you hypocrite. Come on, go and roll there, with your “let’s roll,” mantra. Again you hypocrite.

    • He has been with that party for a long time. What makes you think he wants to join PF?

    • @LIE DETECTOR … here is an update about the US Economy right at this time as I am typing this response.

      DOW is down 332.56
      NAS is down 76.89
      S&P is down 25.26

      That’s a live update at 12:34 PM EST on May 29, 2019.

      I am sorry I don’t have any numbers from LuSE to comment intelligently and if that makes a hypocrite, so be it.

      Epo mpelele,


    • General Miyanda, thanks for your patriotism and service to our country. You’re one of the few people I strongly believe could have made a positive impact on our nation, had you been given a chance to lead the nation as President. Your integrity, selflessness, and patriotism have been a great inspiration to some of us. Please do not stop calling out the corruption in the government of the day, especially with the land issue which you’re so passionate about. Again thank you sir for your service. God bless.

    • @Dilly Dolly Parton … No, under the UNIP era of politics, service chiefs were apolitical. He was not an ordinary citizen and was not a member of my UNIP and could not have been a card carrying member.

      It seems to me you have no clue what a powerful soldier Brigadier General Miyanda was. He was essentially an army of one … Basopo!!! The man’s training was beyond ordinary blue sky stuff.

      Epo mpelele …


    • Really laughable…JUNIOR is too ashamed to comment elsewhere…here you can even pump up your thumbs up!!

    • You Zambians never believed in his village concept ideology. Supposedly the only part with some form of home grown sound political ideology that never saw daylight thus no room for a political photosynthetic outcome.
      At least you tried but we only had one genius in your political rival mate late Michael. They guy who started a political party from the vividly marked scratch, beat the long surviving beleaguered UPNDEAD and the then ruling MMD to assert its position. I wish you well in your future endeavors Gen. Godfrey Miyanda. You’re such an interesting personality.

  2. Yaba…..thrown in the towel….he has given up…time to stay away from Politics General please….you had your time….just get into some serious farming
    Just don’t join any Political party now….be like Boniface Kawimbe and Newstead Zimba….quietly enjoying their old age even if they font have money…but they have peace of mind

    • Ba General is in the same whatsapp group with HH, exept that the general is down to earth and God fearing. They both hate second opinions, they know it all and they believe that only (them) can do it not even Jesus. Yalikaba Bakaaamba, koswe alisumafye pushi

  3. This is the problem we have with Zambian political parties …most of them with all due respect General Miyanda are briefcase parties. There is no succession plan, correct me if am wrong at one point these parties used to receive some sort of NGO funding.
    And now there is a new generation of political parties of former Priests and Pastors like Dan Pule and Tayali who are selfish with no integrity or morals. Tayali is not even ashamed to state that he and Amos eat from the same plate…these are the parties that need to be crashed as they are eroded what we stand for as Bantus.

    • Jay Jay i agree with your first part of the comment (succession plan is lacking in our Zambian politics) Its personal to holder type of political parties. I then, disagree with your last part. Firstly, we are all Zambians. Lets eat together, live, laugh and together but differ on ideologies and policies which make our country either go up or astray its that type of thinking that’s making the youths axe eachother at the expense of: U cant associate with so and so cause he/she is from a certain political party u do not support. Lets move beyond this. Did u see how Cyril and Malema Hug and laugh with eachother but when its serious issues the EFF takes on Cyril and the ANC.

    • Ghost – That’s where you have got my post all wrong Cyril and Malema are political opponents but that doesnt mean Malema cannot attend a national function.. do not confuse political maturity of RSA with Zambian political generation of today who lack integrity.
      Furthermore Malema’s party is not funded by ANC…like the way FDD was during 2016 elections…Malema’s party is out to get ANC seats in ANC strongholds. Rats like Tayali have publicly stated where their bread is buttered so why do you think he would bite the hand that feeds him.

  4. I support him. Our politics have taken a turn for the worse. Both PF and Upnd have polarized the nation. In the event that Upnd wins I see persecution of perceived sympathizers of the PF. In the event that the PF continues I see more suffering because of sabotage by Upnd members serving in government. You hear people promising to deal with so and so. The church I don’t trust. …they gave us MMD, opposed Mwanawasa in preference to Michael Sata and here we are with a president who has got a firm footing. I support the general.

    • Obatala unlike you I am realist. I support the government of the day because I am patriotic. I’m given the opportunity every five years and that’s the only time I can oppose the government. Frustrating government has no advantage to the nation.

    • Ndanje Khakis, you only oppose the government on election day? That makes no sense. The government is to be constantly held accountable even between elections. That’s what democracy means. They’re our employees and we thus have to always keep an eye on them, reminding them of what they are supposed to do as a government. That docile attitude of yours is what breeds corruption and blatant violation of human rights by governments across Africa. Of course we don’t oppose them just for the sake of it. We want them to do the right thing and succeed, for the betterment of everyone in the country. When they do something good we praise them, and when they don’t we criticize and advise them. But if they’re not doing the right thing, such as stealing from the country’s coffers, misusing…

    • … taxpayer’s money, they have to be called out. Patriotism is not blindly supporting the government of the day, even when they’re corrupt. Calling out a corrupt government is what patriotism means.

