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Chiluba’s Legacy Has Been Under Valued-Mutati

General News Chiluba's Legacy Has Been Under Valued-Mutati

Late Former President FTJ Chiluba
Late Former President FTJ Chiluba

Former Finance minister Felix Mutati has observed that the the legacy of 2nd Republican President Fredrick Chiluba has grossly been under valued.

Mutati who was part of the many that attended the memorial lecture and subsequently the memorial service held in honor of Dr Chiluba said the former President has not been remembered for the bold steps he undertook to change the country’s landscape both politically and and economically.

He said it took courage and boldness for him to make the changes he made when he was President.

“The memorial lecture that we had on Sunday was very touching, was very moving, was an embodiment of the definition of who the late president was to family and nation. My only concern is that his legacy has been under valued. He has not been remembered for the things that he undertook to change the political and economic landscape of this country. President Chiluba took some of the most courageous and bold decisions that transformed the economy of Zambia but much more important he reignited the spirit of enterprise in the people of Zambia giving them opportunity and choice.

“We come from a history were you waited for a bus for even a week or two before you could travel,now you have to choose the bus that you want to get on. We come from a history were there was only ZNBC as a broadcaster today we have so many private media houses. We come from a history were price control was the order of business, it was mandatory, but the MMD government led by FTJ said no price control and even went on to remove the exchange controls igniting international trade and investment.

He touched most of the people of Zambia through the housing empowerment, from yesterday you had nothing today you are a landlord that’s the profound legecy which should be itched in the hearts of the Zambian people,” he said.

“It’s never too late to remind people about the achievements and accomplishments of the late former President which have unfortunately been sadly watered down and that is the purpose of the memorial lecture that we had on Sunday. We have to remind ourselves that we are what we are today because of sacrifices of leaders such as Chiluba who created this economic base upon which we are progressing so every other president after Chiluba is merely inheriting a base that was created.

“He wasn’t without fault but to grow the country let’s pick from his legacy. What are those things that can grow and change the face of Zambia and you heard most of them on Sunday from various speakers,” he said.

On the party front the MMD leader and his party will use the legacy of their first President as the energy to rebuild and grow as well as contribute to the development and growth of the country.

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    • Mutati is right Chiluba’ legacy has been undervalued.

      He did more damage to this country than he is being credited for.

    • These are beneficiaries of the Chiluba corruption and now they are trying to decorate a criminal. Chiluba harmed Zambia grievously and justice has not been served because his fellow crooks came to his rescue.

    • Those talking now were stiff scared to say anything in defence of TItus. Simply because they were part of the thieving gang that Titus had organised around himself. This guy Titus led a tandem of thieves to destroy this country. Thousands of people lost jobs through the sol called privatisation from which only a a few benefited including those at Zambia Privitisation Agency and their cronies such us Haha. Lets not grorify this guy.
      Spiritually he pretended to be Christian but went on to grab someone’s wife. He created misery in that man’s household. Is this the legac to cerebrate??
      The chap treated KK like he was a thief and a muderer. He held KK hostage at his house…remember???
      Dr. Nyerere had to come all the way from Dar to plead for Kaunda….remember?
      The guy filled his…

    • It is LEVY MWANAWASA who started what you are now calling peescution of Chiluba. Are all now saying LEVY was wrong? Levy was vindictive? Why then are we still talking good of Levy and yet he destroyed Chiluba’s life?


    • What useless Mutati? Chiluba finished our country, stripped Zambians of our dignity. Closed Zambia Airways and sold all the Mines. He started corruption. Chiluba does not deserve any recognition apart from curses. That is why his sons have gone Buncos.

    • When they say posterity will judge you, this is what it means. People start to find ways and works you did to launder your name posthumously. The former president did some good things, but towards his end he did a lot of damage to the country and most remember him for corruption and failed third term bid. Infact it was he who made a lot to leave MMD to form FDD. On his acquittal, it was suspected some hidden hand played a role and therfore many still believe it was just arranged so he could help RB get Re elected.

  1. In Zambia, CHILUBA’S LEGACY was ERASED by himself when he attempted to change constitution to stay on beyond his term of office.

    Luapula has nothing to write about HIM. ECL is busy building state of the art schools in his home province, Michael Sata has and was building schools and clinics countrywide and in his home province.



    I wish to thank you all for coming to this Press Briefing. The briefing has been called to highlight one of the major cases that the Anti-Corruption Commission has been pursuing and which has now been concluded by virtue of a Judgement in its favor, by the Supreme Court of Zambia. The case involves Tedworth Properties Incorporation which matter has been in the public domain and has over the years, attracted significant public interest.

