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President Lungu expected in Maputo for US-Africa Summit

Headlines President Lungu expected in Maputo for US-Africa Summit

President Edgar Lungu wave the party symbol shortly before his departure for South Africa at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport
FILE: President Edgar Lungu wave the party symbol shortly before his departure for South Africa at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport

President Edgar Lungu is tomorrow Wednesday June 19 ,2019 expected in Maputo, Mozambique for the U.S-Africa Business Summit.

The summit is being convened by the Corporate Council on Africa (CCA), and is scheduled to take place at the Joaquim Chissano International Conference Centre from June 18 – 21, 2019.

ZANIS reports that the business meeting has been considered the essential conference on U.S-Africa business and investment, since its inception in 1997 and will be a 12th recurrence this year.

Over the last 20 years, CCA has hosted more than 40 United States and African Heads of State and over 13,300 participants at its summits.

According to information obtained from the Zambian Embassy in Maputo, the U.S.-Africa business and investment landscape is rapidly evolving, with CCA making this strategic move aimed at providing CCA members, investors, and key U.S.-Africa business stakeholders with the opportunity to stay abreast with the latest developments in business and investment across the continent.

The U.S.-Africa Business Summit serves as a platform for African and U.S. private sector and government representatives to engage on key sectors that include agribusiness, energy, health, infrastructure, trade facilitation, ICT and finance, among others.

Corporate Council on Africa is the leading U.S. business association focused solely on connecting business interests between the United States and Africa.

CCA uniquely represents a broad cross section of member companies from small and medium size businesses to multinationals as well as U.S. and African firms.

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  1. Edgar – Please stop this idea of parading your Cabinet, Army, Air-Force and Police Commanders to see you off and welcome you back in the country.

    Its a waste of tax payers money. Add to that, forcing cadres to be at the airport to drum you up, is really a total waste of their time, when they should be putting that time to investing in their lives.

    This has gone on for 53 years, starting from KK, Chiluba, Mwanawasa, RB, Sata years and now you.

    • INDEPENDENT OBSERVER @ – I applaud you for bringing up this subject. This is money wasted that could go to unpaid salaries of civil servants. I am sure a lot of bloggers will agree with your post.

    • When does this f00lish president rule the country if he is travelling all the time? Ayopa chani?

      Akafwila mundeke. Ndeke izakagwa very soon.

    • Diaspora 1.1

      Indeed you have a point. The government cannot preach the ” Gospel-of-Austerity-Measures, ” while failing to look at this issue, which has drained the tax papers for more that 53 years.

      Just 4 weeks ago, I managed to get “Sampling data” from the Cabinet Office, and I was shocked to see what it costs in a day to have all these VIP Guys turning up at the airport in their 4×4’s and Mercedes Benz.

      The president just needs security escort at the airport. This is where accountability starts from, per say.

    • There goes LAZY LUNGU on his new jet …this Komboni chap wants to stand again in 2021 really laughable last week he was in Rwanda this week he wants to kill the days again with another trip.
      You wonder where his new Press Aid is to make these announcements of these irrelevant trips…

    • UPND for Life 1.5

      I still SUPPORT Edgar Lungu over HH.

      I am not a PF Supporter or Member. I am INDEPENDENT.

      HH has not sold or convinced me to tilt the other side. HH has qualities that that Lungu does not have.

      Like wise, Lungu has certain qualities that HH lacks. This is just Constructive Criticism to Edgar Lungu and its healthy to do that to him. You will not find a perfect president. We are human and we cannot be good at everything.

    • Agree 100% and I am told it happens at Ministry level as well. When a Minister is travelling civil servants are asked to send off and meet their respective ministers and Directors

    • The man is so utterly useless that he only made one comment about FIC Report at the airport tarmac and that was job done for him…its breathtaking that someone this incompetent is a Head of State.

  2. U nationalise KCM and kick out Vedanta and then u go to Moz to woo Foreign investors. Intelligent Foreign Investors will never bring their precious USD Capital to Zambia where other Foreign Investors are being expropriated. Zambia is now a Highly Indebted Country and most Investors don’t want to lose their Capital in a Country with a corrupt Govt and Leadership. So the trip to Moz is just a waste of Money.

