Wednesday, May 22, 2024

After the success of ‘Tinofara’, Katongo has released her follow-up single ‘Once In a Lifetime’.


After the success of her hit song ‘Tinofara‘, Katongo has now released her follow-up single ‘Once In a Lifetime‘. The song was produced by Kekero.

‘Once In A Lifetime’ is a mid-tempo afropop track that speaks of feeling a love like never before. The song describes being in a love so strong that one feels this love will never happen again; it is a once in a lifetime love.

On this new single, Katongo has mixes both English and Nyanja.

Listen to / download the song HERE


  1. The question I have for our artists is: What’s your endgame? Is it to churn out songs every month, get airplay and satisfy your creativity? I really can’t see a plan in place by most artists – good as they may be, most of their work simply seems to be floating around with no purpose.

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