    • The government is n’t there to be opposed. The government executes ruling party policy and has nothing to do with political parties. The government can function without a ruling party. In Zambia parliament is dissolved after 5 years and during that time government provides various services to the public

    • Ndanje, I hope I got you right. Did you say maintaining checks and balances on the government of the day should only be done once every five years?

    • I think you people are getting it wrong. Opposing government depends on what you want. …is it because you have seen something wrong? Or even if there’s nothing wrong you want it to look that there’s something wrong. …like publishing falsehoods so that something wrong is realized to the advantage of your desires? I normally confront my local reps with facts of their failures without malice and they understand. If they don’t want to listen then this is their last five years.

  5. His party was Dead On Arrival. I remember him struggling to explain his VILLAGE concept. I like his honesty/Integrity though

    • We were vibrant on day one. It is inaccurate to say we were delivered dead.

      The issue as I saw it is that:
      1. The General could not take risks financially, so we funded party functions from our own private and individual financial resources.

      2. Even though the local people at branch and constituency levels mobilised and recruited members and supporters, the General ignored us and our election advice vis a vis parliamentary candidates.

      3. The General, the national and district executives were behaving as if they had already formed government. Thus they had an arrogant attitude towards members and officials in the branches and constituencies. Mind you, some of the supporters and members were responsible and qualified professionals in their respective fields of work and life…

  6. What about the Village concept. It was the only campaign message he had and not even Villagers understood this concept although it was named after them.

    • Glad you have corrected yourself Ndanje Khakis. Even the “president with a firm footing” would have disagreed with you.

  7. General Miyanda’s integrity and sobber mindedness is what caused him never to succeed. We have an amazing affinity to vote for crooks, those who steal from us and give us empty promises. We feared to vote for Miyanda because we knew there are no shortcuts with him. Zambia has lost a true patriot who arguably could have turned the country’s fortunes around. As he formally retires his party, we can only wish him well.

    • I cannot agree more. His integrity was feared even by those he worked with when expelled from MMD. They formed FDD behind his back. The late Mwanawasa finished his party by appointing his MPs as ministers. Unfortunately politics is a profession for crooks not honest people like him

    • Bululu one correction, FDD was not formed behind his back. The general did not agree with the intentions of the FDD. He told them that if their main intention was to remove the MMD, then he would not join them. Actually the party had decided to have him as president.

    • Well said Bonzo. My exact same sentiments. Africa wallows in extreme poverty because her people fail to see that good leadership, responsible and accountable leadership is the key to economic and social prosperity among other advantages.

      I personally will never understand why Africans in general just have this unusual affinity for crooked politicians and thugs. Uncanny!

  8. There is need to weed out all the other one man parties that only sufface every 4 or 5 years. How do you have a party that even fails to campaign on social media? This is not news .

    Pemission to fall out granted, General.

  9. Normally a “General” foresees danger and takes caution but this Zambian general has taken longer than expected.If it were say a war how many soldiers could he have lost? Anyway thumbs up General Miyanda.

    • Well, the concept of war and what the General has done are quite different. And I do know that the General was quite a distinguished gentleman when it came to matters regarding war strategies and tactics. I mean, is that not what he studied when he went to England together the likes of Gaddafi?

      Just saying.

    • When you learn/acquire a trade in anything it’s important to apply basics to your decision making in life.The concept of war and attracting members to your party is the same ie planning & foresight.Without taking anything from his contribution to Zambian politics ie policy direction & issue based debates he’s a marvel to listen to and the way he articulates things affecting Zambia is 100% ok. All in all members make winners in elections.

  10. General miyanda a man of integrity without any bad record of either corruption or nepotism, what a leader we would have as a president.

    • True. Very few of today’s so-called leaders can hold a candle to him.

      Quite a remarkable gentleman I must admit. They don’t make them like that anymore.

  11. When he just started I was one of his admirers but because I saw no direction, hence no growth I decided to ditch him and his so called party. He could have done better to form “vice presidents Association” to be offering advice at no cost to some of our politicians. The economists have waken up and now are regrouping to offer those checks as a group. Two heads are heavier than one they say.

  12. When General Miyanda gave us his sober “village concept”, we ignored it and poked fun at him. Someone else brings “Donchi Kubeba” , “Dununa Reverse”, “Mapatizya Formula” and we are excited as if we’ve seen heaven. Our failure to understand Gen. Miyanda’s sober concept in preference for toxic slogans is the disease that continues to haunt our Zambian politics. Our politics are about “ukwalola umwela” and not about sober ideas.

  13. Gen Miyanda could have changed zambia for a better, hope he does not join PF. I, for one would be very dispaointed with him. You are uncommon General God gave us. We salute you and all the best for your next move. Shalom

  14. So General Miyanda, what is next? You can still contribute by articulating policy and management direction through commentary in the media or by way of press conferences. I personally miss you.

