Laura Miti speaking to Journalists outside the Magistrate Court after acquittal

The organizers of the planned Yellow Card protests have insisted that the protest will proceed after Police denied them a go-ahead.

Lusaka Police Commissioner Nelson Phiri advised the organizers that the Protest against Corruption which was due to be held on Friday cannot go ahead because police will be too busy elsewhere to police the gathering.

The protest is being organized by Activist Pilato, Laura Miti, Musician Maiko Zulu and Gunduzani Mwale.

“We have written back reminding them that the law requires them to give us an alternative date. We wait. Bottom line is that Citizens will be heard,” said Miti.

She added, “We will follow the procedure of trying to make the police understand that we are not begging for a favour but giving them notice that we intend to exercise our constitutional right to be heard about how our country is being run.”

“This protest will be held. Police have the lawful opportunity to suggest when.”

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  1. Yawn!! Just the names say it all: Boring Pilato, Laura (frustrated) Miti, Finished Maiko Zulu and Useless Gunduzani whatever. What good can come from these chaps? If they go on to demonstrate against the law – let them be caged. Period! These four are ever trying too hard to gain attention. They’re always frantically trying to incite or pit people against the government.

    But their escapades always fail as the public are just not interested in their evil schemes. People are more interested in things that are more productive. Things that actually bring food on the table. My advice to this bunch of losers – please find better things to do with your time. Try farming, for example.


  2. Let’s all rally behind these fearless and patriotic Zambians, we can not just sit back and watch our country being looted with impunity by these fearless thugs.


  3. Sponsors goons

    Last time when I met Laura Miti at lands offices and engaged little talks I knew how frustrated she is.

    Sad that she is using frustration to mislead disgruntled stooges.


    • He-shes are just a problem. Laura Miti is always trying to appear relevant so that those ‘handouts’ keep flowing. It’s a shame that there are some lost souls who tend to follow her blindly.


    • They are goonies eventually they will find treasure. Sebana wikute. Make noise when you expect something. Sponsors want to see you at work.


    • Mr. P and George Sitali….there’s no way you can be this ignorant… not to know that there’s currently rampant corruption in Zambia, being overseen by corrupt clueless Lungu. Either you’re part of the corrupt bunch, or you’re just too dumb to know what’s going on. Wake up, dummies.


  4. So sad that some bloggers cannot see the plunder of the country to benefit a few. No matter your ideologies/views Zambia is a mess. For most politicians and their families in the current government, their money is ill gained a good example is the daughter of one named man who is president. Until the day that Zambians near and far support such efforts by Laura et al. Our nation may be doomed and so we say NO MORE. For believers on this platform, we need to earnestly pray for our nation. We need honest leaders. More power to life style audit beginning with state house. And please release Tasila’s garden boy, it is injustice of the highest order. The same girl parades around masquerading in the name of doing good works but clearly knows how much is hidden in her ‘house’ intended for poor…



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