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UNZA Senate approves Honorary Doctorates for President Lungu and President Mnangagwa

Headlines UNZA Senate approves Honorary Doctorates for President Lungu and President Mnangagwa

President Edgar Lungu congratulates President Emmerson Mnangagwa shortly after his inauguration ceremony
President Edgar Lungu congratulates President Emmerson Mnangagwa shortly after his inauguration ceremony

The University of Zambia Senate has endorsed the conferment of an honorary doctorate on President Edgar Lungu and his Zimbabwean counterpart Emerson Mnangagwa in good governance.

According to highly placed sources at UNZA, this is a mandatory process before a person identified for such honour is accorded one at a later public ceremony.

It is believed that the confinement will be done on June 21st 2019 at UNZA Graduation Square during the graduation ceremony.

Meanwhile, Mazabuka Central UPND member of parliament Gary Nkombo says President Edgar Lungu does not deserve any honorary doctorate in good governance because Zambia has recorded the worst governance record under his administration.

Recently, the University of Zambia Lecturers and Researchers’ Union (UNZALARU) confirmed that the University of Zambia (UNZA) management planned to honour the Head of State with a doctorate degree in good governance.

UNZALARU condemned the development through its Publicity Secretary Moffat Moyo who explained that the union was concerned that the timing and reasons advanced for conferring President Lungu with a doctorate degree were inadequate to satisfy the widespread indignation, ridicule and scorn the wider public would render.

And in an interview, Mr. Nkombo advised President Lungu to decline the honorary degree, saying if the Head of State had done a complete assessment of his governance style, he would understand that he did not deserve such an honour.

“I think if he deserves any honour, that is fine. But that which they want to confer upon him is clearly not the one because it clear knowledge that Zambia’s governance record is at its lowest stage in the reign of President Lungu and there is no contest to that. The abuse of human rights has been rampant in his style of governance under his nose. The issue of arbitrary arrests of political enemies is in the front stage. The issue after the revelation by the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) tells us that our corruption index has risen exponentially and all other issues about the institutions of governance, including the police, have suffered a lot of abuse during this particular period of governance,” Mr. Nkombo said.

“The institutions, such as the Electoral Commission of Zambia, the public perception of that institution has suffered under the same individual. So, we can only question the motive of those who have chosen to do that; whether it’s for genuine reasons or it’s for purposes of aggrandizement or patronage. But it’s also incumbent upon the person who is being conferred to that particular honour to be true to himself. If I were President Lungu, I would decline that based on what I would call a self-assessment tool kit because everyone does assess themselves, and if he has done a complete assessment of his governance style, I am sure that it would only point to one area, that he does not deserve.”

Mr. Nkombo said the fact that unions, such as UNZALARU, were opposed to the idea, should give him more reasons to reject the offer.

“I think this gives even more reason why the President should reflect upon it and do an introspection that in the midst of a controversy where some people think he deserves and others do not think he does, he can behave like we all expect. If you recall Mr Rupiah Banda was conferred with an honorary doctorate, but he either declined it or he doesn’t use it. So, ultimately, it’s President Lungu’s call. But he must also take heed to how those members, like us, who belong to the same society that he governs, feel about him and his governance style and this honour is limited to his governance style and nothing else. So, we think that if he were to be assessed by some of us, he would be recording a failure in terms of good governance,” said Mr. Nkombo.


  1. Honorary doctorates are only given for positive contributions to humanity.These two have made plenty of negative contributions to their respective countries.

    • Chinkuli, yes the very one in mines now, lead the ground platoon, and Peter Suze Air-strikes on South Rhodesia.
      Both were honored to Brigadier, for killings.
      I mean honorary don’t have to be pure clean.

    • Leave Lungu alone. Umwine his self introspection tells him that he deserves this. Actually maybe he does. You all underestimated him. You all thought you would kick him out of that kapoto. You have insulted him sana. You even believed you could drive ahead of his blue light convoy & you were taught a lesson. Today he is still standing & you are in tatters. So just for that I can give thumbs up to an honour, no matter the size. Lungu ali mushe.

