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Amos Chanda resigns

Headlines Amos Chanda resigns

President Lungu’s Press Aide Amos Chanda

Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Mr Amos Chanda has resigned.

In a surprise move, Mr Chanda handed in his resignation to President Edgar Lungu this morning.

Sources have revealed that President Lungu summoned Mr Chanda just before lunch time with the hope of convincing him to change his position.

Other senior Ministers and intelligence personnel were also tasked to help change Mr Chanda’s mind.

After all failed, President Lungu reluctantly accepted Mr Chanda’s resignation.

And in a hurriedly organized news conference at State House a while ago, Mr Chanda thanked President Lungu and the First Lady for the opportunity to have served as Presidential Spokesperson for the past four years.

Mr Chanda said the position he had held had accorded him the opportunity to put in the best years of his public service.

He said he will remain resolute in supporting the President Lungu and the PF government in the persuit of development.

Mr Chanda is expected to be redeployed to another position.

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  1. He resigned so that he is deployed elsewhere even when the appointing authority didn’t want him to resign? Who’s fooling who?

    • How can a person who has resigned be deployed by the same employer from whom he has resigned? Is anyone here trying to take this nation for fools? ba kabwalala landeni fye ifyo yazandile bangwele imwe.

    • Do not make it easy for this thief to disappear into the sunset.

      He has been named in the financial audit report, and he is hoping that by resigning, he will be forgotten by 2021, and not face prosecution.

      Someone grab his diplomatic passport please.

      I expect more thieves to resign.

    • What could be the reason? Principle or frustration? Amos Chanda saw himself not as a civil servant but a politician who could also launch a tirade against opposition politicians instead of leaving that to politicians. His attacks on Chishimba Kambwili, for example, went beyond the normal difference of opinion two people could have.

    • What could be the reason? Principle or frustration? Amos Chanda saw himself not as a civil servant but a politician who could also launch a tirade against opposition politicians instead of leaving that to politicians such as Mumbi Phiri. His attacks on Chishimba Kambwili, for example, went beyond the normal difference of opinion two people could have.

    • The little rat jumped before he was given the sack …good riddance…these little boys never learn – yesterday he was insulting everyone today he is with them.. I hope he wont be given a position at ZCCM or KCM. I just hope LAZY LUNGU gets someone more mature and not Sunday Fooking Chanda or that silly boy Tayali the hungry rat.

    • I never ever classified Amos as a thief, but he aligned himself to thugs like Kaizer etc. His family advised him to humble himself and leave the gang. We thank God he didn’t hang himself or get shot by the cartel.
      It is better to resign and work for nothing than be among dirty people, and hang yourself.

    • Nkhani Zalula. Wapya Munzi. Ka Chanda kataba !

      Chanda has realised that FIC is a very hot report which might get him a travel ban by the US for supporting terror funding.

      Any way there is more than meets the eye here. I think Chanda has smelt some stinky sh1t coming his way and the entire PF. CIA and FBI dont joke if they put a marker on you.

      I will be surprised if this guy does not run back to the UK. Let him come. We will be waiting for him.

    • If this is true then the Lusaka Times comments section should pat itself on the back because it has tirelessly campaigned for Chanda’s removal. His incompetence has always been exposed by Lusaka Times bloggers or should I say commentators since they don’t blog. Jay Jay, Indigo Nostradamus Ndanje Khakis, Ndobo even Mushota should all be given the accolades for removing a parasite from government payroll
      Let us all continue with the spirit of henpecking all incompetent civil servants and cabinet members

    • Chanda sick and tired of defending the indefensible PF thuggery and madness. Maybe he wants to stand as an MP for Katuba.

    • Amos Chanda has his own post resignation worries in that he has to integrate himself with common society. Hope as he basked in the corridors of PF power he never abandoned his ordinary friends for now he needs them most! I hope he does not get rewarded with a diplomatic posting

    • @Mwelwa, thanks for word of praise. Indeed we at LT has been shaping Zambia from time Kabimba misbehaved and gathered thugs in PF. Look now what these thugs has done to Edgar.
      My only wish is Kaizer to turn that gun in his drawer at state house on himself.

