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PF warns unruly members using social media platforms to discredit the leadership

General News PF warns unruly members using social media platforms to discredit the leadership

PF Chairperson for legal affairs Brian Mundubile
PF Chairperson for legal affairs Brian Mundubile

Patriotic Front Chairperson for Legal Affairs Brian Mundubile has warned that the party will not hesitate to discipline members who are fond of using social media platforms to discredit the leadership.

Mr Mundubile said the PF Central Committee has received reports of some youths claiming to be members of the party, who have gone on rampage on social media to disrespect their leaders.

Speaking during a media briefing in Mporokoso, Mr Mundubile, who is also Northern Province Minister, says no form of indiscipline will be tolerated in the party.

He said the PF constitution is clear on punishment for disgruntled members who show no respect for the leadership.

Mr Mundubile has since advised youths in the party to desist from insulting the top leadership and to remain exemplary in their conduct

He also called on the youths to pursue progressive ideas and strive to be productive members in society.


    • PF….stop stealing, fix the economy and you will not have to worry about the youth insulting you. Of course they’re getting affected too by the lousy economy. Demanding blind loyalty from them, when they’ve seen that you guys are mediocre and corrupt, will not work. And they also have what’s called Freedom of Speech guaranteed to them. They’re free to express their views, especially if they’re not happy about something. Remember Zambia is a democratic State and not a Totalitarian State. So stop stifling their freedom of speech, you tyrants. Let the youth speak.

  1. A failed leadership always blames everyone else for its failures apart from itself. Its a sign of having the brain capacity of a wet stone. Only hh can save that country. Elisa my swiss darling agrees

  2. This is all ‘hazy’. Can you ‘discipline’ ordinary members who have no position in the party? What does it mean to be disrespectable to the leadership? How about listening and responding to what the youths are
    disgruntled about? I suspect it is because most of them have been left on the periphery of the banquet table that only the selected are enjoying – even the few crumbs from Lungu’s table, that were being thrown at them have ‘dried up’.

  3. They will now beef up the clueless violent, drunken cadres to attack perceived enemies. Chaos is on the cusp. Nimuuzyani.

  4. Mundubile and PF please give the youths jobs and you will not be complaining about use of social media. If your party and government were delivering you would not be talking about such trivia.Your threats will not work because the youths are hungry and they will not just stand by and watch you eating . PF wake up Zambian youths will escort you out of power in 2021. Ask KK ,when people are hungry and angry they can even elect a monkey president and a monkey party just to replace you.Do not underestimate Kambwili. Epo mpelele.

  5. First they were targeting youths from the opposition, now that PF youths are also fedup they are the new target.Expect the next target to be senior members.Lungu has failed, instead of you fighting people saying this,just go for Lungu, the fact that you are even talking of coalition government is proof of this.

  6. ECL is a thief, a perpetual thief. He has stolen money from the banks for three months which civil servants were paying back to the banks for the loans. Standard Chattered bank ended up confiscating May 2019 salaries for civil servants and nobody in the government is talking about it. Stealing in broad day light everyday. ECL was born a thief.

  7. What can one say,? PF has just readmitted the veteran thug and chief salesman of insele, GBM. Law of Association Bashi Mpundu Mundubile. The company you choose to keep is a reflection of your moral compass.

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