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Zambian YouTuber Breaks the Nigerian Internet

Headlines Zambian YouTuber Breaks the Nigerian Internet

UK based Zambian Musician and Vlogger Lily Mutamz goes viral on Social media after uploading a video on her YouTube channel about Nigerian men.

The YouTuber has received over 5000 comments and messages from Nigerian men across the globe with many Nigerian men proposing to marry the single diva. She calls her self Gelo Wa Pa Zed and clearly states that she is Zambian even though there has been confusion by her new fans who assumed she is Kenyan and others Zimbabwe.

A stranger downloaded her video and posted on his Facebook page where the video has been shared over 7.5K times with over 287K views. The video on her YouTube channel has over 100K views. Lily Mutamz has had even Nigerian Politician Sowore sharing her video. She has released another video answering questions over her first video and its trending across the world. Within minutes of uploading the video, it had over 4k views. Lily Mutamz also did a live stream in Zambian Scorpion last week addressing the Zambian audience and has gone viral as well.

The video had over 15000 views on Facebook and was highly shared on Facebook. This has earned her more followers. Lily Mutamz also formed a Zambian YouTubers group on whats app where she is coaching beginner YouTubers. It is perceived that with the Nigerian audience under her belt, Lily Mutamz will hit 20K subscribers in no time. Lily Mutamz added by saying this, ” I started vlogging in January 2019 with only 350 Subscribers, today I have 10000 plus Subscribers because I never stopped dreaming and believing in my self. Even when only few people visited my YouTube channel. Today I have become the most watched vlogger from Zambia. I am encouraging the Youths of Zambia to never give up on their dreams and not to succumb to the pressures of this world, I never knew that one day my videos will break the Nigerian Internet”.

Lily Mutamz who has been networking with YouTubers across Africa is set to Travel to Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Cyprus and South Africa where YouTubers from these countries await to collaborate with the Zambian YouTuber. Lily Mutamz is going to cover her stories for her YouTube Vision.

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  1. Of course it would trend. Nigeria has about 100 million males. Given the numbers in Nigeria almost anything can reach scale.

    • Zambian women kaya.

      Most of them are looking for blessers.

      In Zambia, we have many women that have children to Nigerian men, who have since left the country to go on and marry one of their own.

      To be honest, they can have our recycled women.

    • She’s right on two things; Nigerian men are very good looking and surely know how to dress to impress. The rest is gibberish!

    • Have wasted time of myself. Am Zambian who has a lot of Nigerian friends, all what this girl is saying is fake. Go to school. Lover of nothingness in life. Gold digger

    • The Real Olivia Pope:

      Most people that are sharp dressers do not have big pockets.

      When you reach a certain level, clothes are not important.

      For example, HH, Bill Gates, Face Book founder, and IndigoTyrol.

      But then again, most Zambian girls are shallow minded – they think all the glitters is indeed gold.

    • Much as she has her own choice of men let the other truth be told that British jails are full of Nigerian conmen most of whom are deported after serving their sentences. Most decent people in UK would rather not deal with anyone with a Nigerian accent. Sometimes its better to know people than just ignorantly praising them!

    • Women in general not Just Zambian women appreciate a good looking man broke or not. Bill Gates can afford to look homeless because the whole world knows he is a billionaire. However if your name is John Nobody, you better put some effort in your outward appearance to attract a woman.

    • Lily’s outbursts confirm that prostitution will remain the oldest profession in the world!

      Who out there still says it should remain illegal in Zambia? …

    • This woman is a hole, what is inspirational about this video. Na imwe ba ZED glorifying prostitution. I know this woman, she lives in Reading Uk, she has 3 children from a Ghanaian man and left her first born child in zambia who is 21 years now. So 5 children ati ba DIVA. Mom get a real job! Prostitution te yabana Lilly!

  2. Waste of time…stopped listening when this ignorant silly girl said “even if he has a security job Nigerian guy is driving a Mercedes” yet living in a rented studio…you think Mercedes will pay for your child’s uniform!!