    • In the USA White House officials are resigning on daily basis, so nothing special with this one.

    • @Lazi. This man has been very close to ECL and probably knows a lot more about Lungu than anyone else in the government. I just have a funny feeling that he is merely being redeployed to a clandestine operation/portfolio like the KCM saga maybe.

    • FINALLY !!!!!
      Something must be wrong….is it FIC or KCM?, I can’t imagine what could have caused him to resign.
      This guy was so powerful, one would never tell he was a just spokesman.
      Bane dealing with KCM is not the same as seated pa statehouse and issuing insults towards the opposition leaders.
      WHY on EARTH would we waste intelligence personnel resources to help change Mr. Chanda’s mind???
      NEXT, please……

    • Make sure this crook doesn’t leave the country. 2021 is coming, and we need all these criminals to answer for their involvement in the corrupt activities of the most corrupt administration in the history of our nation . We’ll have to investigate them thoroughly, audit every last one of them’s assets, and if found wanting, send them to prison for 100 years each, starting with the gangster in chief, corrupt Lungu. All the assets they can’t account for will have to be forfeited to the State.

    • There is no honour amongst thieves. Maybe Chanda and Kaiser fell out on the cash deal some where. Then Kaiser reported him to Lungu so that he could be fired.

      If Lungu lets the boy out of the country Kachanda will spill the beans.

    • He must have asked to resign instead of being fired to save his face. What happens next will reveal a lot not this smoke screen. This is what happened to lucky Mulusa, he was told to resign or be fired, he opted for later and was fired. Amos and the president must have differed. I can’t just resign, he loved to be little people using that position he held.

    • Lungu has failed to govern this country. Period! Look at the chaos. Look at the plunder. Can you still say there is a president governing honestly? Can you?
      Look at the colossal sums of money from the national treasury which has been put into private pockets by Lungu and his cohorts. Isn’t it a big shame for a country like Zambia?

  2. Let him go…thank God some respect hopefully will be restored in that position…congratulations Mr. President!


    • What high profile naimwe pliz, its only in Zambia that spokesman is more powerful than country VP.

    • Time is the mother of everything!
      DISGRACED State House Aide Kaizer Zulu his counterpart Amos Chanda, Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo and Minister in-charge of National Development Planning Lucky Mulusa on a Tuesday night celebrated the arrest of UPND President Hakainde Hichilema in style at a pub on 8 Reedbuck road in Kabulonga.
      The four senior PF officials took turns boasting how they had made sure they had fixed the opposition leader and how they were controlling state institution.
      The officials who were in the company of another mercenary, Lewis Mosho and some former Post Journalist and what looked like prostitutes, drunk the night out and only left 8 reedbuck after midnight.
      “Natuka chita ka cikala…kalemona kwati ni ka President nako. In fact Ba (kakoma) Kankanja is very…

    • Continued
      “Natuka chita ka cikala…kalemona kwati ni ka President nako. In fact Ba (kakoma) Kankanja is very weak if I didn’t direct him upto now that ka cikala would still be enjoying the comfort of his house,” Kaiser Zulu was heard bragging before Kampyongo interjected,
      “Awe kachepa sana. We are in charge …we are serious operatives. In fact kulefwayika fye kafwile mu jele. Ni mweba Amos you are too soft this should have been done immediately we came from Mongu,” said Kampyongo.
      However Chanda who was seemingly concerned about the media backlash said he had already instructed the public media to stop any form of coverage.
      “We need to manage what comes out of the media…otherwise abantu must not be fed on this ka HH. We discussed naba Mwamba how we must handle the who thing. We managed…

    • The silly boy is not professional …he thought he was working for LAZY LUNGU and Old Hen Ester like a garden boy at their personal house…he doesn’t know that he was a Civil Servant awarded that opportunity by the Zambian people!!

