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Ministry of Health is targeting to vaccinate over 300 000 girls with HPV Vaccine

Health Ministry of Health is targeting to vaccinate over 300 000 girls...

Health Minister Dr. Chitalu Chilufya
Health Minister Dr. Chitalu Chilufya

The Ministry of Health is targeting to vaccinate Three Hundred and thirty one thousand girls aged 14 with Human Papilloma Virus Vaccine which start tomorrow.

Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya says government will vaccinate the girls in two phases starting this year and next year for the second dose.

Dr Chilufya says the vaccination will help the country reduce cervical cancer in women which has become one of the major public health challenges.

He told ZNBC News that Zambia has been recording about three thousand cases of cervical cancers every year which has prompted government to embark on the HPV vaccination.

And, Dr. Chilufya has urged parents to ignore myths and rumors against the vaccine as it is safe and will improve the health of young women.

He said the vaccine was piloted safely within the country and that its safety and efficacy is guaranteed.


  1. This habit of inserting herbs in vargina with the mistaken belief that it will make it warm dry or tight mist be quickly stopped.

    • Safety and efficacy cannot be “guaranteed” Sir. Such words will get you sued if one succumbs to an allergic reaction of any sort.

  2. Is that the number of girls we have in Zambia out of 18m population? If not what about other girls you don’t care? If yes 1girl for 2 boys to marry

  3. Careful with those vaccinations ba Chilufya. Unless the meds are being produced locally and NOT brought in from elsewhere, l have no problem with that. Congo is still struggling with Ebola – a virus produced in some secret laboratories somewhere

    • Zambia is still struggling with HIV a virus introduced by Americans in their attempt to delete blacks from the globe

  4. @3 Nkope,you are very right.Some of these free things bring us long lasting problems.Where did this Chitalu pilot the vaccine to be sure it was safe to guarantee no side effects for the entire lifespan of vaccinated women. WE MAY JUST BE VACCINATING OUR GIRLS INTO BARRENESS OR SOME TERMINAL CONDITIONS THAT WILL MANIFEST AT A LATER AGE! Why not still to early ditection at the moment??

  5. I started the campaign for gardasil in 2010, because I didn’t like and want male circumcision. I wrote to the then Minister and permanent secretary of health. I was told they were campaigning for MC because it was funded by USAID.

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