  3. Independent observer and Diaspora, you are too blinded by politics or hatred for president Lungu to see that this is standard procedure in most countries around the world. UK, USA GERMANY, SOUTH AFRICA, South Korea, RUSSIA, CHINA name any country, the head of state must be received by Security Agencies, even you Kaponyas, Diapora and Independent observer of UPND, you are receive by your girl friends at the airports especially if its at night. You tell your wives to stay home as if you care but your girls friends to receive you in night attire. let president lungu be president there is nothing wrong with military chiefs receiving the president.

    • Alice – I doubt you have read most of the posts that blogger you are ignorantly referring to as an opposition. I doubt you have seen any of the heads of state of those countries you have mentioned at any airport, that’s because they are hardly received or sent of by anyone except the Airport Manager of duty.

    • 4 Alice

      I am not too blinded. I just have common sense. I am not too sure how old you are.

      (i) In the KK days, Markets used to be closed down, and they would ferry and force marketeers to the airport to wait for KK the whole day. These marketeers needed to make money to feed their family. If you said no, you would lose your store.

      (ii) Add to that, school children or pupils were forced to parade in roads just to wave at KK when he is passing in his escorts from abroad.

      We are are just over doing in large numbers.

    • Cont.. from 4.2

      4 Alice

      Take in UK, Theresa May does not need the ( Conservative Party Faithful ) to parade at the airport to see her off the country. Plus Military & Air-force Commanders. Neither is Donald Trump. Its nonsense. !!

      So the next time you become critical, please use “Common Sense” and be “Analytical”

    • Alice you haven’t travelled a lot. Theresa May are never met at the airport because it is a waste of time and resources. All lining up to greet President.

    • 4 Alice

      You are telling me and exposing what you do to your wife, by inviting your girlfriend to wait for you at the airport.

      Enjoy the Day !!

    • Alice @ 4 – You have lost the argument with Independent Observer. Sometimes its best to keep mute if you are shallow in mind

    • He is busy flying around knowing too well that next month he will be travelling to and from Central Province campaigning for 3 days here and there kill a morn he is…

  4. Travelling president you might as well find a permanent foreign station to be your base.All those high ranking GRZ officials should also find permanent offices at KKIA – total waste of taxpayers $fund$.

  5. he doesn’t even need a huge security detail, just his bodyguard, don’t nobody trying to kill him…unless if they are after his akasaka kandalama
    and what’s with the fist? why is he always in campaign mood? is he only a pf president and not president for all Zambians? it’s not only pf people whose money he stole to purchase that jet
    and some of these trips are not warranted. his excuse is always..”well the president was invited”, so what, say thanks but no thanks, I’ve issues to attend to at home

    • Cant imagine how lonely he is gonna be when he is out of office,totally unnecessary entourage to see him off or receive him

  6. You should check out John Pombe Magufuli. He even says “I shun foreign trips to save money!” And watch TZ and what they are doing: SGR from own resources; they have purchased planes from their own resources – this President is setting the trend that I am hoping the next President of Zed will emulate. Not this incessant aimless flying about kwati tawakwata ing’anda. Ata bane.

    • Air Tanzania is still a loss making airline and some planes gotten seized for non payment of debt.

    • And the money Magufuli saves from shunning foreign travel is not even enough to buy a small 20 seater jet.

    • Yip. You are right. I am also aware we are still trying to revive the national airline? And our railway is on point?

  7. Lungu is just trying to clatch straws with these never ending travels seeking investment…….the solution to Zambians financial woes lies in Zambia. Not abroad.

    Lungu get you lazy ministers to list the most imported goods and arm twist the licence holders of those goods to have them made in Zambia…..otherwise slap 200 % tariffs on them.

    We should aim for 85% of all products sold in shops made under lisence or atleast assembled in Zambia…..why are we giving South African employment when our people lack jobs ???

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