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Unfair to label Pamela as a Criminal when large companies do the same

Columns Unfair to label Pamela as a Criminal when large companies do the...

I for one do not support stealing but in this manner it will be very unfair to label Pamela Gondwe as a Criminal in the sense that there are so many factors one may consider.

As at now there so many multinational Companies stealing from people and poor Countries in broad day light and in most cases the law is bent to justify them as Messiahs, Barclays Bank in this light being the culprit among the many Banks we have in Zambia.

I worked for Barclays Bank (Z) ltd for almost 10 years, I diligently served the Bank and at one time highhandedly risked my life to capture a syndicate of highly dangerous criminals posing as fraudsters who were attempting to defraud the Bank to the amount of K4million then.The thank you cash I was given then was, if I can remember very well, K100 000 and years later I was fired accused of stealing K10.3 million. After appealing the dismissal they overturned the case into incompetence of which if one followed my case there was no shred of incompetence.We were talking of the case where I was forcefully transferred, my colleague I handed over cash which was never accounted hence the shortage.

Later, I discovered that there were some un posted items which I took back to them as evidence that I did not steal but they still fired me. Our Legal system is toothless, it does not protect the workers therefore most of my fellow Zambian workers like me are helpless.As I am talking to survive I had to seek refuge in another Country to protect my children from suffering because I could have died of depression.

Strictly speaking the Bank has no interest in the Zambian worker, we are slaves dressed in smart suits and dresses. I am better off as a Refugee than a slave in my own Country (Tears in a Briefcase). I am willing to speak publicly and if my case was revisited I will be found innocent. The one candid question one must ask is -is Pamela a criminal or the modern day Robin hood?

Yours truthfully,

Former Barclays Bank Employee now a Construction Worker.

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  1. Theft is theft and must not be glorified or explained away. Doing so would even make chaps like Lusambo justify it by saying they didn’t want to wind up as paupers like many former ministers before them. Ba Newstead Zimba comes to mind!

    There are multiple avenues to address oppression in the work place; better pursue them for the greater good.

    • A} The author is a criminal to condone this. And frankly shame to the person who manufactured this article.

      B} Lusakatimes have sunk so low even to publish this article.

      C} This platform must be used to debate objective matters and not just to fill up blank spaces.

      D} This is a non starter. Please lets not promote thieving in Zambia.

      D} Just because your neighbor dropped her underwear to get promoted, it does not mean you should cheat on your husband, by doing the same to get promoted

    • Due to a lack of analytical thinkers people has failed to read the gist of this story. The author firstly points out that we let multinational companies (and I would add “investors”) steal millions of money from the poor in broad daylight. It was only a few years ago we saw a clip on how mining companies evade tax and send millions to Switzerland. Also there was a study by OXFAM showing how more money leaves Africa than enters. So theres no debate that we our wealth is stolen everyday in broad daylight but we would rather have a huge outcry over Pamela Gondwe who stole what companies would consider loose change.Secondly he points out the injustice he endured at Barclays.Pointing glaring deficieny of our justice system

    • I can’t believe LT is encouraging ubomba mwibala mentality, why have you published such tosh, imagine a country we are building if every disatified work became a FIC tank.

    • This is indeed a careless piece of lecture and is sending a very dangerous message to all potential outlaws out there. Two wrongs don’t make a right and it’s not acceptable to celebrate a Bank robber just because you experienced injustice at the hands of the same Bank. One wonders how some people make it through life with such type of very strange reasoning..

    • This an important message shared by LT to highlight suffering of most of the workers in Zambia generally. Friends, instead of rushing to criticize lets be more sympathetic. Here was another VICTIM of this highly compromised bank.

    • That’s just how rotten Zedian society has become. Someone sits down to waste their time thinking about how to defend a thief. which court will acquit a criminal because his crime is being committed by others too? Should a crime be defended because others are doing it? Are these the thinkers whose thoughts lusaka times publishes? Kwena then we are not only morally bankrupt but also bankrupt of thought

    • Zambians!! Always rushing to condemn the victim. Always failing to see the big picture. The writer is clearly a victim here..

    • Clearly, there is something fishy going on at Barclays Bank! Just read what was posted in the ZAMBIAN WATCHDOG by Barclays workers on 17 June. Unfortunately we have an uncaring and sleepy Minister of Labour. Otherwise such trash was not going to be entertained when we had Chishimba Kambwili as labour minister .

