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Stop Holding Athletics Events without Approval, says ZAAA.

Zambia Athletics Association President Elias Mpondela flanked by Larfage Chief Financial Officer Chrissie Moloseni speaking to journalists during the Larfage Lusaka Marathon 2018 launch at Larfage cement
Zambia Athletics Association President Elias Mpondela flanked by Larfage Chief Financial Officer Chrissie Moloseni speaking to journalists during the Larfage Lusaka Marathon 2018 launch at Larfage cement

The Zambia Amateur Athletic Association (ZAAA) and Inter Company Relay (ICR) has advised the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) to consider postponing their Health Walk and Run event slated for June 22 as it clashed with the Inter Company Relay (ICR).

The UNFPA Health Walk and Run which includes a 5km health walk has also not been sanctioned by the Zambia Amateur Athletic Association (ZAAA) and the National Sports Council, bodies mandated under the Sports Act to regulate sports activities related to athletics in Zambia.

“I have spoken to the organisers of this event namely UNFPA and the Minister of Health and I have advised them to first seek authority of ZAAA and National Sports before they can consider hosting this event. We also expect every lover of athletics to be joining the Republican President HE Edgar Lungu and the Inter Company Relay this coming Saturday at the Heroes Stadium and not anywhere else,” said ZAAA President and ICR Chairman Elias Mpondela.

This year’s ICR is the 21st edition of the Inter-Company Relay (ICR) and will be this Saturday on June 22nd 2019 at Lusaka’s Heroes Stadium under the theme “21st ICR – The Key to New Life Style -Walk and Run” with Madison Life Insurance earning the naming rights to edition as the headline sponsor.

The Madison 21st ICR will be graced by the Republican President, Mr. Edgar C. Lungu who is expected to lead in the 400m presidential race.

Mr. Mpondela said those who did not want to partner with ZAAA or seek their guidance of the hosting of mass athletics events should consider delinking athletics from their events.

“Its my humble suggestion that they delink aerobics with from running and where they seek to combine them they should seek the consent of ZAAA who are mandated by law to regulate and coordinate athletic activities in Zambia. If in doubt let them consult with the National Sports Council and the Ministry of Sport,” explained Mr. Mpondela.

So far 75 companies have confirmed participation in the 21st ICR and the registration centre has shifted to Heroes Stadium for those not yet registered. Activities planned for this year’s event includes the 21km and 10km runs, others are 5km health walk, 100m CEO race, 400m presidential run and 100 Zambia-China Friendship walk. Kids athletics are expecting children from the surrounding areas to come and participate in the Kids activities.

“The 21st ICR has been named after Madison Life Insurance who have pledged to support the ICR and make this edition better and more successful than previous editions. Zambia Breweries will bring together all participating companies for the health dinner a day before the ICR while our all-weather partner Bata Shoe Company will be the official foot wear and sponsor of the Bata Power Race. Top Star will provide live broadcast of the event while China Jiangxu will provide the medical equipment support and Avic International will supply the winners trophies. Zambeef has confirmed participation of more than 60 of its staff in various races and Zambia State Insurance Corporation will provide insurance cover to all participants,” says Elias Mpondela, ICR Chairperson.

The ICR is a Zambia Amateur Athletic Association corporate social sporting event that brings together companies and communities to promote health lifestyles through sport and play activities and has been providing free testing and health screening against selected medical conditions to all since 1999. Funds realised from the ICR activities are ploughed into developing athletics in Zambia including Talent Identification Programmes (TIP) and promotion of excellency among athletics in Zambia.

“Over the years, funds realised from the ICR activities have helped ZAAA to identify young talents from rural areas, especially young girls and has helped coaches and athletes prepare for upcoming competitions that Zambia has reaped medals and recognition. The ICR has improved health lifestyles among participants, improved the running of athletics sport clubs and has helped Zambia produce champions in regional competitions,” says Elias Mpondela.

The annual ICR has also become companies’ team building exercise and has helped reduce the social distance between executives and employees. The ICR also allows companies to interact with their clients and potential markets while show casing their brand identity and their corporate social responsibility activities to the nation through live news media broadcast services at the event.

The ICR also enables busy employees to have their vitals and other medical conditions checked by a variety of experienced doctors and health practitioners.

The first Inter-Company Relay was first held in 1999 and has grown into one the most prestigious gathering of various professions and companies around a sporting event. The ICR is also a great contributor to the professional development of athletes under the Zambia Amateur Athletic Association (ZAAA).

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  1. Leaders I can’t work with:
    Terrible for Zambia.
    Thugs who shouldn’t work for Zambians in any capacity:
    Imagine without those 5, how bright Zambia can look, even Zambian streets will look cleaner.

  2. Athletics in Zambia will remain in the doldrums with people like this selfish chap who thinks ZAAA presidency is personal to holder and for life position. United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) sponsors a Health Walk and Run for the benefit of the people but he wants them to postpone. What a cheek of a person

  3. Kamanga is not supposed to be listed among those five, Kamanga is a real democratic administrator and he is way above most of you out there in terms of leadership and focus, don’t even compare him to Kalusha in terms of administration unless you want to talk about actual playing of football over which Kalusha was undoubtedly very good but that does not translate into one being a good administrator, Kalusha should try something else even fishing since he is down south closer to the ocean, let him buy a fishing boat.

    • Yes he is such a good leader. That’s why Zambia did not qualify for Africa Cup. What has Zambia done since he came into office? We should thank RB for putting this guy into office. Kalusha was such a terrible player and office bearer that’s why we beat Italy in Seoul and almost went to World Cup had it not been for Diramba. After all Kamanga won us Africa cup against Ivory Coast. Let’s worship Kamanga, after all we are fuuuls.

  4. Ba wamuyaya naimwe twayendwa mwe. Is ZAA a family body. When are you going to allow others lead also. Are you telling me that everyone who wants to play football in Zambia should be cleared by FAZ. Even children who are running in the compounds, at schools etc should be cleared by you? Bakalamba leave the stage when people are still clapping. In fact we stopped clapping 10 years ago.

  5. When are you leaving ZAA for fresh ideas to come in. Its too much over 20 years as president. There are a lot of Mugabes in Africa in different life circles.

  6. Why not having more than 1 similar event in one day? The more the merrier kano bonse bayefye kumo kwine. Backward thinking ba mudala aba. Also this event has been going on on since 1999. Can someone tell us efyo twasangamo. Ulubilo is still amongst the poorest sports bodies pa Zambia despite of raising such colossal funds from this event every year. Awe pa zed kuwayawayafye . Alelya umuntu bonse balemutamba fye, no questions asked. Good luck at the All African games in August ba ZAAA

  7. Elias Mpondela still sucking blood ….you can never go anyway with this fossil parasite..its wishful thinking…he is a flea!!

  8. The national sports council should also limit the number of terms of for those wishing to stand in leadership positions of sports associations to two terms of give years. We need fresh blood in sports constantly to keep up with times.

  9. Who is Pondela ? You mean that ZAAA life president ? That one is an *****. You just waste your time advaicing him. The best is to form another organisation of similar nature. *****s do not listen.

  10. Wamu yayaya syndrome at its best since I was a baby a kid this guy was a president.
    The uncle BOB of Zambia. He wants to rule until his final breath

  11. To better understand the man Elias Mpondela, see a brief track record:

    MMD Lusaka Central parliamentary candidate: LOST
    Lusaka Mayor: LOST
    MMD President: LOST
    National Housing Authority CEO: FAILED

    The man is a career disappointment and has somehow managed to hold on to this position by hook and crook. It’s time to let new ideas come in from people that are open to dialogue and participation.

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