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President Lungu gives go ahead to develop town in Masaiti district

General News President Lungu gives go ahead to develop town in Masaiti district

File picture:President Edgar Lungu welcomed by Anika  in Ndola at Neelkanth Cable Factory in Masaiti

President Edgar Lungu has urged the leadership in Masaiti district to begin implementing plans on how to develop a new town for the district.

Masaiti district has proposed development of a new town along the Ndola road in Chakute area which is deemed more centrally located and aimed at improving service delivery.President Lungu says it was therefore the mandate for the leadership in the district to make sure that plans were turned into reality, rather than just having them on paper.

Speaking when he toured the Masaiti stand during the Copperbelt investment expo, president Lungu said government wants to see practical results of projects that benefit people in the country.

“Let us make sure these things are not just in our heads. Work and make them a reality. It would be a shame if you failed to realize this dream you have set for yourselves,” The president said.

The Copperbelt investment expo is being held under the theme “Broadening the Copperbelt Economy through Diversified Investments” with four sectors being highlighted namely tourism, Forestry, small scale mining, and Agriculture.

And Masaiti Council Chairperson, Christine Chande, has assured of working tirelessly to lure investment in the area.Ms Chande said the goal is to become the best district in the province.

She said Masaiti has a lot of potential for investment in mining and tourism as it has several minerals like quarts and emeralds that can be exploited.

“Masaiti has so many minerals we simply need investors to come in and maximize on this potential. We also have enough tourism sites like the Chilengwa sunken lake and others” she said.

Meanwhile, Masaiti District Commissioner, Mike Musonda, says traditional leaders have bought into the dream of development by donating enough land for development purposes.

Mr Musonda says with the availability of land investors will do well to consider Masaiti their investment destination.

“Our Chiefs are ready to give out land for development purposes. They gave the land for the new town so we are very ready to take up the challenge posed to us by the president that we begin on our plans and attract investment” he said.

Masaiti district is one of the three rural districts on the Copperbelt Province, with others being Lufwanyama and Mpongwe which were formed after the desolation of Ndola rural.

The district has developed plans to shift the new town along the Ndola road to house several development projects like schools, administrative offices, amusement parks, and plazas.

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  1. With what money, this chap is beyond dull, are you going to print more money… think before you open that stinky mouth, Jona meno meno….. worst president in the world

    • @ Jonny. Lungs He’s the President and he will rule for the next 5 years. Jealous people like you if care is not taken, you’ll hang yourselves or you’ll pave the way to your own distraction. Your heart will continue to be full of hurt and insulting Lungu everyday. Give your life to God and let him that appoints and change government do his work of removing , as wise insults for lungs will only leave you hurting inside yourself. Am not saying God appointed Lungu but the bitter truth is God allowed to that lungu rules at this time. If God sees fit Lungu has 5 more years. So pray that God replaces him or He gives him wisdom to make right decisions. Stop insults it will never take you anyway.

    • Muzo are you dull like him….. a useless drunk as well good luck buddy!!!, personally I think Lungu is the worst president and the chap is just dull like you probably, I personally don`t like the guy hence he is your president coz you think he does the right things for you.

    • @Muzo … Amen to that, leadership comes from above, scripture tells us. As a Christian nation that should resonate with everyone among the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise.

      That’s why scripture urges us to pray for those who are rulers over us so that we all live in peace.

      It’s okay to critique leadership because, leaders are human and tend to be complacent thus the need for checks and balances but insults are Stone Age lyrics.

      Let’s roll … epo mpelele,


    • @ Jonny. This has nothing to do with how smart or how someone is dull. You’ve allowed your heart to be full of hurt for Lungu that you don’t even regard what the scripture says. Whether you like it or not Lungu is the President of Zambia and if you’re still a Zambian born from your Zambian Parents Lungu is your president. If the question came in your grade 7 exams and they ask you pick whose the current president if Zambia among the following.
      A. Nevers Mumba
      B. KK
      C. FTJ
      D. Lungu
      Who would you pick? Smart people will pick Lungu, dull people will still be denial that Lungu is the president.

