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Decision to confer Presidents Lungu and Mnangagwa with Honorary Doctorates final

Headlines Decision to confer Presidents Lungu and Mnangagwa with Honorary Doctorates final

President Edgar Lungu shows pictures to President of Zimbabwe Emmerson Dambudza Mnangagwa shortly before handing over the Presidential photo album to him at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport before his departure
President Edgar Lungu shows pictures to President of Zimbabwe Emmerson Dambudza Mnangagwa shortly before handing over the Presidential photo album to him at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport before his departure

A senior Zambian government official has confirmed that the University of Zambia will go ahead and confer Honorary Doctorates in Good Governance to President Edgar Lungu and his Zimbabwean counterpart Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The official who preferred to remain anonymous confirmed that the ceremony will go ahead at the next UNZA graduation ceremony.

“Yes the ceremony is on and invitations have been sent to Zimbabwe and both Presidents have accepted to be honoured, so we are just preparing to host President Mnangagwa here,” the official said.

Frantic efforts to get a comment from UNZA Council Caretaker Committee Chairperson Namucana Musiwa proved futile as she referred all queries to the Public Relations Manager Damaseke Chibale who refused to comment.

But some UNZA insiders have also confirmed that Presidents Lungu and Mnangagwa will be honoured at next week’s ceremony.

And some Zambians have taken to social media to denounce UNZA’s plans to confer Honorary Doctorates on President Lungu and the Zimbabwean Leader.

Zambians took to social media to express displeasure on the decision by UNZA after it was revealed that President Lungu might be changing titles from Mr Lungu will be conferred with an honorary doctorate degree as he officiates at the next graduation ceremony slated for June 21.

Both President Lungu and Mnangagwa graduated from UNZA with LLB.

“The initial plan was to simply confer an honorary doctorate degree on President Lungu alone, but some expressed concern that the public and even the members of the university may question the move, so it was decided that the best thing would be to find a cover-up. After much deliberation, it was agreed that another honorary doctorate degree be given to Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa so that he can be used as a decoy to legitimise the award. As you probably know the Zimbabwean President, like President Lungu, has an LLB degree from UNZA,” said the source who spoke to the News Diggers.

And the UNZA Alumni association has advertised an alumni dinner slated for June 22 at Mulungushi International Centre to be graced by President Lungu and President Mnangagwa.

Tickets are going for K950 per person.

Meanwhile civil rights activist Laura Miti said President Lungu must decline the good governance honorary doctorate if indeed the university is planning to confer him.

“If there is ever a time one hopes a rumour making the rounds is fake news, it this story that the University of Zambia plans to award President Lungu with an honorary doctorate in good governance. Good governance Even he would refuse it, kaleza. They should give him one for encouraging health and fitness pela, if they must. These things must ring true” Miti said.

Some have also used social media to circulate a mock Honorary Doctorate to be conferred to President Lungu for apparently promoting corruption.


    • UNZA was ‘UNZA’ back in the days, not anymore. They are even struggling to compete with ‘infants’ like UNILUS!

    • UNZA has become a laughing stock of the continent.

      Good governance really? For looting the country’s treasury?

      I feel sorry for parents that can not afford to send their children to real universities. Most are sending them to India and China, and now they are struggling to maintain them.

    • Free advice to you ECL, please do not accept it because soon it will be taken away from you unceremoniously.

    • POTROZ and CICOTAFs His Excellency Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu State Counsel.

      President Of The Republic Of Zambia and Commander In Chief Of The Armed Forces.

      When double h buys his like insultor Dr. Chishimba Kambwili, Dr. Bowman Lusambo and Dr. Godfrey Bwalya Mwamba, he will be Dr. Hakainde Hichilema.
      Dr. Kenneth Kaunda is just witnessing and lauding how easy it is get an honorary PhD in Zambia.

    • Well said @Kanganja. Last time I checked my dictionary, good governance means something totally different from they way Zim and Zed are governed. So what good governance?

    • This confirms what I have been saying that PF is an extension of ZANU-PF.

      Reality is now beginning to show.

      These two will go down in history as the people who received Doctorates in the worst form of governance.

      Really UNZA why? And then you ask why European Unis don’t take UNZA degrees serious.

      Gaddafi is more deserving of a PhD in good governance than these two 1d1ots who govern by starving and killing their people.