  15. Honesty comrades suffer this fate a lot while scoundrels thrive.The game is more than dirty i can assure you.I saw the general at one of the malls and clearly looks uninterested in current politics.Your village concept had its good sides and some sharp young men are venturing out and thriving.Enjoy your peace general and if you truly returned unused GRZ funds well done.I haven’t heard since you did.The excellent normal you did is abnormal these days

  16. I will miss the General a true patriot. Is a man of integrity. Would have made a good President. Wish him all the best endeavours!!!

  17. Ndanje its only ECL with a strong foot on the national agenda.
    The problem he is facing is that,his regime was taken so right by several politicians,including his teammates.But he’s naturally loved by many Zambians.
    More worse, foreign powers,they didn’t welcomed him rather than their preferred candidate when he became president.Fortunately, though not the best leader to lead Zambia but HE IS THE CHOSEN BY PEOPLE OF ZAMBIA.However,coming to economic upheavals at large,
    Africa is not ECONOMICALLY INDEPENDENT and Zambia is not exceptional.90% of African economic woes are highly mastered by whites-figures since the discovery of Africa as a continent.System of governances is secretly predetermined by whites figures regardless of everything.
    More worse,the birth of capitalism Zambia is…

  18. Sad indeed.

    The morally upright are shying away from the political arena to the detriment of our beloved Zambia. The levels of corruption are at an all-time high to an extent that the very stench of it has become a pervasive every day experience for all of us.

    We should not be joyful nor aloof when great men and women decide to look the other way when the wolves and hyenas tear our people up.

  19. We would like to hear from Gen Miyanda why he has decided to close down his party. It is only fair to people like us who have been following his activities in politics. This notwithstanding we wish him well in his future endeavors. His journey was a good one. He rose to the position of Vice president, that is a big achievement. He now enters the life of a senior citizen. I hope ECL can still utilize him. He certainly has experience. He only lost us with that village concept which even he himself could not explain very well. maybe he could have chosen a better term. People connect the village with backwardness. In this day and age of technology, his looked like a lost cause. Rest well elder brother!

  20. Thanks General Miyanda; you are a mature, intelligent and corrupt free politician. The closure of the Heritage Party is an indictment of the Zambian voters that enjoy voting on the basis of tribe, bribes and alcohols accorded to them. Even at the height of Chiluba’s third term debate, unlike many of his cabinet colleagues, General Miyanda remained respectful of his former boss President Chiluba. This is called dignified politics but it unfortunately doesn’t work in Africa where thugs with acerbic tongues tend to dominate the stage. Though today we say bye to General Miyanda, we will never bye to integrity and courage. Well done sir.

  21. The general defending himself on tv against allegations of him trying to eliminate then VP Mwanawasa will always be vivid

  22. HH and UPND should learn some lessons on the procedures to deregister a party , so as they announce UPND demise will be quick and to the point

  23. Something unique about Gen Miyanda: he leaves you intellectually satisfied after a discussion even when you do not agree with him. I enjoyed interacting with him and learning his clarity of vision and sense of purpose. We will always come to you General, for that weighty and well thought out discourse. You are one of a kind! What a man!!!

  24. Well Done my President!
    You served this country with honour and integrity! I remember you were the only one retiring Imprest during your time! You had the discipline which this our country doesn’t like.
    If only Zambians knew what was good for them, you could have transformed this country the way Paul Kagame has transformed Rwanda! Your Village concept ideology which Botswana has been using would have taken development to all corners of this country unlike what we see where all development is concentrated in a few select areas! Like Magande has done, it’s time to take it easy and enjoy a simple existence on your farm without stressing about what Zambians need or want.
    Good Luck General in your future endeavors!

  25. Agreed Sir!!! In all fairness, he was the right man to lead this country. But us Zambians as usual we are used to mediocrity. Often, we prefer well known thieves to lead us and then we begin to complain when they start looting the public coffers. We don’t believe in integrity.

  26. UPND will do the same after losing elections in 2021 and lastly in 2026 because nobody in Zambia shall dare hearing about this regional party after the next two general elections!!!
    Well done Bo Miyanda and now join Mighty PF!!

  27. I was sad when I read in The Mast that Gen Miyanda wrote to the Ministry of Home Affairs to deregister the Heritage Party..I was introduced to the Gen by Hon BWALYA Chiti in Mpika during the campaigns of the 2001 general elections.I was appointed as Mpika Central Constituency chairman by Hon Chiti.From that time continued to be one of the loyal members of the Heritage Party as every general election that followed I campaigned for the party despite the fact that Mpika was a stronghold for the then ruling MMD.I relocated to Livingstone in 2010,But continued communicating with the Gen on the phone. I really enjoyed the privilege of having interacted with a person who was once a Vice President of our nation.Every time I sat next to the Gen I imagined how the affairs of this nation…

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