    • Zambia has truly gone to the dogs I tell you, complete moral decay …I mean look at Michel Platini he was questioned by French Police for corruption allegation in the Qatar World Cup debacle…in Christian nation Zambia the Great Galu has even the audacity to stand for a CAF position to represent Zambia even publicly supported by Ministers and Opposition, he has never been question by ACC….its a disgrace!!

  2. I dont think Lungu forced it on UNZA. Its clear that UNZA wants to be seen working and yet they are the most neglected University in his time. Its also clear that UNZA has no direction and cannot think on its own. Why honour someone who denies you a living wage – a salary. You go hungry for months without pay and honour the very guy behind your sufferings.

    • @Rude, you got a point.
      UNZA should have just called it “Governance”, adding “good” has trashed up the degree.
      Trying too hard to kiss Ba Edgar’s armpits.

    • @rudemonk. UNZA leturers and other staff are comparatively better paid in Zambia. That is one reason they struggle to find money to pay salaries.

    • It sounds like they do not have anyone to give the doctorate to . It will not be worth the paper it will be written on . Zambia is being led by a leader whose minister is scared of a lifestyle audit and publicly calls it persecution .He however justifies stealing and thinks it is a good way to prepare for the future .

  3. Why not, after all, Endemically Corrupt Leader has made great contribution to the destruction of the rule of law, accountability, honesty and Christian values.
    Well done UNZA Senate. Yourselves merit golden !mbecile award for insulting human intelligence!!!

  4. I am ripping my UNZA degree.
    Never ever will I mention UNZA.

    UNZA is a joke.

    Zambia has been called up by amnesty international for the first time,

    Zambia has gone up the later atleast 40 steps in world corruption index , as nkombo says.

    Zambia needed the CW to mediate internal political tension for the first time.

    We are seeing the worst tribal divisions ever.

    All under lungus watch.

  5. Why don’t they go ahead and confer one on GBM, Davis Mwila – and while they are at it, they shouldn’t forget Adolf Hitler…,

    • You Stup!d Zambians do not get it. Luke Mumba, good friend of mine and the Senate’s reasoning is that UNZA has produced two individuals who have gone on to be Presidents in two African countries at the same time, so they can make the best of it and rightfully so. Where does Adolf Hitler come into this equation? Was Adolf Hitler at UNZA? If you are trying to equate Lungu to Adolf Hitler, that is not possible, Lungu is just a small time thief, man!
      @Spaka who is going to rip off his UNZA degree, it’s your fault you will just remain without a degree!

  6. In any case Obama was award a Nobel Peace Prize despite him waging wars in Afghanistan, Libya … you name the rest!

    Remember the drone on innocent people strike in Pakistan; but the Nobel “PEACE” Prize was his!

  7. Now I am completely confused as to what has happened to academic integrity. Why, when, who, what, how, where…. such a proposal? The current UNZA senate will be haunted and harshly judged in posterity. If there is one sector of our society that we must never dare to compromise is education. It all begins here. What is the motivation behind this? I am lost. May God help us!

  8. Manipulations of the Judicial systems, National Assembly (Parliament), Parastatal Institutions, Election Commission of Zambia,ZAF,ZA,Zambia Police(worse),DEC,ACC,Audit General activities,UNZA,ZNBC,Chinese loans and contracts ,NDF,Nepotism,Corruption,Indiscipilne political cadre insurgency, Ineffective Civil service, Unstable Political and Economic situation.
    Finally the suppression of FIC which is already in the offices of FBI,Scotland,French and Belgium Intelligence units, European and Chinese Anti-money laundering units

  9. Who doesn’t know that unza is a useless university with useless degrees snd useless graduates. I can never send my child to learn from unza.

  10. What is happening in Zambia? We have recently:

    – trashed the FIC Report;
    – celebrate FTJ legacy;
    – Celebrate a bank robber;
    – Now we are awarding a baby dictator with a degree in governance.