    • I have read half way that article, I still can’t figure out why you people are casting insults at a parent.
      My people give some respect to elders, don’t cast stones on them, especially when holding a baby.

    • B R Mumba Sr, please stop with this leadership comes from above crap. It is the reason that the rest of the world is developing while us Africans remain poor, we need to stop with this devine intervention non-sense and start doing the work.

    • According to the flawed logic of B.R Mumba Snr, Idi Amin, Mobutu Se Seseko, Sanny Abacha and Jacob Zuma were a gift from God! How pathetic!

  2. Really laughable…didn’t he read Aunty Maggie Dizzy’s directives on austerity measures, she said projects at 80% completion will be only funded but then comes this lazy Bum Edgar talking about implementation plans!!

  3. his aim is to appease his cadres.
    the govnt. is broke than a mofo but cuz him and his goons have utusaka twandalama he doesn’t see that
    just says things without thinking through
    what’s wrong with this guy?, such a proclamation isn’t something you say because you get caught up in a moment. he didn’t leave the state house with that on mind.

  4. Do all the so called emerging economies depend on foreign investment while their governments just watch ????

    I don’t think so.

    This PF GRZ seems to think only the private sector will develop the country while the governments job is campaigning to cling to power.

    Ba Zambian you are in deep shi.t with lungu.

  5. This is why press conferences are important so that this dumb lazy bum Edgar can tell us exactly where he is going to get funds from!!

    • And that is the sad thing, the man needs to address the nation and not do a short speech addressing his cadres at the airport.

  6. Stop insulting our leader. In fact, pray hard so that God delivers your preferred leader to you. God chooses leaders!!!!!!!!!Insults, intimidation or negativity belong to the devil and the devil does not give leaders.

    • Ba Mubanga wesu that’s point, Ba Upnd do not know the secret to winning elections baishibafye insele. Wthether they agree or not every leadership is established by God and Zambia is a CHRISTIAN nation though we’re condoning sin in Zambia and the PF is doing something which is not right, the country Zambia belongs to God and he has the right to put leadership that seem fit. Do you think God will give leadership to people who insult him and his people everyday? Never. Lungu is not righteous but he has a place for God, because of that Lungu stand a better chance than momans blasphemers, insulters

  7. “Masaiti district has proposed development of a new town along the Ndola road in Chakute area which is deemed more centrally located and aimed at improving service delivery.” The visionary head of state of our great nation has given a go ahead to the progressive idea of the leadership of Masaiti to implement the plans of a new Town in Masaiti.

  8. Sometimes one is given to wonder what purpose the likes of BR Mumba have in life. I mean, every time this chap pastes something on this site, ni kupusa kwekakweka! Just look at Lungu’s teeth and gums, honestly, what manner of president dons such a lousy dental formula? Only a chakolwa.

  9. Another cantankerous donkey is Muzo, guys honestly, what manner of canabis are you smoking these days? I mean, just what the hell have scriptures got to do with Lungu? I have to think hard to find find a single one of the 10 commandments listed under Exodus 20 that Lungu has not transgressed. Especially commandments 6 and 7, the Chawama lumpen just cannot keep away from violating them. He is damned and so are all his followers.

  10. When last checked,no insults has ever added value to anything rather subtracts. Even to character of the individual,it will ruin.So to those who thinks insults is the to go in life,they are not wise.In the word of God they don’t believe,but whatever their so called leaders say they believe to Gospel truth.

  11. Lungu people need jobs instead of new towns, otherwise that town is going to be a dead town. Let the so called investors first come and create jobs then you might not even need to build a town, as the investors will do it for you. These announcements might excite ignorant cadres like brother Mumba, who don’t know that there’re unfinished abandoned white elephant towns around the country.

  12. Greatest Lungu is misusing our funds, maybe you don’t feel it because you are a beneficially of his incompetence or you are a dull chap like him. If you see how he has brought the country down and stunted our growth he deserves to be insulted. Go work for a Chinese and you will see how he’s going to insult you to get work done. We too need to do the same to get Lungu to work otherwise this worshipping of incompetent leaders is going to take us nowhere.

  13. May be he is trying to copy the SONA speech of South African president about building a new smart city.

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