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Plans to allow former prisoners in public service welcome- PREO

General NewsPlans to allow former prisoners in public service welcome- PREO
HOME Affairs Minister Edgar Lungu (far right) addresses inmates after commissioning the newly built Mwembeshi Maximum security prison in Mumbwa district
Prisoners at the newly built Mwembeshi Maximum security prison in Mumbwa district

The Prisoner Reintegration and Empowerment Organisation has applauded government’s intention to enact a law that will allow former inmates to be employed in the public service.

Prisoner Reintegration and Empowerment Organisation Executive Director Derrick Malumo told ZANIS in an interview today that former prisoners who have acquired skills and professions while incarcerated, deserve employment in public service.

Mr Malumo noted that inmates leave Correctional Facilities reformed and equipped with various skills and professions hence the need for them to be given an opportunity in public service, in order for them to earn a livelihood.

He said integration of former prisoners into society is incomplete if the former inmates are discriminated from getting jobs in formal and informal sectors.

And Mr Malumo has called on the Church to help advocate for the welfare of former, as they get integrated into the society.

He said his organisation is working hard towards assisting former prisoners receive empowerment and jobs, in order for them to contribute effectively to national development.


  1. In principle, I hv no objection bcos it’s government itself that tells us these people are reformed. If they’re indeed reformed, let govt itself take a chance of employing them. It’s doublestandards to argue that these people are reformed and maintain a policy of banning them from working in the public service while urging the private sector to employ them.

    • Mr Malumo, Zambia right now needs a total overhaul and transformation of the public service to professionalize it and introduce fiscal discipline which it seriously lacks now. So, please don’t bring in more criminals when we already have this mammoth task of flushing out the thousands who are there now!!!

  2. which Zambian prisoners that you know who are “reformed equipped with various skills and professions”. reformed most likely but what skills do they get?
    and for starters, Zambia has such poor record keeping. it’s very easy for former prisoners to have that record (if it even exists in the national database) removed
    as well, if you were jailed for cooking books. you shouldn’t bother coming to me talking about you’re an accountant with experience, yeah experience at stealing
    65% of those in Zambian prisons shouldn’t be locked up, the due process in Zambia is f ucked up and the whole judicial system is so freaking corrupt

    • Mukolwe: Such angry blanket condemnation of a whole system is unhelpful and coflicts wth the basic laws of probability which suggest that every large enough sample should hv some variability and not everyone will be the same. Yes there are some in the judiciary who shouldn’t be there. Zambia isn’t a failed state.

  3. @nemwine yes Zambia is a f ucked up state from top down
    the judicial system which is the mechanism that’s supposed to be independent and impartial has been infiltrated by the ruling goons
    if you wanna speak statistical sampling , one rotten apple spoils the whole barrel. in case of these guys, it’s not one rotten apple, it’s more like 96%

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