Government must reconsider the status of Benylin as an over the counter drug due to its social impact on the population, a Medical Expert has advised.

Commenting on the seizure of the illegally imported syrup on the Zambian market by the Zambia Revenue Authority, Dr. Aaron Mujajati said reclassifying benylin as a prescription drug will restrict its access by people abusing it among them bus drivers, pupils and students.

Dr. Mujajati said abuse of the syrup is dangerous and the effects have the potential to cause death when one withdraws from using it.

Speaking to Hot FM News, Dr. Mujajati emphasized the need to reclassify the drug and tighten the regulation by the Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority.

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  2. Is this when ba former has noticed this? Was he too busy killing Private clinics to have noticed this? You failed to run HPCZ in a mature manner and now you want to come to ZAMRA? Tekanyeni ba former! Give us a break! You are a bag full of confusion, a Dr Difficult! You don’t know how to work with people! Too self-opinionated and incorrigible! You even take the Minister of Health to court for trying to correct you? Did you really go through the right medical grooming where it was honourable to accept to learn through humiliation? This was part of Character building! Mujajati needs help from his fellow doctors!
    What do you call that medical condition where someone is always seeking public attention through the media? Why did he not just walk to ZAMRA offices to talk to his colleagues…


  3. Why did he not just walk to ZAMRA offices to talk to his colleagues than to run to Hot FM to show as if ZAMRA is doing nothing so as to appear clever and wiser? This is very unethical behavior for which someone should be sanctioned by the Ethics Committee! Kulibonesha ta!


  4. All i can say to his proposal by this fellow is that in latin they say ‘ de minimis non curat lex’


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