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Ministers do not need a lifestyle audit – Veep

Headlines Ministers do not need a lifestyle audit - Veep

Vice President Inonge Wina
Vice President Inonge Wina

Vice President Inonge Wina says there is no need for a lifestyle audit for ministers.The Vice President says this is because they declare their assets when assuming office.Mrs. Wina told parliament today that auditing Ministers alone as some people are trying to justify does not make sense because their assets are already known.

Responding to a question by Chimwemwe Member of Parliament Elias Mwila during the Vice President’s Question and Answer session, Mrs. Wina said auditing Ministers alone would be unfair unless it is extended to all Zambians, an exercise she said is not possible.

And responding to Kabompo MP Ambrose Lufuma who questioned why government has ignored findings of the Financial Intelligence Report -FIC- on about K6.1 billion having been obtained by Politically Exposed Persons, Mrs. Wina said the FIC is just
but one of the investigative wings and not the final authority.

The Vice President said the FIC is a creation of government to promote democracy and ensure corruption, money laundering and terrorism among other vices are clamped down hence cannot be ignored.She said some of the issues raised by the FIC are already in court.

And Mrs. Wina said government will not declare a hunger crisis in the country because it has adequate maize stock in the storage facilities.

She said the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit -DMMU- which is under her office has already started distributing relief food in affected districts.

Responding to leader of the opposition in parliament Jack Mwimbu on calls by some Catholic bishops in Mongu for government to declare a hunger crisis, The Vice President said the bishops may have their own opinions, but government has adequate stocks with
more expected in the coming marketing season.

Mrs. Wina advised parliamentarians to engage the DMMU when areas hit by hunger in their constituencies will receive relief food.
She said government will not let anyone die from hunger when it has adequate grain stocks.

Meanwhile Mrs. Wina said the opposition should not be opposing for the sake of doing so adding that they even missed out on the National Dialogue Forum – NDF.She said the forum provided a platform for them to review laws for the benefit of their electorate and advised the MPs to take part when the bills are tabled before Parliament.

Mrs. Wina was responding to Bwana Mukubwa MP Jonas Chanda who asked for her views on some people who refused to take part in the NDF but are now making noise.

And on her word of encouragement to the youths in view of the conferment of honorary doctorates on Presidents Edgar Lungu and his Zimbabwean counterpart Emmerson Mnangagwa by the University of Zambia, Mrs. Wina said education is key to everything in life.
She also thanked UNZA management for the gesture saying it will help in promoting good governance in Zambia and Zimbabwe.


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    • At LT why tolarete such insults written above @#1Eagles. We really don’t need such trash kids to be commenting here.

    • Zambian MPs are like 3 year olds, they have learnt a new word: “Life Style Audit”. They forgot about corruption and bribes. Very childish.
      Instead of beating up Lusambo, they are busy troubling clean woman Inonge.

    • When I call Bo Inonge a senile old hen people think its disrespectful but look at what is coming out of her mouth and this is a woman who has nothing to lose she is retiring in 2021. You can do a an asset audit at time of assuming office of some ministers and all you will find is the same assets to there names but the wealth of immediate family members has grown considerably, housewives have become contractors overnight. How can one explain Lazy Lungu’s assets increasing from K2.3m to K23m in a space of months.
      This old woman is scared of being injected with the poison Dr Chilufya gave her as a warning when she ended up in RSA.

    • Bo Inonge there is no doubt that you are now tired, but, not only tired but also old and sick.There is no point in you continuing working just to defend ECL`s, Lusambo`s, Chitotela`s and PF corruption.These are headed to a shameful and bitterly painful downfall. Surely, a lifestyle audit is for people entrusted to manage public resources and not for everybody.Please Madam, retire before you totally sacrifice your hard earned reputation for the corrupt in PF. There is an old Cambodian saying that “when one is quite old and also quite sick. the best thing is to die”.I honestly do not wish you this, but a peaceful rest in retirement.

    • They will rubbish all this but look at how they will be excited when Lubinda introduces those useless NDF bills..they will even forget that they are a broke govt.

    • I didn’t realise that she could sink so low. I had a lot of respect for her.