    In 2002, the Commission instituted investigations into suspected corruption in the manner Tedworth Properties Incorporation Limited, a company incorporated in Panama, acquired properties in Zambia. The Acquisition of these properties was done before Tedworth Properties…

  3. Incorporation Limited, a company incorporated in Panama, acquired properties in Zambia. The Acquisition of these properties was done before Tedworth Properties Incorporation was duly registered with the Patents and Companies Registration Agency (PACRA) as a foreign company in Zambia, contrary to the law.

    The properties that Tedworth Properties acquires included the following:

    Plot No. 4828, Alberg Court, located along Addis Ababa Drive, Longacres, Lusaka. This property comprises 21 residential flats.

    Plot No. F/488a/26/C, Horizon House, located along Leopards Hill Road, in Kabulonga, Lusaka.

    Plot No. F/488a/26/D, Chibote House, located along Leopards Hill Road, in Kabulonga, Lusaka.

  4. During investigations, it was established that the properties were being managed by local property managers namely Access Financial Services Limited and S.P Mulenga and Associates. However, the said property managers were unable to disclose the real beneficiaries of the said properties and it was suspected that they were unlawfully acquired using public funds disguised as a loan. The properties were therefore suspected proceeds of crime and thus in the course of investigations, recovered and seized by the Commission. A Gazette Notice was issued on 4th February 2002 to Tedworth Properties Incorporation informing the company that the properties would be forfeited to the state within three (3) months from the date of the publication of the Notice if there was no claim to the properties.

  5. Three months elapsed and no claim was made on the properties hence the Commission issued an Order for the Properties to be forfeited to the State pursuant to the Corrupt Practices (Disposal of Recovered Property) Regulations of 1986.

    After the Order was issued, Tedworth Properties Incorporated through its lawyers commenced an action in the High Court seeking a declaration that:

    It was the rightful owner of the properties in issue

    That the declaration that the Notices Issued pursuant to the Corrupt Practices (Disposal of Recovered Property) Regulations were illegal

    That there be an order reversing the Notices issued by the Director General of the Anti-Corruption Commission for the forfeiture of the said properties and costs.

  6. You may wish to note that although the property managers refused to disclose the details of the persons who were claiming ownership of the properties in question, the lawyers for Tedworth Properties Incorporated later and in Court, disclosed that the purported beneficial owner was the late Republican President Dr. Frederick Chiluba. However, it was noted that Dr. Chiluba did not make any claim for the property when the investigations were proceeding and at the time the gazette notice was issued.

    • Blackman Chifita: This makes things interesting. Now let us hear from Mutati and all those who want the legacy of Chiluba to be valued. I had no clue about this.

  7. Now I see whay Mutaware wa Blantyre Lungu fired this erant Mutati. Chiluba was one hell of a stinking thief who even stole aMwanza’s wife. He looted ZAMTROP to buy himself hundreds of degigner shoes, suits and underwears when Zambians were wallowing on poverty. He tried to gerrymander the constitution to curve out an illegal third term for himself and Zambians had to stop the stinking Katangese pygmy in his tracks. He was busy gun-running for diamonds in Angola and nearly brought Zambia to war with Angola. Just how any normal person not inflicted by tribal bigotry can find anything good in that dead stinking thief is troubling.

  8. The current estimated market value of these properties is over K40 million. The said properties have been on rent to various tenants from the time the Commission seized them and the rentals have been kept by the Commission pending the outcome of the Court Proceedings.

    The rentals accrued so far amount to over K14 million broken down as follows:
    Over K4million in the kwacha account
    Over $1.2 million in the dollar account.

    The Judgment of the Supreme Court is that these properties and the money have been forfeited to the State.

  9. Blackman Chifita: After what you have posted , I went to the Supreme Court of Zambia website to search if there has been such a judgement. I was almost giving up when something popped up. Yes, it is there and it was passed in December 2016 and the judges who delivered it Mrs Mambilima, R Kaoma and Kajimanga.

  10. honor our footballers who died off the coast of Gabon and let a lone that rotten dwarf who made many people suffer!

  11. Black Man Chifita, thank you for those wise words. The problem we as Zambians have is not only don’t we read different forms of literature, our schools don’t teach critical thinking, and have not done so since the mid 80s. It was done to stop Zambians from knowing their true worth by Zambian politicians. From the Kaunda government all the way to the PF. May God bless Zambia.

  12. We always stress the importance of leaving a good legacy and this is precisely what we mean. Now you start crying for a good legacy which only you can see because you bought farms and built mansions. What shall people remember you for? Compare the years the man in question stayed in power and what he did to what Mwanawasa did in his short period. Who among the two is worth remembering? You should explain to the people how you auctioned the soul of the country through indiscriminate privatization and institutionalisation of corruption.

  13. Umusebanya ubukulu, ati ichakakwa panshi pano chalo ninshi nakumulu nachikakwa. He will never see the kingdom of God, Heaven ba master dribbler yena ni Wala.