    • Hats off to the ever trusted LT for bringing out the plight of the Zambian worker. In a civilised society, Corporate criminality must never be tolerated.

    • It’s sad that most of the morons commenting have probably not even fully read the post. But as usual rushing to conclude senselessly. The writer is not supporting Pamela, the thief. He’s just condemning the ABUSE OF WORKERS by Barclays. Period!

    • Firstly I don’t like her make up and secondly PG is a thief and must be jailed no matter how we look at it.

      This make up thing is making our women look like zombies.

    • @Maharaji many Zambians are that incredibly dull, they can’t analyse. So disappointing these dunderheads! This article is very clear to be understood by any normal person.

    • A thief is a thief, whether it’s a corporate company or an individual. If she stole what they say she stole, yes she’s a criminal and a thief. Don’t try and justify a thief, or try and glorify her as a modern day robin hood nonsense. What you’re doing is sowing seeds in other Zambian bank workers to do the same, thinking it’s okay to steal from their workplace, especially if it’s a bank. Yes some corporations steal from people and from countries. But there are laws that address that. So if you try and steal from them you’ll have to face the law and rightly so.

    • Do not compare Lusambo’s case my dear. Here you are talking about a owrson who invested half her life in serving people who look at her as a tool and nothing higher. As I write, my contract was not renewed and I am in the streets. I personally sacrificed my life yo bring a tower company into our country and their registration in Zambia used my professional affiliations.
      I saved them one billion kwacha in taxes by writing a broadly researched report to ZRA and my reward? Hatred from my Lebanese boss who felt threatened in case a smarter president than Lungu later says Zambians are capable and swaps us.
      So you see that whereas some of you are enjoying and criticizing others for taking the final jump out of unappreciated squalor at work, it just saves to dhpuld how Zambians hate each…

    • Barclays bank was created on the back of the slave trade hence the attitude towards black people who they view as modern day slaves. I hated barclays from childhood when they cannot allow us into their premises at the sports club because we were not members. I my early adulthood I realised that barclays is just a sh*tty bank and closed my account.
      Pamela I am with you in spirit for paying yourself the slavery reparations

  2. Pamela is a criminal period! There are many other criminals masquerading as hardworking decent people around the country. But they are criminals all the same!

    • As a country, we will never progress with small minds like you dimwit! Can’t even analyse, shame.

    • Do not compare Lusambo’s case my dear. Here you are talking about a owrson who invested half her life in serving people who look at her as a tool and nothing higher. As I write, my contract was not renewed and I am in the streets. I personally sacrificed my life yo bring a tower company into our country and their registration in Zambia used my professional affiliations.
      I saved them one billion kwacha in taxes by writing a broadly researched report to ZRA and my reward? Hatred from my Lebanese boss who felt threatened in case a smarter president than Lungu later says Zambians are capable and swaps us.
      So you see that whereas some of you are enjoying and criticizing others for taking the final jump out of unappreciated squalor at work, it just saves to dhpuld how Zambians hate each…

  3. @Mayo Mpapa

    • kwena ba Chanda Mulicipuba!! Ati ‘PAMELA SHOULD BRING BACK THE MONEY SHE HAS STOLEN FROM THE MANY POOR ZAMBIANS WHO HAVE BEEN SAVING WITH THAT BANK.’ It doesn’t work like that. It’s true Pamela is shameful thief and should be condemned. But she did not steal from ‘many poor Zambians’. Your brain is failing you sir.

    • @ INDEPENDENT OBSERVER and JUNTA NDC your comments are usually silly. LT is doing a great job highlighting ALL INJUSTICE regardless of who the perpetrators are. In this case Barclays are the perpetrators and must be condemned by all right thinking Zambians. Clearly you’re not.

    • Chris Mo 4.1

      If LusakaTimes want to raise injustices at barclays let them publish a dedicated report and we will support them.

      Just as well we have laws in Zambia that protect employees. We have the (i) Employment Tribunal, (ii) Ministry of Labour (iii) LAZ (iv) Parliament.. so are NGO’s who are dedicated to such issues.

      Barclays is an international brand. It would not want to be associated with injustices as it woud cost them alot in PR/MPI.

      You cannot JUSTIFY STEALING just because the Working Culture at Barclays is ugly. What message are you sending?

