The Zambia Revenue Authority has sealed off a warehouse in Makeni for suspected gross under-valuations and is taking the matter to court.

The Company is suspected to have grossly undervalued Kleesoft washing powder on one particular invoice by declaring U$ 200 per tonne instead of U$ 900 per tonne. They are suspected to be under declaring the values by U$700 per tonne.

In a related case, the authority has also taken to court a clearing company named Sheis Logistics limited for alleged gross under valuations.

Facts of the matter are that Sheis Logistics Zambia Limited between the 1st and 16th March 2019 in Chirundu District of Lusaka Province while acting together with Athen Munkombwe did grossly under declare assorted furniture parts using a forged invoice valued at K14, 070 instead of the true invoice value of K 57,497.40. It is alleged that government lost a total of K 46,348.24 kwacha in un declared taxes.

The two have so far appeared in court for plea and trial commences on 9th July 2019.

Currently the authority has over 15 smuggling related cases in court and about four (4) custodial convictions have been secured in the last quarter.

The Authority has further declared a zero tolerance to smuggling through transit fraud, misclassifications, under declarations, under valuations and forgery related cases.

The Authority wishes to warn the general public to desist from presenting fake documents at the ports of entry. This is a serious offence under the customs and Excise Act cap 322 and the Penal Code chapter 87 of the laws of Zambia
The Authority wishes to warn the general public to desist from presenting fake documents at the ports of entry.

This is a serious offence under the customs and Excise Act cap 322 and the Penal Code chapter 87 of the laws of Zambia.

The authority will not spare any smuggler, clearing agent, transporter and even ZRA officers involved in smuggling or any form of tax evasion. Our newly rebranded Inspectorate and Customs Enforcement (ICE) unit has been fully resourced and re-engineered in order to stop any form of revenue leakage.

This is contained in a statement issued by ZRA Corporate Communications Manager Topsy Sikalinda.

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  1. First of all deal with FIC. That’s all we want to see sorted out. Deal with the real thieves.


    • There are never good stories come out of that ZRA, only crimes. Close everything and start all over.


    • ZRA please paint your building, when you see a truck loaded with paint, just smear them with some crime as usual. Concificate paint and climb up there and paint off that thing, any color!!


    • So you will curb smuggling at the ports of entry in order to increase revenue. But the same revenue will fund a corrupt Chinese contract.

      No sense in nonsense.


  2. They have pounced on poor Munkombwe because he is not a “mwina Chinsali” when PF clearing agents are doing worse as revealed by one mwina Chinsali in charge.
    If we can’t apply the law equally because of tribe, let each tribe govern itself!


    • Let us fight crime and not tribe. Some of these tribal sentiments are just perceived intact the people are are so sensitive about tribal issues are the tribalisms. Which tribe wants to govern itself? Musonda hankanga, Mulenga hantuba, Liswaniso Chewe what tribe are they? The tribe governing itself in Zambia is a dead proposition and belongs to yester year. We must just work together, Kaunda did the trick ” One Zambia One Nation” Love it or leave it.


    • @ Night traveler,
      You are missing the point by Banda J!
      ZRA and its PF are selectively applying the Law!
      The pattern is slowly emerging where some Law breakers are visited by the full wrath of the law while others are getting away with murder! The rule of Law requires equality before the law. Tribe aside.
      Why is it that the same ZRA is turning a blind eye to the gross amounts in tax Eversion as revealed in the FIC investigations report and sounding serious and overzealous on cases involving small amounts?


  3. Let the small fish survive by making little
    Profit.Catch the big that are building blocks and blocks of flats using money
    Obtained from commission on contracts
    And kickbacks.


  4. If leadership is getting away like Bowman….you expect commoners toll the line.
    When I say Lazy Lungu is destroying our country this is what I mean!!


  5. ZRA should also take disciplinary against the commissioner general for whatever favors he agreed to do in that leaked audio with mwina Chinsali. ZRA has more capable and competent individuals like Kwegyer Msimuko the deputy commissioner general.
    The law has no favorites.


    • ZRA why subject aged Retirees who have worked tirelessly for this country to TPIN registration? Aged as he is travels from the village, farm,bush everything month to collect his k400 from the Bank,only to be told that you can’t access your money because you have no TPIN. Sure Ba Kingsley Chanda na Ba Margret Mwanakatwe or is it PF policy,?



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