    • Contrary to what he said, former State house Press Aide Amos Chanda was forced to resign after President Edgar Lungu learnt that he received money to influence the course of KCM from liquidation to receivership.
      A reliable source tells us that Mr Chanda got huge sums of money to convince president Lungu not to liquidate KCM. But president Lungu’s political advisor Kaizer Zulu who was initially at the Centre of this deal but chickened out, found out and told Lungu hence resolved to fire him.
      Amos then tried to use former Finance minister Alexander Chikwanda to plead on his behalf till a deal was cut that he resigns.
      ‘Kaizer Zulu has been telling the president that Amos has been in contact with vandeta the owners of KCM and that he has been forcing the team which the President appointed…

    • … the President appointed to look into the liquidation issue of KCM to overturn on the liquidation matter and go the receivership way. And some good amount was promised if that would be done. But this didn’t settle well with the boss. It’s a greedy issue,’ one source said.
      ‘Kaizer Zulu accepted the deal but he later u-turned and reported to the President. Hence this put Amos in a awkward position because he was the mastermind and the contact person with Vandeta,’ the Watchdog has been told. – zambiawatchdog

  4. Good ridance, he was a panga in the flesh of many…. but perhaps a smart move from AC’s point of view!

  5. Comment:#Go well Mr Chanda Amos and thanks for service you rendered onto Zambian’s and the PF govt for the past four years..

    • @Sage We can only hope so brother. I smell a rat something ain’t right here. I think it’s the FIC report and nothing else. Amos Chanda thinks by resigning he buy himself some time to face prosecution. Hell No!! you will still have to face consequences for your crimes. There is no escape route for you PF thieves. Chimbokaila Prison awaits your dumb asses…..enda kusogolo iwe….

  6. Something is terribly wrong when an unprincipled, spineless riff raff like Amos Chanda resigns without any reason whatsoever!

  7. Mmmmmm……I can’t believe this! What went wrong? I thought Amos and the President get along so well. A resignation almost always means something is went wrong somewhere.Fikomfwika.Nothing remains a secret forever

  8. Level headed you are young Chanda. I hope its not the FIC report too. But really you have a left a vacancy for other people to fill. That’s great news. I hope you go into foreign service to preach good about Zambia.
    See, routine works become boring at times. The routine of Press Aid tasks could be daunting. Always defending the president even in his wrongs can be tiring. Cheers to the incoming Press Aid. I hope he won’t be a cadre.

  9. Agony is leaving a bloody trail following you wherever you will sleep – UMULANDU TA…………

  10. Unfortunately you were too much in the thick of things to have a clean break or go scot-free, consequences are that your deeds will follow you. Lessons not to get carried away with public office, serve as a God servant and servant of the people, then you will step out into the world Chin-up.


  12. Resign or get fired!
    Where is my share of the KCM money?
    Sadly, the wrong guy has resigned! It should have been the other one!

  13. Soon they will find a replacement either
    1. Tukata Sweating Ngulube
    2. Or Hearse Katenga Malilo Nyirongo

  14. Ya iwe muntu don’t just go into the grass. Give us the secrets about the Swazi land deal and the connection to the awarding of the road projects in Zambia. And what did you guys actually go to do in Congo? You didn’t go for the funeral you went for something else. And why does your Master refuse to call a press conference? Did you advise him like that? To avoid the press as much as possible?

  15. That’s what happens when your conscious has eaten you up over your deeds and to survive such pressure is to either join the opposition or form a party or the highly anticipated luapula united because of the link to infrastructure minister Ronald Chitotelas’ corruption charges who is believed to be the ring leader of the aforementioned luapula united.

  16. things are falling apart and i smell a rat just wait and see. how ever its too late for boy chandra because all is in record and can be used to make a follow up

  17. Long over due if you ask me. Instead of being a principled and honest civil servant, this muppet was a hard core political cadre and crook. Such characters don’t need to be celebrated by any right thinking Zambian.

