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GBM acquitted over “going for President Lungu throat” case

Headlines GBM acquitted over “going for President Lungu throat” case

GBM arriving for the press briefing accompanied by his Chama
GBM arriving for the press briefing accompanied by his Chama

GBM acquitted over “going for President Lungu throat” case, Magistrate says prosecution failed to prove which Edgar Lungu GBM referred to

Magistrate says that the prosecution failed to prove which Edgar Lungu he referred to..Apparently, there are so many…

Former UPND Vice President Geoffrey Mwamba has been acquitted by the Lusaka Magistrate court in a case he was accused of proposing to cause death or injury to President Edgar Lungu.

Mr. Mwamba who is popularly known as GBM was accused of uttering these words during a gathering held at the UPND’s secretariat on March 2nd 2016.

On the same day, Mr. Mwamba who is now an ordinary member of the Patriotic front was alleged to have proposed violence by saying he wanted to go for President Lungu’s throat.

When the matter came up for ruling on a case to answer, the court ruled that the prosecution team failed to establish a prima facie case against Mr. Mwamba.

Magistrate Thandose Chabala who acquitted Mr. Mwamba also established that the arresting officer did not investigate the matter before arresting and charging Mr. Mwamba with the offence as his arrest was based on what he heard on Hot FM.

She says all the witnesses failed to identify which Edgar Lungu that Mr. Mwamba was referring to in his statement.

After the Court’s verdict Mr. Mwamba applauded the court for handling the case professionally.

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  1. This ruling is a circus. This man should have been reprimanded – does it matter which Edgar Lungu’s throat he was going to go after?

    • The inconvenience people are initially subjected to when they are arrested by Kakoma Kanganja’s cops only for cases to thrown out…these cases should never be allowed by the DPP….noone would waste energy killing a barfly like Edgar

    • Kekekeke Zambian judiciary. It is blasphemy!
      A judge has to be member of ruling party. GBM case jumps other 200 cases in front of his.

  2. this’ when he should actually go for his throat, he’ll never see it coming, will think is going to kiss him on the cheek ( I hated it when I was in Zambia and men (even women) did that sort of greeting, why when did Zambia adopt that)
    on a serious note. it’s a waste of resources by the courts

  3. Judges and the police should be in the dock for being politicised by the Akasaka Kandalama leader .Why did this case go to court anyway ?

  4. Zambia is a clown country with the judiciary being used to “fix” political opponents .Uganda’s Museveni has groomed Lungu well.

  5. That is the legacy of lungu…….

    the complete corruption of all systems of good governance in Zambia , to suit his grip on power.

    Especially glaring is the corruption if the judicial system , while lungu is supposed to be a lawyer.

    Just from these cases you can tell How corrupt and morally bankrupt the lawyer lungu is. Cases that should have never seen the light of day , used only to procecute and suppress his political opponents…….

    that is why we say cases against CK are all politically motivated.

    • Thieves have ganged up even to defend the legacy of theft and corruption, how was FTJ and RB acquitted? Sincerely or Corruptly? It is not difficult to identify thieves and the corrupt individuals now. They have so far exposed themselves without shame.

  6. ZAMBIA ni kangaroo kantili, just because GBM is now PF all needs to be well with him, though GBM is not a LOZI (people who go for kang’oto..throat) it is suprising that the courts have failed to identify the throat GBM meant when he even refered to PF president and president of the country unless we have so many zambian presidents with similar names …ATASE

  7. It was merely a RUBBER STAMP. The case was supposed to be handled by a Monkey, which could handle it professionally and much better.

  8. Njala Yamunyokola GBM aluta kwa Chagwa. The man is a crying child who because things didn’t go his way, throws away his Dummy and crying out loudly for Lungu to hear, am surprised he forgot to mention HH or UPND, could be his Bipolar/Dementia. Don’t be surprised if you see him with Muliokela next at running mate

  9. Going for someone’s throat is an indication of violence and it is a crime.Unless if he had said Edgar Lunch is lucky because I am a changed man,in those days I would have gone for his throat.

  10. This is the reason the FIC and investigative wings of government should work as one. Our officers arresting people with no concrete evidence, also suspicious that now GBM is PF again he is aquitted kikikikikiki.

  11. This case would have still been ‘rotting’ in the archives of the courts if GBM had not rejoined the PF. It has been ‘expedited’ for political convenience – to fit into an effigy of a ‘reborn’ ‘repentant’ GBM. Not to say that he was guilty of anything, or support the archaic irrational law under which he was charged, but the verdict smells of a desperate endeavour to concoct a reason for acquittal. Since there are hardly any names that are completely unique, we could all insist, when we are charged, that the person we are alleged to have threatened could be any other Phiri or Banda.

  12. A threat is a threat its a threat on somebody’s life regardless of which “Edgar Lungu” it was.Misguided judges remember all hundreds of Edgar Lungus are ALL EQUAL before the law.

  13. If he makes a mistake of differing with PF again and joining opposition party, they will reopen the case and appeal the ruling. Completely fixed and compromised.

  14. In Zambia, the Executive Arm and Judiciary are the same arm of Government. Just different sides of the same coin.

  15. So upnd cadres would have Loved to see GBM in prison for that silly offence against GBM. I don’t agree much with GNM but that case should not have been their in the first place. I thoughtupnd cadres will be happy with theJudgement because that exactly what they were saying hear at LT. I remember tjan insulting kangaja and saying it just political gimic to slow down the opposition. I think cadre and politicians must grow up. Now that the court have vindicated the sentiment by upnd , let us for one cerebrate and commend the courts than changing goal post and exibiting the highest level of hypocrisy which is the way of life in upnd from the top bottom.

  16. You can only go for a chicken’s throat not a human being naimwe..the case seems to be an academic exercise.

  17. The court saw him and came to the conclusion that he no longer has the stamina to hold on to lungu’s throat for succesful strangulation because he has lost weight. CADRE WA LUFUMO

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