      God bless Zambia.

    • Upnd is a trash party, everything they oppose come around against them and they begin to cry like babies. These people refused to attend NDF and they justified their been absent from attending and all Upnd agreed with them, but law was been made at NDF today the same people without the vision are crying why certain thing are been done. You guys have no vision no wonder the bible says people perish without a vision. A vision is something you see that you wish to achieve in future this includes attending important meetings and suggest what you want see in future but if you decide to stay away how will be your Upnd vision come into reality. Don’t oppose for the sake of opposing, begin to think. The VP is right.

    • Now Minister of Religion Godfreh has woken up after hearing that gay SA presenter is coming to Zambia….really laughable…what does she say on stealing!!

    • Bo Inonge’s statement is indirectly justifying corruption by ministers. This is like saying PF ministers are not corrupt! How preposterous!

      Without a life style audit, how are we going to know that government workers are not corrupt?

      Then why can’t the PF leave low earning civil servants continue cutting deals to survive like their bosses?

      When it comes to fighting corruption, PF is very good at targeting the small fish and punishing them. While leaving the big fish untouched.

      I hear Chitotela was told to stop his presidential ambitions so that he can be acquitted of all the charges.

    • ” Mrs. Wina said auditing Ministers alone would be unfair unless it is extended to all Zambians.”
      Bo Inonge, you are misleading Zambians and justifying the reason not to implement the audit, because you know politically you will not get your politicians to agree. Lame excuse.
      We are asking for this lifestyle audit on GRZ officials and senior civil servants. This is one effective way you can use to fight corruption. But because you guys are not serious with reducing corruption level, you decide to mislead in order to prove your point. I am sure you are afraid to explain ECL accumulation of wealth. Missed Opportunity !!!

    • With such a clueless person like this old lady in high office, how can you develop as a country? Even her logic is warped. She says, “auditing Ministers alone would be unfair unless it is extended to all Zambians, an exercise she said is not possible.” Does she understand the difference between private citizens and public servants? Does she understand that Lungu, herself and the ministers are public servants who should be answerable to all Zambians? The Zambians demand an audit of your lifestyles because you work for us, madam. We’re your bosses. Get that into your head, please. Lungu was hired by the Zambians, i.e. assuming he won the last election with no rigging. So because you work for us, and we hire you and can fire you at the polls, we thus have a right to demand that you be…

    • … audited if we suspect that some of you, including your boss corrupt Lungu, are stealing from us. You may be clean yourself, and may have not stolen anything from the Zambians, other than the taxpayer money you’ve been wasting on your expensive medical trips outside the country …funny that you don’t even have faith in your own medical facilities or doctors. The people around you may be stealing without you even knowing it. So, please, don’t obstruct the people’s will and demands, because Zambian taxpayers have a right to know how their money is being spent, and hold their leaders accountable.

    • Not surprising, this Old once great Arsewhore does not know even the difference between an Audit and a declaration. After spending those many years in NGOs, she doesn’t even know the difference – so hypocritical! A declaration is made by oneself e.g. Chitotela has declared that he is not a thief but this does not mean that he isn’t!
      An audit is simply a check conducted by an an independent person or body on a person or company. The key word here is “Independent” not oneself! But did I really have to explain this?
      What is Inonge Wina really still doing in the political arena with young people 100 years younger than her age! She has actually become a really nuisance fast losing her respect!

  1. well said Bo Inonge, i wish you could justify how it was possible for Mr. Bowman C Lusambo donating goods worth K1,600,000.00 painlessly when his declared assets are way below this amount. see, its things like this which make us as citizens demanding a lifestyle audit for our Public Officers. Your cabinet seems to be made of richest Zambians of all time since independence. After all your Boss ECL is touted as a triple AAA+( Abakwata akasaka Akandalama).

  2. Dementia is certainly manifesting it’s self with this old woman….

    so if a minister declares $100k on starting ministerial work and is found to have $20 million at the end of 2 years , this old hen sees nothing wrong with keeping the minister from further accumulating his wealth for the remainder of his 5 year term in Offìce ?

