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HH challenges President Lungu to inform the nation on what was done to those cited in the 2017 FIC report

Headlines HH challenges President Lungu to inform the nation on what was done...

HH addressing a news conference at the UPND secretariat on Thursday, April 4th 2019

The rampant corruption and economic sabotage reported in the Financial Intelligence Centre’s 2018 Trends Report does not only make sad reading for a country that is in such a terrible economic crises, it actually tells us how arrogant the PF Government is, and how and determined they are to continue looting the fortunes of our country, take advantage of the fact that Zambians are a peaceful citizenry that will only talk and eventually walk away from the issue. It is sad for the country, sadder for its people and sadder still and shameful for the PF supporters who do not even benefit from the corruption, but keep supporting the PF simply for the feel good effect of being aligned to the ruling party.

In 2017, the country lost K4.5 billion through corruption, according to the FIC’s 2017 Trends Report. This has increased to K6.1 billion in 2018, meaning in two years, the PF Government has lost K10.6 billion, which is about US$1 billion through corruption. This is more than the US$750 million euro bond that is due in 2022. The President can save this country if only he can empower the law enforcement agencies and allow them to do their job of prosecuting the people that have looted the country and compelling them to return the money.

The PF Government has lost K10.6 billion, which is about US$1 billion through corruption. How many successful prosecutions did Zambia record on his watch?

We want to believe that President Lungu means well when he says he is committed to fighting corruption. And if he does, we want to challenge him to inform the nation what he has done to those who were cited in 2017 report for milking K4.5 billion off the country through corruption. How many successful prosecutions did Zambia record on his watch? Is Mr. Lungu letting these people go scot-free and yet still expect us to believe that he is fighting corruption? Mr. President, we are still waiting for your Executive action on the 2017 Trends Report, and we demand that those cited be compelled to bring back the K4.5 billion that they stole in 2017.

For 2018, the law enforcement agencies have again received 80 reports of suspected money laundering. We demand to know how many of these cases have been acted on. We demand that the K6.1 billion be forensically traced and brought back to the Government coffers this year. This is not PF Government money; it is the money of the Zambian people, which was entrusted to you Government. And on your watch, it was lost. We demand it back!

If you are not willing to head this crusade, one day, the Zambian people will head an anti-corruption crusade against you. As UPND, we will stand, as we always have, with the people to demand Zambia’s money back. If you think you will shield these culprits until 2021, there is life after 2021. The Bembas say “umulandu taubola”. The Zambian people will one day demand what rightly belongs to them. I am sure Zambian people would want to one day respect you as a former President, but to earn this respect, we urge you to also respect them today by securing their resources and therefore their future. As it is now, Edgar Lungu is being viewed with contempt, and many would say he deserved it because he has exhibited a leadership weakness that a President should never show.

You know the thieves and corrupt elements in your Government. You know each of your Ministers and the wealth they had when they joined you. You know for instance that a few years ago, your Minister Lusambo was just a parker at Cash Crusaders. Today Mr. Lusambo has become such a wealthy businessman that he can donate goods worth millions to his constituency. If not through corrupt dealings and pillaging of public resources, where do you think Mr. Lusambo might have gotten the money from when you know his salary as a provincial Minister?

You know Mr. Chitotela was just a police constable before joining the PF. Then he becoming a Minister and today Mr. Chitotela has amassed massive amounts of wealth. When ACC arrests him, you tell us that he is innocent and will continue as Minister until proven guilty. Where is the integrity and morality in keeping an allegedly corrupt person on your administration? Yes, the law may provide for that, but why did you not apply the same principle when Emerine Kabanshi was embroiled in the ZAMPOST Social Cash Transfer saga if your motive is not to aid and abet corruption? Same game and different rules, these are signs of your weak presidency Mr. Lungu.

As we demand the repayment of the K10.6 billion (about US$1 billion), which your colleagues have stolen in the last two years, we also demand that you immediately introduce amendments to the Public Procurement Act among others, to prohibit participation of shell corporations in public procurement. This is a key channel through which money is being stolen. Amending the Public Procurement Act was actually one of the promises the PF Government made in 2017 as part of the structural reforms towards fiscal fitness. Why have you grown cold feet if not to facilitate corruption? And yet to find it quite easy to amend the entire Constitution simply because you would rather weed out elements of the Supreme Law that are inconvenient to the PF, irrespective of the cost to Zambia.

As leaders, we shall continue to fight for accountability, good governance, the rule of law and justice. On behalf of the Zambian people, we demand that you take Executive Actions that will compel Law enforcement agencies to move swiftly in prosecuting those cited for corruption, theft, money laundering and so o; and that you institute a credible and transparent process for bringing our money back!


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    • The president’s communication and lack of are clearly something that are either lacking or deficient.

      The only time he says anything is when he is coming from somewhere at the airport meeting a ballooned entourage or when someone has been sacked.