    • Danielle,
      Go to the UNILUS and UNZA websites. Look for their academic staff lists. I tried this and found that while at UNZA each school and department had a staff list, UNILUS didn ‘t have one. The reason is that UNILUS relies on UNZA lecturers who moonlight there and large of number of part-time lecturers, some of who cannot even qualify as UNZA lecturers in terms of their qualifications. So how can UNZA be struggling to compete with UNILUS?

  1. Please, please give us a break from this lunacy.
    Watch “General Chiwenga Poisoned for a second time – Spotlight Zimbabwe” on YouTube
    Watch “Nelson Chamisa hits out at Mnangagwa during Dabengwa’s buria” on YouTube
    Watch “DISCUSSION: Dumiso Dabengwa’s passing” on YouTube
    Watch “Robert Mugabe tells ITV News Zimbabwe ‘must undo disgrace’ of ‘military takeover’ | ITV News” on YouTube

  2. Edgar Chagwa Lungu doesn’t deserve an honorary doctorate -ailing economy,cholera epidemic ,unsustainable debts and runaway corruption.

    • Honorary doctor only. Truly honorable people who receive such honors never go around calling themselves doctor. It is not a real degree!

  3. what a waste, this debarred thieving wanna be lawyer doesn’t deserve anything…. he has destroyed a functioning democracy


    • I believe one of the corrupt academic thinks if they give an honorary doctorate then he will start funding them.

    • We are supposed to be advocating for the trial of these fellows at the International Criminal Court (ICC) with the support of the United Nations Security Council for the international crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and crimes of aggression since local courts don’t have the capacity.
      While Mugabe, the main architect of the Gukurahundi massacre, is no longer in power, other responsible individuals still occupy senior positions in government, including the current presidency — which is why Zimbabwean reporters withheld their names from the byline.
      “Mugabe may be gone, but his former henchmen are still very much running the government.” said one reporter. “We don’t want to risk our lives by revealing our identities.”
      INK’s collaboration with the Zimbabwean…

    • INK’s collaboration with the Zimbabwean reporters allowed for both financial and technical support. Together we spent hours going through the dossier and putting together stories about the atrocities committed by the Zimbabwean government. For more impact and reach we also worked with The Zimbabwean Independent, and the newspaper’s editor and renowned investigative reporter Dumisani Mleya copy-edited the stories. All in all, the Gukurahundi story was a result of a collaboration between at least six people and two news organizations.
      Many reports and books have been published about the atrocities of Gukurahundi in the last 30 years. So what was so unique about this dossier?
      Firstly, the report was compiled by Oxfam which, along with other international aid organizations, was on the…

    • …, was on the ground when the killings started in the Matebele and Midlands provinces in 1983. This provided a level of detail and evidence not available in reports produced after the massacres, which were by scholars and individuals with no first-hand experience.
      Secondly, the dossier contained reports from doctors, nurses, headmasters, teachers and civilians, together with pictures of badly injured and dying people. It gives a death count and identifies civilians (including women and children) killed in the first month of the massacres. It also exposed the existence of mass graves in several areas in both Matebeleland and Midlands areas.
      The dossier also listed names of victims, including the father of former information minister and exiled higher and tertiary education minister…

    • … Jonathan Moyo, who is now a vocal critic of Zimbabwe’s new Mnangagwa regime. The dossier pointed to the possible source of their historical rivalry: the killing of Moyo’s father, who was a counselor in the Zimbabwe African People’s Union when Mnangagwa was the state security minister.
      Three decades later, even with the political changes in Zimbabwe, the Gukurahundi massacres still loom large. Our investigation unearthed long-lost information that is now part of the public record.

  5. He was in charge of Gukurahundi .The Gukurahundi was a series of massacres of Ndebele civilians carried out by the Zimbabwe National Army from early 1983 to late 1987. It derives from a Shona language term which loosely translates to “the early rain which washes away the chaff before the spring rains”.
    ZANU recruited mainly from the majority Shona people, whereas the ZAPU had its greatest support among the minority Ndebele. In early 1983, the North Korean-trained Fifth Brigade began a crackdown on dissidents in Matabeleland North, one of the homelands of the Ndebele. Over the following two years, thousands of Ndebele were detained by government forces and either marched to re-education camps or summarily executed. Although there are different estimates, the consensus of the…

  6. Although there are different estimates, the consensus of the International Association of Genocide Scholars or IAGS is that more than 20,000 people were killed. The IAGS has classified the massacres as a genocide.

  7. Honorary degrees are only respected if conferred by universities that have an international good standing. UNZA no longer has this standing and that we all know.
    With universities now A t every corner it is possible that even minibus drivers and security guards will receive honorary doctorates soon.

