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COBUSU President expelled over riots

Headlines COBUSU President expelled over riots

CBU Students with tear gas gun grabbed from a police officer
FILE: CBU Students with tear gas gun grabbed from a police officer

The Copperbelt University has expelled Student Union President Lawrence Kasonde over the student unrest at the institution three months ago.

Kasonde a fourth year student has been expelled along with a few other students by the University Management.

The students have been expelled on the reasons that they masterminded the protest that led to the indefinite closure of the institution.

The decision comes after students apologized to Higher Education Minister Prof. Nkandu Luo and President Edgar Lungu over the protests.

Meanwhile, CBU management has thrown out an appeal that the expelled students filed in and has upheld the decision to expel the students.

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    • Who remembers Ken Mweemba the Cobusu students president in 1995, he was the 4th year student. The university expelled him from CBU for the period of 4 years if my memory saves right. He was expelled for students unrest and for calling lecturers half backed. This was FTJs time. Eventually he went back to CBU to complete his degree after been away for almost 5years. Lesson to learn imwe Ba student.

    • Good riddance.

      Parents send you kids to school to study.

      That devil that enters students when they get to school makes them forget all statutes from home and allow them to mingle with highly politically charged lecturers to foster chaos at institution of higher learning.

      To prevent loss of student lives like the UNZA scenario, the move to expell that student is welcome. Let’s have student leadership break the record of avoiding pandemonium at learning centers opposed to recording unprecedented numbers of chaotic situations.

      Let student leadership endeavor to calm situations at learning institutions rather than letting us know how irresponsible they will be when they become public servants.

    • How can a normal person celebrate the expulsion of a student? Do you know how much the parents have spent on the expelled students? Please stope exposing your ignorance

  1. well done Vice Chancellor for dispensing with these stupid children. Let his father open a university for him where he will be engaging in lawlessness without any sanctions.

  2. Poor child
    Politians have screwed the young lad just for representing his fellow students.
    It’s like firing the union leader of a workplace.

  3. i started my civil service career,as a Primary school teacher, in 1999 in a small and remote town called Luwingu and during my 5 year stay in that lovely town, i yearned to achieve my dream of obtaining a degree in any other discipline rather than education. In 2004 i applied for un paid sturdy leave and for 4 years i struggled to pay for my studies with the CIPS as my friends who were sponsored by GRZ swum into the river of luxury at UNZA and CBU. iN 2015 I MANAGED TO COMPLETE my Degree and in 2018 i completed my CIPS Graduate diploma but i must confess that life has never been easy and it calls for sacrifice and the appreciation of the very little that someone or anyone is giving you considering that fact that we may have other who are capable of being granted admitted to UNZA and CBU…

  4. Go and look for asylum in Europe boys. You need to finish your studies because your human rights and your humane treatment have been violated.

    • That is if their sponsors can afford. Moreover, they are now on the international radar. The U.K, the USA and any developed nations will not allows such disgruntled imbeciles to come and cause havoc as they did at CBU.

  5. The moment you leave unza you never look back at the downtrodden

    These characters expelling this boy were at same universities doing worse things against govt

    • I beg to differ. Ask most lecturers in professors and doctors that were former students and now teaching there.


    • Anyoko who said Soldiers aren’t educated.
      I personally know a Medical Doctor who is a Brigadier General, others who are full-fledged Engineers.

  7. foolishness of our leaders…I remember villagers being expelled from boarding school over petty issues and their lives and the hope of their families completely destroyed.while ministers kids would get away with anything. He is president he has to protect those he represents.Banda did the same to Kasonde mwenda..you gain nothing… a nation with high illiteracy levels cannot afford such policies …fine the guy drop him from presidency and let him finish his studies.Politicians cant run university . because their term is as long as it gets to get a degree…..

  8. Whats the difference between a riot and a protest, when does a protest turn into riot. In Zambia a mere protest is exagerated to be a riot. Students like any other group of citizens have got a right to protest against bad leadership and bad management, this is a democratic right which must not be denied. And all those taking scorn at students you either got your Unversity education from abroad or a traitor or you have not gotten any University Education at all. Look govt has a responsibility constitutionaly to provide LOANS(BC) to students so we can have a trained human resource in the country. In all sectors of our country we need these university educated young fellas to take the mantle of the zambian economy and leadership. How can students study when they are hungry, no food in their…

  9. Parents and those that vote, open your eyes, politicians would care less about you, your children and your welfare

  10. If those students are smart they can get their credits and apply for many opportunities abroad. How can you be be uploading such foolishness, right now others are desperate for talent you busy expelling bright future talent. You wonder why you can’t make a simple thing like a tooth pick. Let China, Europe or America get these chaps and show them what good education before you know they will be getting awards. Government has no money that’s why they took advantage of the situation to close the school expelling students won’t solve their problems

  11. Zambia is a Christian Nation, we refused Somizo to come to Zambia because we are a Christian Nation, why not warn those students who were found in the riot, so that we show the Nation that we always live on the Christian principles, forgive them and portray what we are preaching to the country, these children have already learnt a total lesson of their life, may God grant Zambians love so that Joy prevails in every Zambians heart. God is love, if murderer’s are given a life sentence, instead of them being hunged why not preach love to these children of ours, teach them love, so that they don’t live with a hateful heart. Please forgive them they did not know what they were doing. Thankx be to God and may God’s will prevail.

  12. Expelled students just get on google or social media, right now there’s countless opportunities for young people to study abroad, l can show you how to apply for scholarships. You are way better studying elsewhere and you will finish faster ask mushota, at the rate this school is crawling you will be 45 by the time you finish your doctorate. Not forgetting that there are no jobs for those whose have graduated from there

    • Comment:The best education takes place from your local environment as it is easy to trouble shoot,unless you offer them citizenship too because it’s pointless to study about agriculture in China when the application is Zambia.

  13. I do not support lawlessness & previous suggested on this forum to have the whole school pay for the damages they caused. But to have to expel students for your own inefficiency is something sad. Expelling isn’t the only punishment. besides, why is this man (VC) hanging on in there when lecturers are students have said they do not want him? His action are tantamount to a village bully. To those of you celebrating the expulsion this young man, do you really know the value of education? It’s not like we are told that he committed any offense, his only confirmed crime is being a leader. My appeal to the powers that be, Please be magnanimous and act like parents, two wrongs don’t make a right.

  14. Never bite the hand that feeds you ,Some of us do not have the bursaries we are paying 100% fees but we do not protest anyhow .Colleges need a good example from Universities but the worst behaviour comes from Universities.Africa work up and work hard all this is out of poverty and dependence ,war can’t fight poverty.NRDC student

  15. Just go to court and challenge them,they are dull and selfish. Mind you, they were wrong and it’s a failed university because of the management. How can they be judges when they supposed to be defendants.No wonder they are producing half baked graduates.

  16. They can never be any reasons of sort to justify injustices when the majority are proud supporters and swing to the pendulum in celebration of heal & uncalled for decisions . Zambians as they are known are proud supporters of mediocrity. Viva students voice, viva forever
    Die hard supporter of the true and honest cause

  17. Hence the adage goes, “be careful what you wish for.” And to your pundits making noise and cheating these expelled children, do you even how the process works and the costs involved in getting an international scholarship? These children did not just destroy CBU property, but damaged vehicles of even innocent motorists also with children at the university.

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