  18. I hope nobody beats his record as the worst spokesperson we have ever witnessed. Anyways there is always rock bottom and then below the barrel… Uyende bwino m’fana. God bless and fusek!!!

  19. After the recent FIC report, Chanda accidentally came across an old Post Newspaper picture of Richard Sakala, former Press Secretary for FTJ Chiluba, being taken from the High Court to Chimbokala in a Zambia Police kasalanga after the conviction and sentence on Theft by Public Servant charge.He suddenly developed high fever,could not walk, failed to eat and did not sleep that night,and following morning decided to resign.

  20. The whole crew must resign

    Including sikazwe who spends who day watching Nigeria n movies during working hours on a smart tv in his office

  21. If you are a civil servant and intend to hold political office, you have to resign two years before contesting an election. So Amos will be eligible to contest in 2021.

  22. Too BAD AMOS CHANDA WAS so professional in his JOB with more than 6yrs Experience, the man was Workaholic humble and could answer peoples calls and have time for the vulnerabes, Chanda could give good advice ,chanda so intelligent that at a blink of an eye he could understand any topic, oh what a MISS , i doubt Sunday Chanda, SHALL receive the accolades AMOS CHANDA has received in his cut short by himself tour of DUTY. I WISH U GOOD LUCK BRO. THAT POSITION WAS THE BEST FOR U , FORGET ABOUT FOREIGN MISSIONS. OMG Who shall keep State house clean , AMOS NEVER USED TO FORGET

  23. Nothing is permanent, at least he resorted to settle this score peacefully….Nice move.

  24. The only surprising surprise is that he has resigned on his own. No, another surprise is that fake insiders claim that the President and others pleaded with him not to resign, what for? Good riddance man. But truth be said, I admire the cadre for this principled decision. How many fyuuls in cabinet can take such a decision? This ka Amos has teally scored a first, whatever the reason I give it to him.

  25. Has there been a time that a presidential spokesperson has resigned in zambia i think wat he has seen around the presidency has scared him jail is scaring wen u advise a President but u see him heading straight into the ditch u ditch him.

  26. Shock!
    He should also resign as KCM liquidator. These people are snakes, who knows this is a calculated move.

  27. Most likely, he couldn’t stand certain elements of his job especially being heckled by opposition gangsters! Or some colleague he couldn’t stand!

    Research has shown most employees are always looking out for new roles. So much so that one of the uses for Artificial intelligence currently being developed for HRM Systems is a programme that monitors employees and predicts when an employee is about to or is likely to jump ship and hand in their notice by various activities in their IT, activities. That way your HR know before you actually hand notice in.

  28. He never worked in his civil service role – he was a cadre and defender of Lungu’s personal interests. Of course there is more to this resignation – we may know or may never learn the truth behind it. He has just been one of a whole bunch of irritating people associated with this regime.

  29. Nononono!!
    Fellow country men and women behold.
    Mark my words, this is going to be the best political manoeuvres of all time in this Country.
    Amos Chanda is not going anywhere because the plan now is for him start working underground ripping apart FIC report so that all the evidence is destroyed.

  30. Amos Chanda’s conscience has finally caught up with harsh realities of UCL’s failing regime and he found that he can’t continue to defend the indefensible.Thanks for putting Zambia above stupid loyalty Mr Chanda.

  31. Don’t believe this trash version of the story. It must have been written by himself. Don’t forget these chaps are professional spinners. Read the Watchdog version. He wants to create an impression that he resigned on his own so that he can get another Government job. Le’s watch him. No tax payers money should be ever wasted on him again.

  32. Zambians tekanyeni. Chanda is eying to being a politician, hence has read the constitution which clearly states that you can only stand as an MP 2 years after leaving civil service. The gentleman is looking ahead. Muli ndwiii anzanu ali busy planning.

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