      His priorities leaves a lot to be desired.

      Of course they won’t respond from HH.



    • I think the best way forward is to begin to ask the people to force President Lungu to do the right thing.

      Appealing to him directly and individually won’t just do it. When we as a people appeal collectively he will pause and listen.

    • Thank you HH. there has been no action on those cited in the 2017 report, including serving ministers ho where found to have 6million dollars and 17million kwacha in their bank accounts which cannot be explained. Mr. Lungu is a do-nothing president

    • PF you have F…ked up really bad.Our country is in debt ,our coffers are empty, our mines are not benefitting the country, our energy sector is struggling….and to crown it all you guys have stolen billions of kwacha.And what is your response? – to condemn those who have written the FIc report…why don’t you guys just fess up and let qualified people take over.These are peoples lives and the future of Zambia at stake. You are messing up your own childrens futures


    • Lungu will not respond to this challenge simple because he has no grip on anything, is clueless, has no vision and a beneficiary of corruption in government

    • Thats way to go.It is more reasonable to ask Government and law enforcement agencies to acquit themselves on the FIC Trends Report 2017.They now must explain which cases where successfully prosecuted,which are still in the courts of law and which ones were abandoned and why.

    • Naena HH also is to blame, he forgot about corruption, he was fighting “Public Order act” and “Election reform”.
      Kambwili is more focused.

    • HH you are an economist. You also understand the (i) Law of Moving Averages and (ii) Relative Indexes.

      Zambia is a small economy. Surely if US$ 1 Billion was stolen it would be easily traced.

      This is what we have talked about… You are in opposition and yet you do not do Checks and Balance. But when an opportunity come to blow hot air – you simple talk in generalisation.

      Who is your Shadow Finance Minister
      Who is your Shadow Foreign Affairs Minister
      Who is your Shadow Mines Minister
      And the list goes on and on..

      Then again you are the Supreme Leader. Allow your MP’s to put PF to task. Public Accounts is there for your MP’s to look at and review. Yet you do not put your own MP’s to task, because if they become famous, then you get scared of leadership contest in UPND…

    • I don’t support Upnd and l will never support them, but hh is right on this article accountability is required in the government. The sad part is that hh is saying that because he’s not in state house. Look at his own past record, how he sold the mines for a song to benefit himself and he turns around and said “ anyone with information that l sold the mines should come forward and l will buy them a house”. The government entrusted you to sell the assets at reasonable price but you sell for less and the buyers gives you a small cut, big enough for yourself alone. Hh you’re also not straight. Nevertheless I support you on this crusade we need to account for every coin.

    • Continue…

      I quote from above:


      HH stop alarming the nation out of desperation. This is a huge amount to go missing for an economy such as Zambia. Point the names of those who stole the monies.

      They lied that KK store $6 Billion. They only found books. I can remember how they humiliated the old man openly, searching through his books, while he stood the whole day watching at state house.

      In the meantime, ECL must come out and give out a Press Conference on this issue.

    • LAZY LUNGU has nowhere to hide now…the man hasn’t got the guts to face the media and answer questions via Press conference so why are taking too long to appoint a Press Officer I mean how can the whole office of State House have no deputy Press officer? They are all thick and tight as thieves they have too many personal secrets to concerning looting coffers.

    • INDEPENDENT OBSERVER @@. Well summarised. $1 Billions is a lot of dosh just to disappear in the air for kama small joint or country like our Zambia. What is this thief talking about

    • Big Pipe ****
      I was thinking the same from the comments from Independent Observer***. This why HH will not go to state house. Ubufi and Bonza

      1.4 MACKO

      I too don’t agree with that missing amount this crook HH is talking about. Let him name one person who embezzled the money.

    • You dummies in denial, the FIC reports are facts from actual transactions.
      No one is making up these amounts.

    • Kikikikikikijukikunukujuja
      Ati baleader ba double h. Holier than though.
      Last time you’re seeing the FIC report I guess. Goes lengths to show how u5 and naive you can get. There is a better way you can use this leaked FIC report not your chancing ingnorance. Wasted energy.
      The report is full of data devoid of information.
      Lòoks like no matter what say to these tribal niggaz, it’s political capital at play. So what are you gonna do, double h?

    • @ Old School
      You are full of shiiiti in your mind.There is a reason why Trump called African countries as shiiiiiiiti holes because of such thinking…lol

    • That is the problem with the FIC report. Its like the Zambian watchdog with unproven claims that someone has stolen but no evidence. Where did HH get his money? Before privatization HH was a nobody with just a few heads of cattle and a struggling cashflow. Now he can afford to hire choppers. He claims to own more than a 100,000 cattle within 10 years. How?