    • All young African girls think like this..very gullible…that’s why Nigerians go after them in clubs if only they ask women who are 10-20 years older than them why they are single mothers.

  3. Confusing sweet talk with high number of hits……Nigeria is the most populas country in Africa , the women will get more hits from them.

  4. So she now looked at as successful? She is now inspiring Zambian youths??? I think there are better Models out there who have actually achieved something. Anyone can attract followers on YouTube, just upload something controversial or weird. A lot of hookers 10s of thousands of subscribers on YouTube, so many Men will click on nuuudes. Should they be Models?

  5. One day will see you in Smit or Diplomat clubs in jozi with body guard selling your body for a Nigerian to feed his family.That’s when you learn what true and fake love is…Nigerias will seeyou as business not a human being..stop disturbing the future of sisters by spread ing information half baked info watch on Nigerian movies. My sister they will send you to Malaysia. You will come in a Tin coffin. ..

  6. This naive Zambian woman is playing with fire the Nigerians are scammers,sweet talking sugar daddies and they’re serial womanizers.Go to Ghana,Kenya, South Africa and see how they use young women there and in Indonesia,Malaysia etc they’re being shot or hanged to death every year for drug running.

  7. Negros in America had money land jobs.But Martin Luther King wanted equality.The vote.An end to sitting at the back of the bus.An end to two sets of toilets one for whites the next for blacks.Peter Carlos Hinds.

  8. What attracts so many to communism.Is the promise of economic equality.Being economic equality the corner stone of Utopia.And those who have fallen short of communism have partitioned them selves in to unions democracy and the like.Peter Carlos Hinds.

  9. Very gullible and senseless Zambian woman those untrustworthy Nigerians will eat you whole and you’ll live to regret.

  10. An independent woman with a job will never praise a man like the way she’s portraying them to be, they marry foreigners because of papers and scumming them on top of that.

  11. Do those Nigerian men marry or they jst use you through sex and leave you?
    We blame you coz you come back to us nd u want to get married. Foolish

  12. She is looking for a Nigerian knowing too well that most men in Southern Africa are able to read through her miserable life of slaying and can not fall for such a not so beautiful gold digger. The question which we have to ask her is what does she have to bring to the table in terms of income wise. Real men are now interested in women/ladies alike with beauty and brains not SLAY QUEENS with cosmetic beauty. She is stranded hence provoking men in tying to win sympathy besides she is not beautiful by any standard.

    • Well, this girl is smart; I mean, she wanted to become known in Africa and did so by talking about men from the most populous African country.

      You wanna become a billionaire; go convince every Chinaman to buy a single sweet mbalala from you at $1 each.

  13. So what happened to her mother? How come she ended up with a Zambian Man? Before you jump to such conclusions, please do your back ground research on yourself and then present your nonsense. For your own information, the population of Nigerian Men out numbers Zambia and as such this analysis might not accurately be applicable to some countries even Malawi, Lesotho, Swaziland small countries with male populations this girl is comparing to Nigeria. Useless and misleading analysis!!!!!! Know Your Numbers

  14. How much money did you get, you Opfer? Who is dying in the mediterranean sea just now? Do not forget to visit the Graveyard of dead Nigerian migrants in Lampedusa. I am sure there is no Zambian lying between Nigerian graves. Wishing you a long life, du Opfer.

  15. What UTH staff time delivering a child from Zambian parents only for the child to turn around and say Nigerian men ABCD.In case she did not know, if her mother slept with a Nigerian Man, she would be classified in this very video as a recipient, but the fact that a Zambian man did the Job speaks a lot about this lost child….

  16. Such an ugly b1tch. I would never allow this dog in my bed no matter how sexually starved I am. I guess she has a target audience.

  17. What a waste of my precious two minutes I spent watching part of this video. She lacks confidence and no smoothness in her articulation. No wonder Nigerians love Zambian rejects.

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