    • cont…

      As for comments. Lets Agree To disagree. Its healthy and thats why we have different opinions.

      Moving forward! Best you skip and dont bother to read my comments if they bother you. No person should force you to read what you dont want.

      +++ Life is about making choices and choosing what works for you

      Lastly the majority of people on this thread have condemned Pamela.Just as well ridiculed LT for the article. Yet you pick up on me and JUNTA NDC @ 4. What is eating your soul?

      Enjoy The Night.

    • @INDEPENDENT OBSERVER It’s evident that you either leave in Utopia Land or a fool’s paradise! You imagine that what is in your head, is what is on the ground. Everybody knows that the systems you have wasted time writing about DO NOT WORK. Get back to your senses – the reality.

  4. Pamela cannot be referred to as or be the equivalent of a modern day Robin Hood unless & until you can prove that she redistributed what she took and gave it to the needy. Otherwise can we focus on the state of the nation, am sure Pamela will turn up sooner than later.

  5. Lungu and his gang are worse thieves than Pamela , causing the suffering of millions with their stealing …..

    Lungu does not even deny or attempt to deny that he is a corrupt thief……..

    • @BaLazo, it is true it has the highest cases of fraud by far. Mostly it is because of the low salaries received by it’s workers. Apparently, Barclays pays peanuts to most of it’s staff, despite making billions in terms of profits!

  6. She waged a calculated daylight robbery leaving her former workmates in trouble. She has a criminal mind which she put into practice that particular day, a thing she has been craving to do and now a criminal on the run. If you do not like conditions of your workplace and have exhausted all grievance procedures, plan your exit in an acceptable manner by investing in skills and funds for future career or business, why go on rampage looting the very company which was a source of your livelihood.

    • The only crime she committed was putting her workmates in problems. That money stolen was insured, no tangible loss by the bank. Regarding Barclays work conditions, read a post by Barclays workers in the Zambian Watchdog.

    • Raymond you are contradicting yourself, you suggest Pamela did not commit any crime, but admit she stole. So in your mind stealing insured money is not a crime? Theft is theft period, there is no justification for stealing just because one is unhappy in their employment. Which World is that?

    • @ ZOZI-A-ZOZI criminality must never be condoned. I didn’t literally mean her theft was not a crime. She should be arrested. But more needs to be done to root out the many fraud cases happening at Barclays. The plight of workers should be investigated. See the post by barclays staff in ZAMBIAN WATCHDOG on 17 June 2019.

  7. Ati, ‘I could have died of depression’.
    Bushi ndalama ze anatenga Pamela ni za amabake nangu ni za banki? Kawalala ni kawalala.

  8. What she did is very bad.

    She has embarrassed the parents, relatives and all easterners

    We estenaz we don’t steal

  9. A thief trying to defend a fellow thief. I’m sure you are also stealing blocks and cement from the construction site where you are working.

    • @ Razor, Useless comment you a**hole. How’s this person a thief when he’s just sharing the unfair ordeal he/she went through. He/she is clearly one of the victims of some of these corporate institutions.

  10. Pamela shibomfye bwino u a lucky you store it successfully honest and hard working people are not appreciated accordingly and end dying poor
    The successful people dead and living most of them were or are unscrupulous .surprisely,alot are stealing under shields of work shops,procurenents :false and inflated costs corruption,None transparency deals,cheating,dishonest,etc as the thieves in jacketd and suits are in control of deterrent measures like co-perate or STATE assets auditing and in most cases deterrent measures are weak as there are incompetent officers in most formal organization especially public e tc

  11. This has been the tragedy of Zambia. A thief/robber is called wochenjera/uwasalapuka/mucenjezu. Look at how we easily forget how the thieving and robbery the bleeders called leaders have been ripping us off and hear how former leaders launder each others thieving. Pamela is a thief and there’s no grey area please. Her former bank may also be parasitic but she had no excuse.

    • @ Warlord, its true. Theft must not be entertained in any way. But Barclays should also be condemned for what you refer to as being ‘parasitic’ and unfair to many of it’s workers.

    • A word of advise also. Make it a habit not to smoke weed while typing. You end up typing nonsense. The writer was just airing their plight here.

