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DRC president Felix Tshisekedi arrives in the country

Headlines DRC president Felix Tshisekedi arrives in the country

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) President Felix Tshisekedi has arrived in the country for a two day state visit.President Tshisekedi is expected to hold talks with President Edgar Lungu and officiate at the Zambia International Trade Fair in Ndola tomorrow.

The plane carrying the DRC leader touched down at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport (KKIA) in Lusaka at about 12:32 hours to a thunderous welcome from thousands of flag waving and ecstatic Congolese nationals.

He was received by his host counterpart President Edgar Lungu, Foreign Affairs Minister Joseph Malanji, Zambia’s Ambassador to DRC Friday Nyambe and DRC Ambassador to Zambia Chantal Maloba.Others include some cabinet ministers, Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa, Senior government and party officials, and embassy staff were on hand to welcome the DRC leader.

President Tshisekedi who is undertaking his first visit to Zambia since ascending to office on January 25, inspected a guard of honour and was given a 21 gun salute.

President Tshisekedi created excitement and frenzy among the Congolese nationals as he waved and walked over to greet them and appreciated the cultural dances and songs.

The DRC leader is expected to lay wreaths at the graves of Zambia’s fallen Presidents at the Presidential Embassy Memorial Park in Lusaka. Mr Tshisekedi will then engage President Lungu in talks aimed at strengthening mutual ties and cooperation between the two countries.

President Lungu is later today expected to host a State dinner in honour of visiting DRC leader Felix Tshisekedi. Mr Tshisekedi will fly out to Ndola tomorrow morning to officiate at the 55th edition of the Zambia International Trade Fair.

President Tshisekedi is the Fifth President of the DRC, having ascended to office in January this year after winning a tightly contested and delayed national election, to find a successor to President Joseph Kabila.


    • Dr. Edgar is good man, he is the only one who trying so hard to make Felix accepted by humans. Dr. Edgar was only president at Felix’s father funeral.
      Kusema ni kutaka…

    • Bienvenue Monsieur le Président. Le peuple intelligent de l’entreprise Zambienne vous souhaite la bienvenue dans le plus beau pays que Dieu ait donné à l’homme sur le continent Africain.

      Si heureux de vous avoir à bord!!


      @Nostra … Bro, ECL doesn’t want to be addressed as Dr. Lungu, he prefers to addressed as Mr. Lungu.

      C’est comme ça, mon frère

  1. Bienvenue Monsieur le Président. Le peuple intelligent de l’entreprise Zambienne vous souhaite la bienvenue dans le plus beau pays que Dieu ait donné à l’homme sur le continent Africain.

    Si heureux de vous avoir à bord!!


  2. In well managed countries where our lazy foooooolish President visits he is received by a Cabinet Minister or Junior Minister but our President is very lazy and wasteful he himself has rushed to KKIA to receive DRC President thereby clogging traffic in the city. I mean how can you go to KKIA when the same man is coming to State House and you will also have dinner later.

    • Edgar Lungu is an extremely lazy bum of a man who thinks of how he is going to kill time INSTEAD of how he is sort out the economy if it was him going to DRC he would have spent 3 days.

  3. Welcome to Zambia your Excellency! Pardon our opposition, ………the average Zambian dislike them!

  4. Tshisekedi is currently a lame duck President. The assembly and senate are controlled by Kabila’s party and his allies. He was also compelled to appoint a Kabila ally as Prime Minister and has to work with most of former Kabila’s cabinet. Kabila is still effectively in charge.

    DRC required meaningful progressive change (not this ‘arrangement’) to deal with all the mercenaries that have plundered the territory from the colonial times and created superficial internal conflicts to mask the grand resource stripping that is still going on.

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