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Pay delayed May salaries to Copperbelt University and the University of Zambia-Kambwili

Headlines Pay delayed May salaries to Copperbelt University and the University of Zambia-Kambwili

NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili
NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili

National Democratic Congress President Chishimba Kambwili has urged Government to immediately pay delayed May salaries to Copperbelt University and the University of Zambia.

Mr. Kambwili has since given Government a 24-hour ultimatum in which to pay delayed salaries to workers at the two affected institutions.

He wonders how Government expects starved and demotivated workers to survive and later on deliver as expected.

Mr. Kambwili is concerned that Government has not put in place measurers to ensure that university workers are paid on time.

The NDC leader said this in an interview with journalists in Lusaka today.

And Mr. Kambwili has called for the immediate reopening of the Copperbelt University.

He has urged Government to listen to the plight of citizens calling for the reopening of CBU.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kambwili says the recent austerity measures announced to salvage the economy are a farce.

Mr. Kambwili says it is strange that President Edgar Lungu and his Ministers have continued undertaking unnecessary trips outside the country.

He has cited President Lungu’s recent trip to Congo DRC as unnecessary.

And the NDC leader has urged Government to lift the livestock movement ban in the Southern province which has been greatly affected by drought.

He noted that its only logical for Government to allow people in the region to sale animals so as to meet their financial obligations.

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    • 1. Yes pay workers. You promised to end delayed payments pa Labour Day.
      2. Yes stop unnecessary foreign trips. I thought the departure of HK stopped this wasteful intl. trips affair.
      I am supprised that I can conquer with this CKinsultor on this.
      Let’s stick to austerity measures; while at it, we pay salaries when they are due.
      Chiteni icho ba ECL, endesheniko, insala abalumbwana muma Universities.
      It’s not negotiable.

    • LAZY LUNGU shamelessly promised to pay them on time on Labour day BUT as usual the Bum is nowhere to be seen just wasting jet fuel flying to pointless funerals of someone he never even liked with a whole entourage.

    • By the time PF is done with this nation …there wont be higher education …UNZA and CBU …only the likes of Bowman will be the ones tossing out gifts as everyone will be unemployed.

    • Breaking: Zambian hippo cull cancelled. This is the latest about-turn since the Zambian government announced plans to cull 2,000 hippos in Luangwa Valley by offering ‘hippo management hunts’. – National Geographic

    • Kambwili is also the cause of mess that PF brought in on Zambians. He along with his useless clueless mentor Late Sata, a foulmouthed tribalist and GBM type thugs are the cause of all the mess Zambia is in.
      As for Lungu, Chanda and Banda, they shall be locked up the moment new government comes in power in 2021. never to see outside world, they are criminals, thousands of children and retirees have died because they pay themselves hefty salaries and then steal and civil servants are dying, and small businesses are closing every day

  1. Having a president with an empty brain leads to a broke country. If they are failing to pay cardinal institutions of this country then what is point in having a government. We are better off having an association of professionals take over until next election when hh will save this country. Elisa agrees

    • Agree with your comments till you brought in egoistic manipulative HH, the criminal who has been busy stealing through criminal deals with Boers. FIC knows about this thug also.

  2. In Zambia you can easily be a hero. There are just too many self inflicted problems and all you need to do is just join the opposition and very soon you will endear yourself to the electorate. Everyday you can comment on one or two. Call the media and just Ask Lungu to solve the many problems he has created. You can never run out of topics. Just look below for a dyonko theres a lot to pick from
    1 Pay Times of Zambia
    2 Stop Mopani from producing center
    3 Repair township roads
    4 Repair Ndola Mufulira Road
    5 Hand Black Mountains to Jerabos
    6 Fire ZESCO CEO for loadshedding
    7 Stop Lungu’s travels to two year-old funerals
    8 Govt must Remove Kamanga and replace him with Kalusha
    9 Tell South African chain stores to buy Zambian products
    10 Give jobs to youths

  3. Dr Chifentelo, ask the universities to be self sufficient like their peers do around the world instead of making noise everyday.

  4. I can assure you , the only thing that keeps lungu going is fear of jail for him and his ministers for

    “ grand theft treasury “

    They have stolen enough and would gladly give up if they are assured of safe passage to retirement.

    • Nothing is going right for lungu because of the wonky crooked foundations his presidency is built on…..

    • The next hummer blow coming lungus way is increase in world oil prices and an injunction by vendetta banning sale of copper from KCM pending resolution of court proceedings

  5. Yet we have sycophantic P.F dreamers like B.R junior running off his gob, telling us he runs Zambia, & so convinced is he in his own delusions he even bragged he’s directed Chakolwa to pull up his socks, therefore late salaries will be “a thing of the past”, whilst rambling “LETS ROLL” @ mediocrity as usual!!
    With such Muppet’s suffering from Delusional disorders, & supporting a visionless thieving party, any wonder Zambia is on its knees, & soon will be a confirmed Kleptocracy like Mobutus Zaire, where civil servants /government workers are NO LONGER paid by the State BUT encouraged to seek bribes, & extortion in order to survive?

