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DEC Luapula destroys more than 5 tonnes of Cannabis


Courtesy DEC

The Drug Enforcement Commission in Mansa District has destroyed over five tonnes of cannabis seized from over 160 accused persons in various cases in Mansa, Chembe, Milenge, Chipili, Mwense and Mwansabombwe districts respectively after cases from April, 2018 to March, 2019 were disposed of by the courts of law.

The destruction exercise, which was conducted at the Mansa Municipal Council Dump site, included fresh and dry cannabis plants and seeds, pursuant to Section 34 of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act Chapter 96 of the Laws of Zambia.

Drug Enforcement Commission Luapula Province Regional Commander, Charles Ndulumina stated that the Commission will not relent in closely following up issues to do with drug trafficking and abuse.

He disclosed that drug abuse has been prevalent among the youths who are growing and abusing drugs such as cannabis thereby being a menace to the public as well as destroying the lives of young people in the community.

The Regional Commander has since cautioned people in Luapula Province to desist from engaging themselves in cultivation of cannabis and concentrate on growing crops which are of benefit to the nation.

The exercise was conducted in the presence of representatives from the District Joint Operation Committee (DJOC), Environmental Health Department (Mansa Municipal Council), the Judiciary, DEC officers and journalists from ZANIS, Diamond TV, as well as K FM and Yangeni Radio.

Meanwhile Uganda has secured contracts to export medical marijuana products to Canada and Germany worth more than R2 billion in June. South Africa is also one of the markets for unrefined cannabis buds/flower.

Courtesy DEC
Courtesy DEC


    • What a waste!

      Our government has no brains at all. The amount of weed burnt could have paid civil servant salaries for months.

      I would rather our leaders indulged in weed than in alcohol.

      Anyway, Sinkamba will know what do with this natural herb if he is ever elected into office.

    • They say poverty is deeply imbedded in the brain before it reaches the pocket. This material could have been sold for a handsome price to countries where it is now legal.

      Anyway, let us celebrate our self-inflicted ignorance and poverty.

    • That is DEC for you. Making everyone high with nothing in return. That cannabis would have been sold to pharmaceuticals. In Zambia, we are good at burning money. No brains!!

    • The officers got soo high on from smoke, look at that girl so excited.
      Even the journalist who wrote was intolerant.

  1. All countries are passing laws to grow marijuana legally,under licence that is….but you lock up people whom you can’t feed… isabi ukubola litampila kumutwe.

  2. Never mind, it will keep on growing no matter how many acres they burn.

    Meanwhile, DEC is guilty of contributing to climate change by enlargening the ozone layer through the burning of trees and thereby destroying the environment.

  3. There are countries that process this plant for medicinal purposes, why use resources to burn the plant instead of selling the plant to those countries and earn sufficient income that can help to improve the liquidity status of the country’s ubutala.

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