  8. Similarities both are running fragile economic and political brutal to the opposition and ordinary citizen. Their local currencies are in bad state, poor health and educational facilities, governmental corruption and worst agricultural administration.
    1. Dr Mnagagwa-Ph.D [Ndebele massacre]
    2. Dr Gwa-Ph.D[Chinese loans]
    3. Dr Hilter-Ph.D[Jewish massacre]
    4. Dr Amin-Ph.D[Animalist behavour]
    5. Dr Luo-Ph.D[Educational destroyer]
    6. Dr Kapyongo-Ph.D[Cadre Mobilization and Violence]
    7. Dr Max Chongo-Ph.D[Defectors organiser]
    8. Dr Magret-Ph.D[Brewery]
    9. Dr Maduro-Ph.D[Economy destroyer]
    10. Dr Lucifer -Ph.D[Spiritual sinner]

    • This comes as no surprise to me at all! It always has been a typical African way of vain glorification of our egoistic leaders all along in the history of African political ruling parties. Let their egos be massaged for now but their woes of failure will never go away any time soon.

  9. Chairman of the FIC was on TV being interviewed yesterday and explained that the Trends Report availed to the public is a general report to make the public aware of what is happening. The dossier is the report with names that is given to DEC and ACC and that clown of a president in state house so am not sure what the dancing clown was yapping about ku airport. This vindicates me when I insist that PF and it’s supporters are either mentally challenged, chronically dull or just plain stup!d but I think it’s all three. Elo ba LT please post the video of the interview. Right now he is being interviewed on Hot FM *****

  10. Who runs the university council. Some should correct me is it not the same lecturers who are not being paid? Now they want to honour the same guy who is denying the kwacka. It’s like a dog leaking the masters foot so that it can be given left overs.

  11. The honorary doctorate won’t put common sense into their minds if they don’t have any, Kambwili is a perfect living example of a honored moron. If I were to award anybody, I would nominate Lawrence Sikutwa in honor of the business empire and exemplary behaviour that he has built and exhibited over time. I can also nominate Akashambatwa Mbikusita Lewanika and General Godfrey Miyanda. General Miyanda deserves to be admitted to LAZ honorary membership role for his articulate legal arguments. If anybody has anything against my nominees let him state the reasons these sons of Zambia shouldn’t be honored

  12. that is the problem of appointing cadres in every position . honouraly doctorate to a failure . the country has got no money and every one is stealing with impunity without mercy. then give doctorate degree. what is that. also add amos chanda on the list for arrogance.

  13. We have witnessed rampant retirements in both national and public interests of so many individuals labelled,alleged & accused of belonging to the opposition just because of being born from the other region.Colossal sums of funds mentioned in FIC and deaths of mapenzi,choongwa,shimunza etc should pause and chill this this decision by unza.Timing is everything and this time arround please no

  14. UNZA can go ahead and award whatever degrees they wish including that of witchcraft! What they should be worried about is your ranking among world universities!
    Any wonder why former UNZA is now a College?
    It’s run by cadres who don’t want to be left behind in the competition for presidential recognition and favors!
    Pursuing studies at a discredited university is suicide!
    I can’t send my children there!

  15. What good can come out from an institution that was built through donations of Chickens,fire wood,and manual labour?

    • Observer, it’s not the means but method that’s lacking here. There are so many fruitful minds that Unza has produced to be ridiculed, it’s the people running it that are flawed not the building

    • Dear OBSERVER, kindly withdraw your comments. This is because i think you have insulted all the humble people who contributed to the construction of this GREAT institution of the country. I remember the first time my late mother set her foot on the institution at the UNZA CLINIC. Even in her advanced old age she was able to remember the campaign to build the institution. Her comments were “KAUNDA really insisted on us contributing to the building of UNZA, whatever form or means one could, even the pence we tied onto our CHITENGES, we had to let go. To me this is quite touching, the hearts of the committed, from humble beginnings. Bwana OBSERVER, in your opinion, where would you have liked or loved the money for construction to have come from?

  16. What a scandal. An honourary degree is conferred when a University waives the normal academic process for achieving the same, to a person that has made a significant contribution to society in an area of study that the University runs.

    By ‘significant contribution’, is meant something positive – a great acheievement that others have or will benefit from. Surely, for these two it’s exactly the oposite? Genocide and running a country (in governance and the economy) down, respectively. Unbelevable! This also certainly impinges on the reputation of UNZA – which it doesn’t exactly have at the moment (nothing to lose) The UNZA of those days would not have discredited itself thus.

