Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Zorro calls for Zambians to reclaim economic assets



“Retired”rapper, MrVezzy (formerly known as LV) has called on Zambians to join hands to reclaim the country’s economic assets from foreigners. In a video produced for online news channel TaukaTV ,Vezzy challenges Zambians to create an investment entity that will pool together investments from citizens to build up private capital to boost the ability to claim ownership of strategic assets.

In this video he appears to echo some of the sentiments in his breakout song,“No Sweat.No Sweet (Survival Ni Nkondo)”where he purports to quote a boastful boss saying,“Zambia kya wena.Malikya Mina” Which loosely translates to ‘Zambia is yours but the wealth generated here is mine’

Mr Vezzy contends that investing in strategic companies is the only effective route to build wealth. He laments how the word “investor” has become synonymous with“foreigner”. He has called upon Zambians to rise up and invest in their own country to allow themselves to benefit from the value created through these strategically positioned companies.


  1. Investment by PPP will be ideal and we need strong institutions which mean no intereferences from politics.

  2. Yes we can. Kaunda created ZIMCO and History tells us that we were much stronger then because we organized ourselves to take ownership of our resources but the same evil partners(Anglo-American) still lurking in the background are busy causing confusion. They called us all sorts of names, from communism to socialism which isn’t a bad thing compared to capitalism. Even the communist Chinese are far better at capitalism than the so-called the ones who invented it. Let’s stick to what unites and works for us.

  3. Investment, yes but with a plan. Not just for the sake of repossessing property from foreigners who rightfully acquired it.

    I am also very much in support of economic empowerment by Zambians but this call here sounds like a rubble rouser to me.

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