  14. Without the late President FTJ, Supreme leader HH of the UPND wouldn’t have been a billionaire and when he called out to HH to say something about the privatisation when partisan former President Mwanawasa was persecuting him, he remained quiet and the former President FTJ complained till his death …

  15. He was the greatest leader who changed Zambia in the twinkling of an eye, yesterday you were lining up for sugar mealie meal etc etc today you have them plenty in shops.
    No Zambian owned business but I was one of them that a chance of having a business challenging Indians . We do celebrate his achievements and will never forget him and he left us with houses which we never built .
    We never heard of shopping malls now we have them plenty , every one after him is just building where Chiluba founded be it democracy or roads and businesses for Zambians he was great , and the most important thing he did was to pray for Zambia and declared it to be a Christian Nation thanks be to God who now watches over this great nation.

    • Where were you when Zambians were running businesses before Chiluba became President. The time FTJ was a bus conductor we already had indegenious Zambians runnning successful businesses. In Lusaka many Zambians owned businesses; shops, law firms, travel agencies, airlines, boutiques, restuarants, stationery shops. Likes of SP Mulenga and Mwitumwa and Associates were into surveying and building construction way back. What is there to be proud of South African Malls?

  16. He was a good president, but the man was also the father of thieving and major corruption, no wonder Katele Kalumba had to go to the village to turn into a mouse…. When you lead well but have a tent of corruption, your value is lost… So ba Mutati sit down and shut up

  17. All those supporting our former President are questionable characters. This one speaking now is a crook . Just check how he left Zesco as FD. He has been trying to be MMD president through back door. Do we know why he was fired as finance minister? PF guys didn’t know what they were dealing with till he conned them on some huge deal. Do not trust this Felix Mutati is a smooth criminal.

    Did Zambians vote for that short [email protected] -Titus Mpundu, to illegally empty the nations coffers? Despite all the good work Titus Mpundu did as Republican President, as soon as he dipped his short crooked [email protected] fingers into the treasury, all his good deeds were erased.
    THIS IS WHAT IS INHERENTLY WRONG WITH MAJORITY OF ZAMBIANS TODAY. Zambians applaud, & look up to crooked corrupt dishonest thieving citizens, & aspire to be as corrupt, right from our leaders down to the toilet cleaner in society.
    I was reading blogs /comments responding to Barclays Bank swindler Pamela, & 95% of Zambians blogging were full of praise for Pamela, & voices that condemned such dishonesty were seen as defective, & downright 2tupId.

    • Cont;



  20. The dog Chiluba even introduced rigging elections in Zambia. We are aware that people who got houses benefited from the thug but even such innocent act was meant to win third term. Its not that he loved them.

  21. You are blogging because of Chiluba. Don’t forget that!

    He certainly was not flawless. Just too many wonderful things he set the path for. Even to the extent of providing the opportunists the means to malign and crucify him.

    True Historians not jaded by anger towards his flaws will raise him to the high altar all heroes and messiahs are denied in their time.

  22. He was the father of kleptocracy. We have stared to glamorize corruption to the point where it has become acceptable to worship even the very people who started the decline in our county’s morals. Mutati et al were direct beneficiaries. That says it it all.

  23. Chiluba was a good man despite some mistakes just like all of us we do make mistakes. By and large Mwanawasa made Chiluba look a devil and went to court over 130 theft accounts. Alas only to be reduced to 3 and up to date Mwanawasa failed to jail Chiluba. For me Chiluba deserve respect and was such a leader worthy reading about

    • He stood against the Dictators of the day, won democracy for Zambians, liberalized the economy, the transport sector, did away with price controls etc. His legacy should not be erased simply because he made some mistakes in his life. Historians and the government of the day do know what to do. They will record his positive contributions to Zambia in full and possibly his flaws. In other words, a balanced historical account of Dr. FTJ Chiluba’s life as President will surprisingly show that he probably did more good than harm to Zambia.

  24. In business, when assets are less than liabilities, you are declared bankrupt. So also is in life. When your evils are purportedly seen to be more than your good, you are declared evil. That is the balancing act which is in Chiluba’s case.

    • Mwakale: This balancing act is in all of us. Can you put figures on the evils and the good (to see what weighs more) before you declare Dr. Chiluba evil? I can see that you are already presuming that you have a positive in this sense. The analogy is not great…

  25. The cancer of corruption and thieving is in all of us and we must admit before we can start tackling this cancer. Chiluba was born in this cancer ridden society and as such was not immune to this cancer. Having said that, we cannot stop people from acknowledging the positive aspects of a man that marshaled our country to change the downward spiral of our economy. As professionals before then, we had been reduced to receiving mealie meal coupons to survive. Only those born in the late 90s would have no story to tell.


  27. Go to Ndola Trade fair area and see the ghost town Chiluba left…judge him after that. While at it how did he end up with USD 8million.

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