Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Special Interview with Minister of Finance on Cabinet Decisions



    • Our minister must reduce on drinking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she is developing what we call PUZA FACE here in RSA

    • Grade 9 commerce. I told you PF. The country is in trouble. This is a situation like that of children inheriting money and assets with no idea how they where made and management of assets until the ate depleted slowly.

      There no cake coming. until Zambians realise it will be the trajectory. Even those that said Lets Roll are silenced now.

      Only thugs think there are okay when they can drink for a few years.

      Ati infintu ni Lungu. Ok let’s keep watching


    • I think economy is ok, it is Margret who is in crisis. Why are all PF facing mental crisis, we told them not hate the Church, look now we dealing with mental institution.
      They need a STABLE person to stabilize economy.
      I thought when people call her drunk they just tarnish her name, but indeed she needs mental fix.

    • I have given up on Lazy Lungu as I have stopped laughing at this woman …only in Zambia can someone be given this opportunity even when everyone knows that they are useless and ill qualified for the job.

  1. It is time we started dragging our politicians to court for perjury and defamation. If a politician promises something record it. Then drag them to court when they do not fulfill their promises. Uyo muyanu Boris Johnson wamukukuza ku koti! We must stop joking! Iwe nawe Dudu ukazisunge mowa uwo si vintu! Ni cinji kansi!!?

  2. If Lungu really really needs this drunkard, let him send her into foreign service probably the UK where she will be entertaining Europeans with her fake accent. The position of Finance Minister requires an accomplished ECONOMIST, not an ACCOUNTANT like myself and Maggie. Economics is a very small component in Accountancy academic and professional programmes.

    • …and have you noticed that the only employment contract she held for more than 3 years was at Barclays Zambia, and it was only for 5 years…could be a sign of non-renewal of contracts due to incompetence or under performance. Whatever the reasons, she has never been baked enough to be an expert at anything…may be just at playing pool and boozing.

  3. Only hh can save this nation from pf incompetence which led to such investors. Even my Swiss wife feels the same. My Swiss wife is in process of getting dual Zambian citizenship so that she can vote for hh in next election. We are tired u people xx

    • Iwe naiwe go to hell with your HH.. Yes we need to kick out this corrupt and incompetent regime but it will not be wise to bring in another thief like Hakainde. What he did at RAMCOZ, LIMA bank and a Livingstone hotel fails him the integrity test. He is no better than Lungu

    • @ Danielle, this song you are singing has been a broken record since 2016. Zambians now know how fake it is. This is why it is now no longer in the charts. Probably you need to coin a new lie that H.H. is not credible because he tried to have your skirt for one night stint!!!!!!!!! Try, it may just work for sometime. But be ready to be arrested or sued for character defamation. The Zambia Police and the courts are gradually turning to right doing.

    • 1. There is no dispute that Hakainde was appointed liquidator for LIMA BANK.
      2. There is no dispute that among the assets in Hakainde’s possession as a liquidator was a house in Kabulonga.
      3. There is no dispute that Hakainde sold this same house to himself.
      4. There is no dispute that before moving to his house in New Kasama, Hakainde was living in this same house.
      What more proof do you need to show that Hakainde has ZERO INTEGRITY?

    • @ jerk above
      Instead of crapping, take your “evidence” to the competent authority and claim house. Otherwise, shut your arse

    • @Daniele
      What evidence is that.You have lost out on a house.Keep staying in Misisi compund
      Talk about the money ECL got from the sale of Keembe Cold Storage.We can easily show you which bars in Chawama he drunk away that money.

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