  12. Pamela will either be caught , sold out by her boyfriend, found dead killed by her boyfriend. What Pamela forgot is the that being free is most important thing. On the run, a fugitive always looking in your shoulders, moving from place to place spending money will eventually lead her to spend all that stolen money and like the prodigal son in the bible she may desire to return to Zambia. Every country she goes to now is foreign and she can’t do meaningful investment in each without the risk of running into fraudsters.

  13. Just how do people manage to find time and write all this just to justify wrong doing. Its madness at its worst example. That girl you are supporting bwana stole and stealing is bad – kwasila. You have heard how some politicians are justifying stealing because they dont want to be like the Zimbas and other old days ministers.
    We are catching up on you – mwanya!

    • An imbecile trying to politicise everything and anything! Is the writer supporting PG according to you? The writer is just addressing the injustice he faced kwamana. Why do we have so many dull people in this country?

  14. How can they catch a man who murdered
    The Chinese couple and fail to catch Pamela with all Interpol in place? Looks
    Something fishy?let’s not compare Pamela with other crimes. A crime is a

  15. Too many scandals at Barclays!!. Actually this bank has been sold to Amalgamated Banks of South Africa (ABSA) in a secret deal. The management want to dodge paying off workers the ‘severance packages’. They’re frantically trying to claim that there was no sell of the UK bank to ABSA (when the opposite is true).

  16. “Unfair to label Pamela as a Criminal when large companies do the same” the author this article please contact on my cell numbers +260962672736. I feel we have something in common. I was equally abused by my employees the courts did nothing to protect me. So please contact me so that we could talk.

  17. Nonsense article, why are you hiding your name if you are genuine?
    Oh sorry now I know, you have to be one of those who oppose anything and everything, you must be a trib.al.

  18. That’s very true, nowadays even parastatles companies have followed suit in stealing money from employees in the name of incompetent or fake accusations. Those opposing should wait for their time of such, because i am equally one of the affected don’t even wish to take the matter to court because of unfairness in the way such matters are dealt with in our today courts of law. If you win the case then it’s not you who will benefit but a lawyer that why taking the matter to court to enrich someone else with your money.

  19. It’s over!! Most Zambians believe is acceptable. They even go to such lengths to justify it. There is no shame in both male and female. They are all just the same. They don’t even think twice before doing it. If you Condon stealing how can you condem armed robberies and corruption?? People need to Start respecting others peoples property and learn to work hard to get out of poverty.

  20. You can’t have a country full of thieves and expect it develop. Who is going to take a gamble to invest in a place where there’s competition in stealing. I wouldn’t do it.

  21. No matter how much you explain the lady stole .Please when posting don’t compare just know that a sin is a sin period.

  22. So bwana author. What is the key message of your article? or what are you trying to say? Veeeeery Stuuuupidy!!! period.

  23. Unimaginable article. I have ready it more than once. I regret the time taken to read it. But I cannot comprehend Zambia has got such people who can justify theft.

  24. 99% of the douches attacking the victim of the foreign daylight fraudsters have not read the entire article hence missed the gist of the story.

  25. How nonsensical…I read the title of the article and I already knew it was not going to be worth the read ….Unfair . ..Criminal …both in the same sentence …basically justifying one act of wrong because someone else has done it….that’s FOLLY

  26. Seems the author has been smoking Chamba!! You can never justify theft…. otherwise everything would be okay… to murder some1 would also be okay because America went to War in Afghanistan??

  27. This is why Zambians voted a known criminal into State House.
    Zambians no longer see thieving as wrong, & they will worm & wiggle with semantics to justify, & purify Stealing as a Just Cause!
    It starts right from the same elected Crooked Lawyer with an embezzling track record who did the same, when told to do the right thing, & sack his thieving Minister Chitotela. Jona wormed, & wiggled, then replied “I will NOT lose Chitotela, like I lost Kambwili”
    On Sunday these not so smooth Criminals go to Church, & declare “Zambia is a Christian Nation” whilst paying a stooge Godfridah taxpayer’s money.
    Wife stealing, Corrupt President Jacob Titus Mpundu did the same, hiding his Criminality, & adulterous life by also going to Church on Sunday, & declaring “Zambia is a Christian…

    • cont;
      declaring Zambia is a Christian Nation.
      Modern Zambians love, & worship dishonesty & theiving, but they like to serve 2 masters @ a time, as they always throw in their baseless “We are a Christian Nation mantra” @ the same time.

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