People at the Gonde Lwiindi ceremony
People at the Gonde Lwiindi ceremony

The Lwiindi Gonde Organising Committee has set the dates for the Lwiindi Gonde traditional ceremony to take place in Monze district, Southern Province.

ZANIS reports that the Lwiindi Gonde Traditional Ceremony of the Tonga speaking people will take place from June 29 to July 2nd, 2019.

Lwiindi Gonde Organising Committee Publicity Secretary Yvonne Ndaba, says the Tonga traditional ceremony will take place despite the hunger situation that had earlier hit the district.

She said the 45th Traditional ceremony will be held as per traditional custom whether there is a drought or not, adding that the committee has already written to President Edgar Lungu to officiate at the event.

“I want to confirm to you that the Lwiindi Gonde Traditional ceremony will take place from June 29 to July 2nd, 2019 and I must emphasise that the event will go ahead in respect of our rich tradition that allows us to hold the event whether there is a drought or not,” said Ms Ndaba.

Mrs Ndaba said the preparations were going on well and expressed hope that this year’s traditional ceremony will be a huge success, following support rendered to the committee so far.

And Mrs Ndaba has revealed that no political attire will be tolerated at this year’s traditional ceremony and has since advised political parties to respect traditional ceremonies and avoid diluting them with politics.

She explained that it was important for every Zambian to support and respect all traditional ceremonies in order to help sustain the country’s rich traditional heritage.

“It must be made clear that we shall not tolerate any political attire or political activities of any nature during this year’s Lwiindi Gonde ceremony,” said Mrs Ndaba.

Southern Province has been hit with hunger due to the poor crop harvest fueling strong rumours of the cancellation of some traditional ceremonies like the Lwiindi Gonde.

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  1. @ 1 and 2 mwebana bamashilu imwe. Sometimes, learn to shut your traps if you have nothing to say, let alone if you do not understand the importance of such elegant traditional ceremonies.


  2. If you recall your history, Tonga is an example of Chiefless societies. I don’t know how Lwiindi Gonde comes in without Chiefs in the picture.
    To affirm the confusion surrounding the chiefless status, they will be cerebrating draught and hunger for three days!!.
    On the positive side, DMMU can take advantage of the gathering to distribute relief food. No food in the form of live animals will be entertained as the VET will be on hand to slaughter and auction all animals that will be seen going to Lwiindi.



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