  11. We hit rock bottom a while back. We are now basically digging beneath the bedrock. Nothing should surprise anyone anymore. Apaseni azitwako u dokota mweo… a mama Pheoebe mweo shuwa!!!!

  12. African Universities. This is because we have nothing to celebrate. Our friends, in the Americas, Europe and Asian countries are always celebrating breakthroughs/inventions in science, technology and medicine. Look at us. No inventions nor breakthroughs in these real areas that are meant to benefit mankind. Yet full of so called professors, PHDs. Our only invention? Honorary Doctorates on politicians!We have made serious headway in this area. Please so called African Intellectuals, let us learn to value SUBSTANCE over FORM in everything we are doing. What is the value to our national and UNZA for doing this? Am sure these men never asked for this. Our intelligence is always being questioned by other races just because of what we preoccupy ourselves with. This is why Chika Onyean called it…

  13. The worst president in the history of this country is the most bootlicked president in the history of this country.

  14. In the deepest parts of their hearts they know that Lungu does not deserve it. Even Lungu himself knows that he does not deserve it. What is at play is to please the king so that receive favours which include salaries in good time. Mark my word, UNZA has scored on this one. As for me it will go down as the most useless decision they have made. Who remembers the story of the Kings invisible clothes?

  15. I am warning Mnangagwa to see what his Govt id doing to Grace Mugabe.
    Grace was awarded a fake degree by University of Zimbabwe and she is now facing prosecution.

  16. What transparency index did they use to confer good governance recognition for these two…Lungu has amassed properties yet he does no business except receive bribes from the Chinese. He stole clients money as a lawyer..His ministers are now in and out of court for corruption..come on don’t insult our UNZA. Graduates. We all know that that Senate is hoping for a favour or two…while at it please include my security guard on your list of honorary doctorates. He just stole my bicycle!!!

  17. President Lungu has never failed an examination why should bribe him with that corrupt degree
    President we shall honour you by refusing that corrupt degree
    UNZA seats njala yakunyokolani shimufola that is Lungu for you

  18. This is interesting reaction from Hon. Garry Nkombo. I wonder what the Hon. Nkombo would say if Unza or any University in America awarded Mr. Hakaimbe Hichilema an Honorary Doctorate in honor of his “business successes” in Zambia. Since UPND has consistently disregarded and heaped mountains of scorn on President Lungu’s developmental successes in Zambia – which actually includes the construction of the Daniel Munkombwe Tollgate in Choma planned to generate funds to develop and maintain a system of roads in Southern Province, many Zambians will be entitled to be sceptical to Mr. Nkombo’s political crusades bent on criticizing the PF Government.

    • @ Mwansa Kabinga. The answer to your rhetorical qirstion is obvious. To these guys only they and their triba.lmates are the best and deserve everything. There are a lot of people who will not vote for their leader because of this warped thanking.

  19. I am so proud of my President, he is humble, does not tolerate corruption and has a vision for Zambia better than Kagame. Well deserved and congratulations to you Mr. President Dr Edigar Chagwa Lungu. I think we should let Dr Lungu become life President as the Chinese President has done.

  20. This senate shows why standards are so low at UNZA. The incoming government should note the formation of the current senate and come 2021 after elections all UNZA senate members kuya beveled in national interest.

  21. Certain comments are funny.Most nations are struggling and the decision by UNZA is exceptional.Lets respect our leaders.They are insulted because of our own dullness and insults towards them.If we do not respect ourselves and our leaders who will??And funny enough we are praising whites..They could not even read Brexit..funny people you are

  22. ECL deliberately stopped Releasing funds to UNZA so that UNZA can know what to do. Don’t expect anymore strikes at UNZA after this. ECL has been bribed. Good move UNZA. It’s case of scratch my back and I will scratch yours.

  23. The Committee that decides on recipients of honorary doctorates works independently. They have their own criteria on who qualifies for the awards. Once they have decided on the recipients of the award, they communicate this information to the Senate which is at liberty to reject or accept the Committee’s choice. Some of the members of this Committee whom I know personally are very independent, principled, and objective individuals who cannot easily be swayed by political considerations.

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