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Ukusefya Pa Ng’wena traditional ceremony cancelled

Rural News Ukusefya Pa Ng’wena traditional ceremony cancelled

Mwine Lubemba Chitimukulu Kanyanta Manga 11 arrive at the arena to start the Annual Ukusefya pa Ngwena Traditional Ceremony

The Bemba Royal Establishment also known as Bashilubemba has announced that the Ukusefya Pa Ng’wena Traditional Ceremony will not take place this year.

Spokesperson for the Bashilubemba James Mulenga, who disclosed the development to ZANIS in Kasama today, said the development has been necessitated to allow for the mourning of Senior Chief Mwamba who died last November.

Mr Mulenga said the Bemba Kingdom is still observing a period of mourning and can therefore not hold any celebrations.

He also announced that the burial procession for the late Senior Chief Mwamba will take place at the end of June.


  1. Kwena mwe while you are in recess can you work on that ng’wena art creation so you can come up with a professional and attractive one.? Noti kwati niba kadoli. It should befit the King Chitimukulu

    • Iyi Ngwena kale yafwa. Kuti tulesefwa nfwa ya ngwena.

      What so special about a dead crocodile. Just cancel the ceremony until you find a better name for it.

    • Spot on. They can use the consistency development fund just to give it that respectable professional appearance.

    • True, that Croc does not befit he’s royal highness and the occasion, We shouldn’t be content with mediocrete of all sorts.
      Not even prince Harry would ride in that cheap thing.

    • When MCS was harassing the Chitimukulu and preventing him from assuming his traditional role, I never heard of the Bemba Royal Establishment speaking out or its supposed militancy. Why did the traditional ruler walk alone?

    • Ask why the Monalsa antique still remains one of the most expensive arts! the value of art is in its age and originality. The beauty of that Ngwena is in when, how and who made it. otherwise you want every thing to become so shiny but cheap like current Zambian music yapa computer or Nigerian films acted in one day.

    • @1.5 leka ukusabaila you don’t even seem to have direction in what you are talking about.
      The Zambian music yapa computer you are condemning is an exact replica of that crocodile we are all down voting.
      That isn’t art. It’s an amateur’s attempt at art and we Zambians aren’t impressed!

  2. No ukusefya pa ngwena? Come on guys in lubemba, now where will Trib.al Hacks and Chimbwili get their political publicity? The lwiindi doesn’t bring Hacks good publicity does it? No, because Hacks and chieftainness Mukuni have turned it into a trib.al ceremony.

    • Imwe fyonse ifya chinaAfrica ni idol worship. You have been brainwashed to think your ancestors are inferior.
      You only worship other people ‘s ancestors. Do you know Abraham or Moses? No! They were introduced to you by your conqueror but everyday you mention these Jewish brothers in your prayers. Despite kneeling before foreign ancestors your economy does not improve
      The Koreans meanwhile are advancing in leaps and bounds leaving you behind with your $10 billion dollar debt which can’t be wiped out by national prayers or some miracle in your churches.

  3. Rom 1:22-23 Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images made to look like a mortal human being and birds and animals and reptiles.

  4. I think this is a really good decision by our Chitimukulu. Even though I’m not Bemba and will not pretend to know much about Bemba culture I was keenly following to see how the Bemba Royal Establishment were going to handle this affair. I’m a keen follower of the traditional ceremony, since the 1990s. I laud the decision. Let us mourn Senior Chief Mwamba and allow his transition to his resting place in solemn peace and calmness. MHSRIP.

  5. @ nemwine… Ba shi lubemba were very instrumental in shutting sata up in that feud. They actually asked sata to appoint his own chitimukulu and give him the instruments of traditional power and told him that they hoped the bembas would recognise the sata appointed chief. And what we saw in the media was sata saving face.

    • Dustin 7: Sata never saved face. It’s ECL who let the Chitimukulu assume his traditional functions. Frankly I never made sense of Sata’s decision on the Chitimukulu. It was so petty, unworthy of someone holding the office of President of this Republic because he or she should be too busy to be concerned about ceremonial leadership. The Chitimukulu or any chief has no power, for example, to tax his subjects because we are a republic. Anyway I do understand why the Mwine Lubemba walked alone. He has no power to give his subjects jobs and the Bembas were literally asked to choose between supporting their chief or getting jobs.

    • @Cheater He was brought into the issue as the President. He was not coming in as a subject

  6. Where is the funeral house? Tifuna kubwela ku bwabwasula vakudya na ma drink! I hope beer is there too. Sitifuna masewela iyayi!

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