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Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya making donations to influence by elections – Chipenzi

Headlines Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya making donations to influence by elections - Chipenzi

Health Minister of the Republic of Zambia, Hon. Dr. Chitalu Chilufya delivered an ambulance to the health centre
Health Minister of the Republic of Zambia, Hon. Dr. Chitalu Chilufya delivered an ambulance to the health centre

The Governance, Elections, Advocacy, Research Services Initiative has observed with concern the electioneering going on in Katuba ahead of the pending by-election.

GEARS Initiative Zambia Executive Director McDonald Chipenzi has alleged the unabated appetite by the Ministry of Health to use elections as a conduit for electoral bribery.

Mr. Chipenzi said this happened in Sesheke, Bahati among others where the Ministry, through its Minister Dr. Chitalu Chilufya has been donating, imitating and commissioning health related facilities to prospective voters in by-election areas.

He said the recent reported donation of an ambulance and other promises offered by Dr. Chilufya ahead of the Katuba by-election even when the ECZ has not yet announced the election date is very unfortunate and an electoral illegality and bribery.

Mr. Chipenzi has reminded Dr. Chilufya and his colleagues to be mindful of the provisions of law as they try to impress the voters before and during by-elections.

He said the actions of Dr. Chilufya in Katuba who donated an ambulance are against the provisions of Electoral Process Act 2016 section 81 as it is described as “bribery”.

“Section 81(1) States that “a person shall not, either directly or indirectly or by oneself or with any other person corruptly offer, promise or agree to give any money to a voter or any person on behalf of a voter or for the benefit of a voter in order to induce that voter to vote at any election”, he added further stating that subsection 1(c) criminalises any person to ” make any gift, offer, promise, procurement or agreement to or for the benefit of any person in order to induce the person to procure or endeavor to procure the vote of any voter at any election”.

Mr. Chipenzi said such a person commits an offence under this act and it goes without saying that Dr Chitalu Chilufya is not above the law and must be persecuted.

He has called on the Anti-Corruption Commission to take keen interest on the activities of Dr. Chitalu Chilufya as his activities are clear acts of bribery which is an offence under the electoral Law.


  1. I do not care if that donation can save life even before those by elections are conducted. Am sure by elections or not life of every body remains supreme.

    • And that’s why you dont know anything about rules and regulations of conducing elections…you also dont care when the loser appeals the election result citing this…this corrupt Lazy Lungu administration is nurturing a highly immoral generation.

  2. The crook Chilufya knows that they know have puppets in the Concourt to appeal to when High court declares the seat void.

  3. And why have they taken so long to set the date for bye-elections? To buy time so they can make donations here and there to entice the voters? Twalipwa ukumishiba

  4. The minister is not contesting katuba constituency. He does that even in other places where their are no bye elections. The ambulance is not donated by the party but the government of the day. Let others donate as well. Let the residents complain and someone on their behalf.

  5. Some youths in Zambia are hopeless,ba donate ambulance ati corruption be doneta ati corruption in short everything whether bad nor good to some youths it’s corruption, anyway kuwayawafye

    • @chama
      You are the one who is hopeless. Why do many PF donations happen only there is a by election?

      Muzanya manzi ndalama kulibe. Chakolwa lungu anaiba zonze ndalama.

  6. Comment:It’s good since we all knew that whether Christ come and stand as president in your districts you won’t vote for him but remember that attitude of insulting and criticism will not built Zambia the pf government there here to work not to play and not to entertain those ***** sentiment

  7. Ba Chama so if your wife disappears like what these minister MPs do and shows up with a gift you will gladly accept her back because she showed up with a gift which is a good thing according to you with no issues. That’s what is happening here, these public servants disappear and never do anything for the people except to show up with gifts when elections are due. It’s even foolish to be smiling and dancing for something you don’t know where it came from. What if it’s a proceed of a crime, or someone was killed for it or workers are going hungry because their salaries have been diverted to the gift. Imagine if the gift from your wife was bought with money from someone who bonked her. Our people need to be smart and stop falling for these tactics. those gifts come at a price which…

  8. Govt donating to govt. Is this normal sure mwe bantu? It is govt’s job to provide health equipment like ambulances. When are we going to have accountability? Ine na lema mwandi.

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