  17. “…And the UNZA Alumni association has advertised an alumni dinner slated for June 22 at Mulungushi International Centre to be graced by President Lungu and President Mnangagwa.

    Tickets are going for K950 per person….”

    If you are interested in corruption and are looking for corrupt deals, this is where to go……

    The crooked Chinese , Indians and Lebanese will be in attendance in force.

  18. When did UNZA ever produce anything useful and sensible? UNZA is a community college in the USA. What has any UNZA product produced that changed life in Zambia? UNZA students cannot march high school students in developed countries. UNZA lecturers are post doc students in USA. Go and ask them. Why do you think they are pandering to Lungu?

  19. Listen guys,
    I am now Professor Truth Hates. This title has be conferred on me by my father. If you cant beat them join them.

    # Professor Truth Hates.

  20. UNZA has been politicized by PFOOLs just all other institutions in Zambia. I hate it.

    PhD on Lungu for what? There is even nothing really to show that he learnt any law.

  21. “Honorary Doctorates in Good Governance”?
    I hope this is a joke because I can’t stop laughing

  22. Honorary degrees are just that, Honorary, and are given to anyone who is deemed to receive it. Universities honour different people for different perceived or imagined “acheivements” Kaunda, Mwanawasa, Chiluba, kambwili, Banda, Mumba, Mwamba the list is endless. Some like Rupia Banda and Nelson Mandela, decided that they would not use the title of Dr. So I do not see why this should be an issue when it is confered on President Lungu. Love him or hate him, other people appreciate what he has acheived. It is iniquitous for self styled so called activists to start demonising the University of Zambia if they decide to honour a leader of our great nation. After all, others who are not even Heads of state have been honoured. Those with Honourary degrees cannot force anyone to call them…

  23. …by the new title. The problem we have in Zambia is that we like to trivialise everything and in the process lose focus on important issues affecting our great nation.

  24. @Chendabusiku … you don’t get the gist, do you? They are honorary yes, but that is not like dishing out confetti. There has to be ‘honour’ and achievement demonstrated – something that is a positive contribution to mankind. Not by virtue of merely being a leader. This is not for it’s own sake but sets as an example and impetus to others. Otherwise we should have been giving these to Idi Amin, Bashir etc. for their ‘leadership’.

  25. 1.5 Jay Gay: “Give them honorary degrees for what? For closing down CBU really laughable”.

    Mr trib.al Gay Jay, you are really laughable yourself. Okay, how about conferring Trib.al Hacks with a doctorate for trib.alism, is that laughable? Now that is what is really laughable indeed, not so Gay Jay trib.al?

  26. #26 Pungwa a Sompola N?koko, I am a proud, intelligent and very productive UNZA graduate. How about you? Sweeping the streets? You must be a trib.al too, typical.

  27. Those who believe in just speculation. Its very simple, go to unkle google just now. Type ” good governance “. Read what it says. And then make an informed decision. Does lungu deserve the prize?

  28. There is no criteria for an honorary degrees, but maybe for our dear leader this award is for getting very rich FAST, or maybe he already paid for it, who knows?
    What’s sad is the arrogance of ECL exhibits, he will insult the very people who are honoring him with that doctorate – imagine these are individuals who have earned their doctorates. He’ll also belittle and call them dull.
    For me, he deserves it, just like we deserve him.

  29. If I was a student currently or before, I would protest this nonsense. This devalues the university to its lowest level. Zambia is the third poorest country in the world. I really don’t know where this will place UNZA as an academic institution. Probably the lowest academic institution in the world. Please check ranking of UNZA. Governance, how ironic is this! UNZA is how it is today because of bad governance and very very poor management. Give the university to me, it will be top in Africa. It will be respected and students will walk tall. Every parent will want to have their child accepted at UNZA. It will foster development and will be the foundation of ideas to fix development in the region. Technology will be key. This is 21 Century. Graduates will be the most sought in Africa…

  30. Faculty will be the most responsible and respected. Some programs will go and new 21 century aligned programs will be introduced. It will be connected with best research universities in the world. Research will be aligned with development industry wise and agriculture. A university is not a cash cow for individuals. It will end. I will pay well to faculty but it will be merit based on productivity in both Research, Teaching and Service. Faculty offices and labs wil have technology for teaching, communication and research. UNZA has money, but it is in few individuals’ pockets. Top management can’t even send their children to the university they run, not because of programs, but standards. Why? Where’s the pride?

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