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Hungry Lion and Chef 187 bus it with burgers


Lusaka’s bus commuters were left surprised by top Zambian rapper Chef 187, when he treated lucky passengers to Hungry Lion’s Big Boss burgers made with 100% pure local chicken fillets. Some lucky commuters travelling on the city’s busiest bus routes got to celebrate International Burger Day with Zambia’s favourite quick service restaurant, Hungry Lion.

Hungry Lion country manager, Busu Mpepo said the collaboration with Chef for International Burger Day on 28 May gave the restaurant chain a chance to bring great food, fun and laughs to commuters in Lusaka.

“Hungry Lion and Chef are a perfect match because the appetite for great food and good times go hand in hand across all 35 of our stores nationwide. Nothing highlights the Hungry Lion experience more than sharing generous portions while having a good time and making our customers smile,” Mpepo says.

Celebrating International Burger Day with commuters was Hungry Lion’s way of giving the public a chance to not only enjoy the Hungry Lion meals that Zambians love so much, but also to experience the quick service restaurant’s sense of fun and community that defines Hungry Lion, making it a firm family favourite.

The city’s bus drivers were also winners as Chef, taking to popular bus routes, including Matero, Chawama and Kabulonga, treated them to delicious Hungry Lion burgers after completing fun challenges. Chef, currently enjoying airplay with the hit song ‘Tuleya Tulekula’, said it was exciting to see Hungry Lion engage and celebrate International Burger Day with Lusaka’s commuters.

He added that Hungry Lion’s International Burger Day initiative used food, fun and generosity to bring people together, something that is synonymous with the brand’s SHARE MORE values.


  1. What a waste of food! That food should have gone to the less privileged in the society. How do you give food to commuters using LUXURY BUSES? Good initiative but corrupt implementation.

    • Lol. That bus looks finished! Kuli ma luxury bus to Kalingalinga or Chawama? Literacy is important … it says Lusaka commuters. This is Zambia’s problem – quick to comment, slow to understand. Lol

  2. How can it wasting when people have just been freely blessed. let’s learn to appreciate good gestures. it’s not everything that will go as we would anticipate.

    • This is no good gesture naimwe It is marketing. That’s how you get sold junk

  3. Selfless good deeds should be praised! Good for them for doing this and good luck with their future business. Glad it’s a local, in-country business and not some international conglomerate.

    • Selfless? Good deeds? Do you know the meaning of those words? Zambians are easily hoodwinked.
      Some politician decreed Zambia a Christian nation and everyone was hoodwinked into believing that he was from God

  4. Kkkkkk this reminds me of the Bible verse where the woman came and poured an expensive perfume oil on JESUS feet. Then his disciple Judas said
    Instead of pouring that we shud av just sold it and give the money to the less privileged. Lol
    Let’s lean to appreciate wen something good is done.

  5. Comment:let’s learn to appreciate bane hungry Lion good coming & big shout to my guy 187 my bro kip on shining

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