    • 1mbecile, article is about your Endemically Corrupt Leader and no amount of d1ck 5ucking will cleanse his thieving DNA

    • I would say what you see is not necessarily the presence of evil but the absence of charisma. Charisma is defined as a “compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others.”

  1. It’s not the job of the President to tell who has been prosecuted or not but the law enforcement agencies..HH is really dull and doesn’t know how government operates…Only UPND sycophants and zealots and enemies of progress who are into group think mentality think highly of this clown…

    • Then what’s his job? He is supposed to protect my resources. How? You may ask. He appoints the heads of these law enforcement agencies right? Why does he let them sit on their hands whilst he struggles to control the economy?

  2. Nothing will happen to whoever is cited in that report. instead of dealing with the culprits, the government is attacking FIC. No-one who steals from government has ever served any serious jail time. It is so sickening.

    • Now even Bowman is calling a Report produced by a constitutional body as “rubbish”…why? Because he boss started they are following…this is why I say LAZY LUNGU is not a leader and should not be allowed to stand in 2021 at all costs.

  3. The one speaking is worse. A crook at international level. FIC is for small boys who are still learning money laundering

    • Look at this rat trying to deflect our attention ?? Tell us who has been prosecuted for the 2017 report instead of trying to defend thieves

  4. What can the debarred thieving wanna be lawyer do about the report, the chap is dull and has no clue what going on around him, the chap is useless as they come…. PFoools are all dull starting with this ka worst president in the world

  5. We challenge you to inform the nation how much of the stolen minerals wealth from Privatization you have paid back to the State?

    • You are as shameless and corrupt as lungu , answer the questions on who was prosecuted for the 2017 report instead of trying to protect looting

    • Kudos I think you are a bit too old to sound like a dumb clueless airport cadre. Get that brain into gear please.

    • That challenge makes him sick. He has no idea how exposed he is on that one. Just read the defense from his sympathisers. Just as sympathetic as the ECL supporters.
      Double h, CKinsultor, ECL must stand down 2021 ok.

  6. I think in this country in future elections we should strongly pay attention to the various backgrounds of all Presidential candidates


  8. Our country has gone from bad to worse, look at the way chinese construction company are behaving just to Employee a zambian, firstly they have to deli-darling, skirting or showing off, in short they have become too arrogate to employee our fellow zambians, the whole jobs have been given to their fellow chinese people & our GVT officials are just looking & busy asking for the kickbacks from them !!! shame pa zambia !!!!!!

  9. flag Corruption scandals: Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    That’s asking too much of corrupt #1 Lungu. You realize you are pretty much asking Lungu to arrest himself, ain’t gonna happen. The guy uses his minions to loot and they share the spoils with him. Those ministers you cited who were poor and had nothing, the same can be said about Lungu himself… dude had nothing and today he’s stinking filthy rich.

    The problem here lies with the Zambian people you have mentioned for allowing these numskulls loot their meager resources right in front of their own eyes.

  10. I am totally bewildered by arguments of PF cadres and their hate against HH. Its no HH saying K10.6 billion has been stolen by Lungu and his tanderm of thieves posing as cabinet ministers. Its FIC based on data that is readily available in the banks. It means the full picture is worse if you consider what they have not transferred through banks. How much did Willy Nsanda alone steal which was found in his house? Millions if not billions and this was covered up by Lungu and Sata. PF cadres must remember that Lungu just rigged in 2015 and 2016 but this time he won’t manage to rig.

    • Prove it.
      Will hikainde hachilema rule out of ignorance or he is just bluffing right now?
      Does it (hh) appreciate the rule of law?
      Don’t deal with the dead, I challenge you to outrightly deal with the current rumoured situation if you have the balls. It is extremely vital that you do something about it right now.
      It takes more than just balls to lead let alone to be successful opposition leader.
      Just look who is talking. Ignorance is bad mwebantu imwe.

  11. all those who are opposed to this artcle are either members of the thieves or indeed thieves themselves. the question is simple and requires only are simple answer without raising dust or insults nor deffence. anyway, umulandu taubola these cases will never ever be burried not even by magic. time will soon come. god save the people of zambia soon. .

  12. @ Sosoliso or whatever u call yourself, I think think u are a beneficiary of the stolen funds too. What kind of a normal person can be supporting such corruption? Our country’s economy is going down and u are condemning one fighting for us Zambians!!! U deserve to Repent!!!!

  13. Ubufontini, Stupidity ( especially the learned) etc is the biggest problem currently in Zambia. The figures above are from an institution under GRZ then we have morons attacking HH on numbers. Why didn’t query the figures with FIC when the said repot was released? Our country is backwards because of educated idio.ts not politicians.

  14. I totally support HH, and he’s spot on. Those insulting him are the same thieves in govt. who have been looting our economy. Macko, Fwanya, Kudos, Spaka, etc, are the same govt. thieves trying to divert people’s attention from their thieving. You time is up and you will be sorted out. Who in his right mind would support crimes PF has committed?