    • Even young Tasila assets do not add up ..no wonder she is hoarding so much cash at home and has a charity to launder money I mean who is going to ask about a $700,000 donation from AVIC and then she has $500,000 for expenses and expenditure for her charity.

    • And this is big money even by USA standards, yet these people make it sound like those are just ngwees.

  3. What a load of nothing from the defender of govt. policy. All answers are in the negative – ‘Will not, will not’.
    The very reason you need an audit is for the very fact that assets declared at the begining may have quadrupled in a very short space of time without any evident positive economic activity. No one is asking to ‘audit’ all Zambians in this motion. This is for those entrusted directly with the nations resources and public funds or who by virtue of their ‘strategic’ public office positions, are able to influence ventures that may align them with resources that are not commensurate with their earnings.

    • @Muna ulimwamuna! I wish our politicians could be this eloquent & logical. They defend wrongdoing because of their involvement.

  4. She has failed even to make a road in lozi land while she is still a veep and keep defending stealing of public funds madam u need a rest

    • She doesn’t care about that they are sell outs provided the Litunga and her immediate family are all looked after that’s what matters…when she retires she will go back there blaming the govt of the day!!

    • There some families in this country whose existence is solely dependent on been loyalists to ruling parties since independence.

  5. Shameful, shameful. Madam Wina knowingly or unknowingly you are being an accomplice to blatant thieving. There is a reason lifestyle audits are necessary, I have never heard anyone accuse you of impropriety but unfortunately you are choosing to close your eyes to all that is around you. I hope your conscious is free

    • The funny thing is this chaps are stealing with impunity that you dont even need to hire International auditors you simply need to go to the ministry of lands and also look at their bank statements in the last 5 years.

  6. What real value does she add to the Zambian economy??? She’s past her sellby date. It was a waste of tax payers money sending her out for treatment. She has been long in business and should be able to rely on the the services that they have built without medicines so they can learn to provide proper medical facilities. She’s very canning. She pushed for Lungu to be president. She’s talking on behalf of Lungu

    • She is there because as with all things in Lazy Lungu’s govt …he is indebted to her for supporting him at that PF convention in 2015.


  8. I don’t know much about her, but is she that dumb or is it Zambians who are in fact dumb for allowing their politicians to be playing them like kids!

  9. They should do se.x lifestyle audits on Slit CliDoras and Mumba Phiri because these two whores are enjoying too much illegal conjungal sansamcation! I mean, where do they find the time and energy to be “having some” so often? With CliDoras, its worse because be it Katangese from Kasailand, Mnwacusas from Tanganyika its kaufela ki sikopekope si inanyo sakaloyawe sa somiseleza kwateni. Konji kusi lunga kayuwe mwa cobeni.

  10. The Vice President is a letdown. She will go into history as a rubbish person who threw her integrity for pieces of silver! When she was the Chairperson of NGOCC every woman looked up to her but now she is just a useless person who can’t even know what the left hand is doing! History will charge her harshly.

    • Even after having a heart attack she still protects the thieves…that’s how wicked the old senile hen is, gladly happy to see former bouncers and Katondo Street Currency dealers throwing money like they are now smart businessmen.
      She will protect thieves even on her death bed to protect her family as she has sold out!!

  11. The only way the Government and PF in particular can stop these calls for Lifestyle audit to operationalise the office of the Public Protector. However to make this possible, the Minster of Justice is supposed to appoint a Parliamentary Committtee where the PP is supposed to report to. Mr. Lubinda seems not keen.

  12. Koma this government awe kwena! If there are enough stocks of maize why is mealie meal so expensive? They said the same thing on the water levels in the Kariba dam being high enough not to necessitate loadshedding.This PF mwandini is the worst thing to have befallen Zambia

  13. Does she understand what a lifestyle audit is and why we are demanding that ministers should be subjected to atleast 3? How can she of all people say ministers don’t need a lifestyle audit?
    The level of wisdom she’s displaying is below her years, she’s a disappointment.
    A minister donates more than 4 times his annual earnings and you say there is no need for a lifestyle audit? WTFs wrong with you, you and you?

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