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Transport Minister Brian Mushimba accuses some PF officials in Mufulira of maligning him

Headlines Transport Minister Brian Mushimba accuses some PF officials in Mufulira of...

Transport and Communications Minister Brian Mushimba
Transport and Communications Minister Brian Mushimba

Communication and Transport Minister Brian Mushimba has accused some PF officials in Mufulira of maligning him in his constituency and has since challenged anyone to take on him in his constituency in the 2021 elections instead of holding dark corner meeting to sow a seed of hatred and division in the constituency.

The Kankoyo MP was speaking in an interview in Mufulira at the weekend when he toured the constituency.

Mr Mushimba said he was shocked that a few constituency and district officials wanted him to be giving them money to benefit as individuals instead of encouraging him to embark on projects to benefit the entire constituency.

“These people are only a few, there are about five or so. I used to give them money, but when I say I don’t have money, then they would go maligning me, saying ‘wachabe chabe’ meaning I am useless.

“I used to give them money. They would call me asking for K5, 000 or K10, 000, I would give them, but now because I don’t give them, they are on a campaign to malign me, but it is not every time I can give money, I have a constituency to look after,’’ Mr Mushimba said.

Mr Mushimba said he was not shaken because people would not be swayed by sweet talk, good English and nice perfume, but wanted their lives to be improved through good roads, schools and empowerment.

“I will always try my best. I will not take for granted the trust of the people who voted for me. I am not shaken by those holding dark corner meetings to de-campaign because people will not be swayed by sweet talk, good English and nice perfume,’’ Mr Mushimba said.

Mr Mushimba said major projects like a maternity wing and a mortuary were set to be constructed in Zimba area to improve the lives of the people.

At the weekend, Mr Mushimba went to Butondo Secondary School where he went to pay K120,000 school fees for the orphans and vulnerable children whom he was sponsoring.

Mr Mushimba said initially he had paid K236, 000 for 200 orphans and vulnerable children at Butondo Secondary School, but now the number had increased after 96 more children were added.

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  1. Sir, if you’re as good as you claim, no amount of maligning will prevent your glory for the people. Just find a private way of washing your dirty linen…it’s not beneficial to the public.

    • Social cash should be helping families that adopt orphans instead of looking after and spoiling PF kids only.

    • I commend anyone that does good deeds.

      My question is whose money was he using to keep those people happy? Was this done via correct channels?

      There are so many things wrong in Zambia. In this case, both the blesser Mushimba, and the unnamed recipients are wrong.

      Yes Zambians have a habit of begging. The day you tell them you do not have money to give them, they speak ill of you, even stop talking to you.

    • Don’t mind the tundiles. If you’re good, you’re good. If your work is genuine, no amount of critism will deter you. Let your works speak for you.

    • Please allow to say it in public so that everyone can know. Hon Mushimba is one of the most honorable and hard working ministers.

    • All they do is give out looted money the stole from the very people…PF will not last in opposition as everything with them is lubricated with bribes and stolen money. Just look at the sums this money is dishing out? K236,000 where is he getting the funds from as a minister every term paying school fees..that is not sustainable

  2. Why is it difficult to support the orphans through ministry of community and social development with proper budgeting. It is wrong to bribe people with probably dubiously acquired money. Strengthen the responsible govt ministries, all this cry would be unnecessary.

    • That’s the question…why is the Sir doing the ministry’s work? Indeed, it is wrong to bribe people with probably dubiously acquired money and claim you’re doing good things for the community.

    • These are the people like this Mushimba who have benefited from that contract of over priced poor quality Chink communication towers to our country that change they are stole would have been used at Ministry of Community development to benefit everyone end improve services not go straight to his pocket so he can hand out crumbs.

  3. I am not a UPND sympathizer but frankly when it comes to PF and analyzing them objectively, this is a totally lost cause. They promised lower taxes but we are paying higher taxes, they promised more jobs but people have no jobs, they promised more money in peoples pockets, the case is different. MMD left Mealie me at K30 now its 120. The exchange rate was at K6 now it is 13. So I don’t understand why PF still wants to rule, for what mwebantu. So dear PF Just own up graciously and leave and bolt quickly, please. This is a straight forward issue of complete failure, if it was a boxing match, it was going to be a no contest. Reserves are gone!

  4. Mushimba, it appears that you created those monsters. As soon as you stopped feeding them they started baying for your blood! Nimuuzyani inu a PF nati do not create vigilantes, spendthrifts and what aBemba call ‘ntasha kalikwitobo’. Eventually you will not control them and you will be the first victim. Munzimvela namwe! Aaah!

  5. And that the problem with Zambian politics, you make people used to getting the money that is exactly what happens. So Ba Mashimba please continue giving them money, your friend Bowman bough mealie meal and when that mealie meal finished they will ask for more.

  6. You created this problem when you started giving them money for doing nothing. Even me I can continue to trouble you. Unabayambila dala kaili


  8. Hon Mushimba, is that when you have realised that it’s PF culture? All the support that you hear from PF cadres and officials is because of the “something” that they expect from you, be it cash handouts, a job for themselves and their nieces, etc etc. Why do you think that politicians are all corrupt? The level of corruption just increases depending on whether you have the means as a ruling party affiliate, down to opposition party affiliates: all corrupt you can see from the donation of unexplained resources. Ask Bowman Lusambo, best example because he sees nothing wrong with his sudden wealth and generoys donations.

  9. But that does not mean that people love him or his colleagues who donate like him, as they will discover later.

  10. Mushimba’s eyes remind of the movie The Passion of the Christ after Christ was mercilessly beaten by those heartless beings. There is a point where one eye was very visible and swollen than the other. Exactly Mr. Mushimba’s. Not to laugh about it but just something to think of reminds me of him. I thank you.

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