  15. RABBLE-Rouser (a GUY who makes speeches that make people excited or angry, usually intentionally in order to make them act in a particular way: …)!!!!

    Ba HH please read your responsibilities as provider of checks and balances in opposition. If the Executive are dragging feet, take them to court as a private citizen on to Parliament through your MPs.

    • He lacks the courageous balls. Kashimba Chimbwili lacks those balls too. Karry Halaba lacks the balls too. All these noise makers grappling with truth, alleging unprintables lack the necessary balls.
      Asukeni tumfwe.

  16. It’s difficult to listen to Hichilema because he has also failed to explain his role in so many shoddy deals. How come he owns shares in the same companies that he was tasked to sell? What is Hichilema’s role in Saturnia & Regna? People are still crying for their pensions. Bakolwe basekana ifipato. Chitotela just is a common criminal so he can’t be mentioned in Panama Papers, he doesn’t even know where Cayman Islands are found. Political expedience blinds Hichilema, he thinks we can easily forget. As long as your name is mentioned in all these shoddy deals you will never get the majority vote, come 2021 you’ll still lose blary mambala

  17. Ayatollah how can you be so dumb, HH was never tasked with any privatization.
    Valentine Chitalu was at Zambia privatization agency and Francis Kaunda with ZCCM for the mines.
    HH was employed by a private audit firm as consultant. The audit firm only advised on the valuation of the properties and never participated in any sales or negotiation process
    Please don’t spew ignorance

    • Wenye iwe mambala.
      He is equally a chi chi chi chi mumpoto. Hehehehe.
      Holier than thou indeed.
      He must be a very dull economist.

    • @Mafikizolo shut up, who sold Intercontinental Hotel in Livingstone which is now operating as Southern Sun Hotel and Hichilema is a shareholder?

  18. If you dont pay taxes please shut up let those of us that feel the pain of depositing your had earned cash into a ZRA account talk I don’t sweat my a$$ off so that some dumb cadre can loot my taxes I want my taxes for once to work for me not always borrowing

  19. Zambians are highly taxed we are one of the top most taxed nations imagine we almost taxed at the same rate as the Americans let our taxes work for us the truth is the truth even if it came from the devil it’s very painful to pay taxes more especially if you run a business you make your profit you even see the money then you go and deposit in a ZRA account you just don’t know the pain

  20. According to you underfive and Trib.al Hacks, Mr Lungu was NOT President of Zambia when the first FIC report went public in 2017 so you cannot hold him to account. However, we can start counting Mr Lungu’s accountability now that you recognise him. You can’t hold Lungu accountable if he was not President then until 2019, can you Trib.al Hacks?

  21. Trouble with Trib.al Hacks is that he is such a contradiction, a comical joker, and such a trib.al that we can’t take him seriously.

  22. I like the FIC report, but to be lectured by Trib.al Hacks a known trib.al from 2006 and a hidden trib.al before that date is a bit demeaning…. please Trib.al Hacks, spare us the half truths, you are not going anywhere near State House anytime soon, at least not before 2079!!

  23. The greatest challenge we have as Zambians is failure to differentiate between politics and development. As opposed to his usual personal attacks on ECL , HH has shown sobriety and care in this article to the president. He has addressed the president with due respect and advised him that theres life after plot one. He has referred him to the 2017 report awaiting feedback from law enforcement agencies if any action is being taken. He has given examples of ministers the president needs to check and verify that they genuinely acquired the wealth they have now. I hate corruption with passion and to me if HH continues in this path the nation will progress. There’s a tone of brotherliness in this article. This is the way advise should be given.

  24. All these people supporting corruption here I think there are part of it, people like macko, braggadocio, ayatollah, kudos, spaka, sosoliso, it’s political, fwanga, shu shu shu, old school, lake bangweulu, independent observer e.t.c. I think it’s important to track these people down and find out their real names some of them might be ministers trying to draw the attention of people away from the real issue here.

  25. Who was president of Zambia in 2017 u dull pf cadre in ship’s clothing? You are defending the undefendable your chakolwa has failed the people of Zambia. The worst chakolwa the Zambian bars have ever had, we regret conferring on him the status of head of state. Imfwa ibi


  27. All those defending corrupt practices are beneficiaries. shameless people, with no regard to the majority illiterate and poor Zambians. You will not go with this loot in your graves, but your sins will follow you.

  28. As Zambian people we really need start to seeing the state of our the leader we are ushering into power.

    People should stop looking at temporal sustenance received during campaigns and the hype of thing that transpire then, and start forecasting our mind on, what benefit is this to me and my community, because we are all linked one way or another.

    If we say we’re intellectuals let’s prove it by being practical, or all we are doing is composing hymes for them to use in the next campaign.

    This is my view.

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