President Lungu

President Edgar Lungu has assured investors that Zambia is a haven for Investment.

President Lungu says the investment climate is backed by laws and policies which help companies make profits and grow their businesses.

Speaking when he opened the Copperbelt Investment Expo in Ndola, President Lungu however warned that investors must act responsibly once they invest in Zambia.

The Head of State said if investors do not follow the law and act responsibly, he would act within the law to protect the country’s interests.

Copperbelt Minister Japhen Mwakalombe announced that several foreign companies are ready to invest millions of dollars in various sectors on the Copperbelt.

Meanwhile, President Edgar Lungu has challenged the Nathan Chanda-led Patriotic Front Provincial Executive on the Copperbelt to embrace all those who lost elections during intra-party elections.

President Lungu says he has been receiving reports that party members who lost elections are being sidelined.

The head of state says some of the people who lost elections are very useful and can help grow the party on the Copperbelt.

Speaking upon arrival at the Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport in Ndola yesterday morning, President Lungu challenged Mr. Chanda and his executive to be inclusive and bring everyone on board.

He said late President Michael Sata taught him to embrace everyone in the party and he wants the same to happen on the Copperbelt.

Earlier, Copperbelt Minister Japhen Mwakalombe said the Patriotic Front’s policies are working well as can be seen by the many investors who have showed up at the Copperbelt Investment Expo.

Mr. Mwakalombe said he is hopeful the expo will create jobs for people on the Copperbelt.
Meanwhile, PF Copperbelt Chairperson Nathan Chanda thanked President Lungu for accepting the invitation to grace the official opening of the Copperbelt Investment Expo.

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  1. Crazy man in one sentence you’re assuring them, and threatening them in another. You haven’t followed the law in the case of kcm, so how are the investors going to trust you going forward. Besides you have messed up the country to the point of many companies laying off people just to survive your bad economy. It’s high time you accepted responsibility and find remedies to fix it because it’s not going to fix itself


  2. Nope Mr Lungu ,investors are flocking to Rwanda ,Ethiopia ,Kenya etc coz that’s where they are serious about growing their economies. Zambia’s economy has been a joke.


  3. Does this man know anything he talks about or he just speaks from a luck of knowledge or dullness… go figure. How can you reassure investors when you are busy chasing one in the most unprofessional way possible. The worst president in the world… what a curse we have for a president…. thieving lawyer wanna be


  4. ECL doesn’t know that Investors are keenly waiting to see how he will resolve the KCM Shareholders Dispute. He mistreated Vedanta in this KCM Liquidation issue. He needs Vedanta’s Consent to bring in a New Investor in KCM. Vedanta as an 80% Shareholder in KCM needs to be heard and listened to if the change in Shareholders at KCM is to concluded amicably. GRZ will have to cough out some huge bucks to buy out Vedanta out of KCM. At the International Arbitration Court GRZ will lose the Case and the image of Zambia in the face of Investors will be soiled.



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