After the success of her hit song ‘Tinofara‘, Katongo has now released her follow-up single ‘Once In a Lifetime‘. The song was produced by Kekero.

‘Once In A Lifetime’ is a mid-tempo afropop track that speaks of feeling a love like never before. The song describes being in a love so strong that one feels this love will never happen again; it is a once in a lifetime love.

On this new single, Katongo has mixes both English and Nyanja.

Listen to / download the song HERE

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  1. The question I have for our artists is: What’s your endgame? Is it to churn out songs every month, get airplay and satisfy your creativity? I really can’t see a plan in place by most artists – good as they may be, most of their work simply seems to be floating around with no purpose.


  2. My thoughts too township tycoon. I’ve been trying to figure out their definition of “success”



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