  6. Kambwili please grow up. Did u pay your workers yourself?

    Tell that to HH who doesn’t pay his workers please

  7. “…And the NDC leader has urged Government to lift the livestock movement ban in the Southern province which has been greatly affected by drought”.
    But you trib.als sure, sure Chimbwili is something to make you open your trib.al mouths and cheer Chimbwili? Chimbwilu does not read and trib.als have refused to read. Surely you have heard that southern province has been ravaged by foot and mouth disease which threatens to decimate the animal population in that region. Chimbwilu wants the government to lift the ban on cattle movement which is meant to protect the livelihoods of our tonga brothers and sisters, and you stand up and cheer him!!! Kwena ba trib.als elo mwapwa nomba! Desperate for state house which cannot come at this rate of stupiodity!! You can’t read between the lines that…

  8. …… Kwena ba trib.als elo mwapwa nomba! Desperate for state house which cannot come at this rate of stupiodity!! You can’t read between the lines that Chimbwilu has no respect for southerners? What did he say when he was minister? Trib.als have short memories ka!!

  9. ….even Messrs Spaka and Gay Jay trib.al are singing in chorus, I can’t believe it even if you are trib.als!!

  10. Who swore Lungu? Those were illegalities and now everyone can see the result. Even the doves did not want to fly. This is what they call building a foundation in the sand. Only jail remains for PFools.

  11. Elisa my beautiful blonde wife and I just had dinner at the Dorchester hotel. This boy trump has caused confusion on the roads. Anyway we had a very romantic meal and one thing led to another when we got home. Let’s just say we were home alone ..no kids. Bane we featured in all rooms. Ala I love this woman. To all the negative comments please stay away. Its not my fault you hide your ugly wives and cannot be proud of them. Vote upnd

  12. The govt of Zambia needs to enter into partnership with banks to provide salaries to civil servants and those it contracts so as to make sure that salaries are not delayed. Such partnerships work elsewhere and I’m sure many banks can trust the govt to release the fund at a later date. We should be thinking and planning ahead, it is very unfortunate that employees always have to suffer because of poor planning.

  13. N.E.Z, the very embodiment of a trib.al: senseless and publicity seeking. Trib.als including Trib.al Hacks actually think that the world stands still to admire them but try as they may no one cares about them, actually no one likes them!!

    • kikiki ulimbe boyi kikii. ifintu fya fulungana. the country is in confusion. have you read the latest revelations in the FIC report? what are your thoughts on that? please tell us kiki. your party is failing to pay peoples salaries and people are going without food meanwhile you sons of b.i.t.c.hes are busy stealing millions of dollars. you will die shortly young man. be careful

  14. Sorry the money meant for UNZA and CBU staff salaries will go the following priorities in consideration of austerity measures;
    1. Budgeted for Kaluba by-election avoid a hat-trick from the opposition
    2. Partly has been spent on Funeral Tourism to Congo Kisansha.
    3. Pocketed remember “Money in the pocket” or “Kasaka ka Ndalama” or Sota apo naebile”.Refer to FIC report
    4. NDF country-wide tour which has to be implemented so deputy Ministers should start getting paid immediately.

  15. Universities have been politicized through their lecturers and student unions then They turn around and say pay us our salaries and allowances to the same government that they discredit. The money to fund universities is a grant it’s not a right it shouldn’t even be what sustains the universities operations but helps it. Govt can actually decide to split the grant to include private universities so that all can survive on own resources and not rely on government. So if you are going to be political on other people’s money then everyone will suffer. Government in power is of the people but universities don’t have to be. They can be privatized tomorrow.

    • Politicised or not. The public universities still need funding. Besides the money running these institutions is not pee-eff money but tax payers money.

      The approach being taken by this government run by kleptomaniacs and dipsomaniacs is very tunnel-visioned. We need to constantly develop our human resources to maintain equilibrium in the human capital market.

      Shutting down funding to these key institutions is not the answere whatever the question may be. The are public universities and they are funded by taxes, period.It’s got nothing to do with being innovative with how these unis are run.The government has failed in all its KPAs.

  16. ECL is a thief a perpetual thief. He has stolen money from the banks for three months which civil servants were paying back to the banks for the loans. Standard Chattered bank ended up confiscating May 2019 salaries for civil servants and nobody in the government is talking about it. Stealing in broad day light everyday. ECL was born a thief.

  17. Kambwili is trying very had to sound like a Saint. When did Kambwili start caring about people of Southern Province late alone workers.

  18. kakabolala ka Edgar.This is the problem of giving power to poor pipo like Edgar.Power has drunk the chap…………………………..

  19. My point is that grants are given by government to universities to support not run the institutions even if it’s public. These can be by way of grants to qualifying students to attend the institution or fund research. It’s not meant to be the lifeline. We had free education up to university before meaning Govt paid universities 100% of tuition costs if students, money that counted as income for them. Today we don’t have free education, so Universities should survive on own initiatives private or public. How are new private universities able to survive? They too should be beneficiaries of government grants. So it’s not a right to cry for salaries from govt when others manage to pay them without problem and manage to stay open for business.

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