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PF is flooded with UPND councilors wanting to join the party-Wina

Headlines PF is flooded with UPND councilors wanting to join the party-Wina

Vice President Inonge Wina
Vice President Inonge Wina

Vice President Inonge Wina has revealed that overwhelming numbers of United Party for National Development -UPND ward councillor are applying to join the Patriotic Front (PF).

Ms. Wina says the PF-Secretariat is being flooded with such applications by a vast number of UPND Councillors.

She observed that the UPND Councillors have realised that their party has no future.

Ms. Wina has dispelled allegations that the PF is bribing UPND Councillors in North-western Province and other parts of the country to ditch their party.

She was responding to Kabompo members of parliament Ambrose Lufuma during the Vice President’s Question Session in parliament.

Meanwhile Ms Wina expressed confidence that unnecessary by-elections will be curtailed once the constitution and electoral laws are amended.

She said the recent National Dialogue Forum-NDF gathered recommendations for the country to curtail unnecessary by-elections.

The NDF was constituted to facilitate the amendment of the Constitution and other subsidiary laws.

And the Vice President has insisted that government has not banned the movement of maize locally.

Ms. Wina says Zambians are free to transport maize within the country but reiterated that government has banned the export of maize.

Ms. Wina said this in parliament during the Vice President Question Session.

She was responding to United Party for National Development -UPND Moomba member of parliament Fred Chaatila.

Mr. Chaatila complained that people from his constituency buying and transporting maize from other parties of the country are facing harassment.

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  1. The lying gogo at it again; how sad.

    If indeed they’re queuing up to join the crime family, then they are so doing for the gravy train. They know there’s a lot of proceeds of crime, which they’d like a cut therefrom!

    • Mfwiti mfwiti, prove it ambuya. The pf we know would not waste time to parade like at the slave market, maybe the councillors in question are waiting for when you pay it will show, like unpaid contractors, farming input dealers and suppliers.

    • Comment:Boza. It can not be true that UPND councilors are flooding pf secretariat in order to defect. Pack of lies!

    • I knew deads would dispel this.
      That said, indeed the upndead MPs and Councillors fished wrongly. They have a leadership not interested in a democratic development synergy with their ruling counterparts. Just how long is a 5 year election tenure for loney councilor? Just how boring can a job of a councilor who does not have the backing of it’s party leadership be? Just how inefficient is a councilor or MP under upndead when they always have to listen to one man who instructs passiveness against progressive ideas in Ward or Constituency development. Just how queer is party leader and leadership who discourages unity and social interaction with their counterparts in the ruling part. Odd.

  2. The Chinese who sold Inonge and the kapokola behind that wig needs to be punished. Even blind Nostradamus can tell that’s not lnonge’s hair

  3. If what Ms. Wina is saying is true then it’s very sad bcz we need a strong opposition party in Zambia if we need Zambia to be better we cannot all be in the ruling party that is not health for the country.

      By the way, when you are sworn in, what is the purpose? Because I am still shocked to hear mama Wina tell parliament that auditing Ministers alone as some people are trying to justify does not make sense because their assets are already known.
      Responding to a question by Chimwemwe MP Elias Mwila during the Vice President’s Question and Answer session, Wina said auditing Ministers alone would be unfair unless it is extended to all Zambians, an exercise she said is not possible. She fell short of saying we all need to be sworn in.

  4. It’s because the can’t steal government funds through UPND, hence the demand to join a corrupt party.

  5. Abuya u being cheated by those want to join yo party, they hv seen ati nachipwalala so they jst for money bcoz u can shower thm with it. Dont b cheated, ad if councillor’s join the ruling party, thn it’s going to win the coming elections, how many are they? Instead of solving real issue people are facing, u talking of petty issues. No wonder as a country, we a not progressing bcos our leaders are a disappointment ad only thinking of themselves ad not as a country.
    Its only KK who loved this country, we had our industries, which gave jobs ad benefits to Zambian’s frm our resources than now whr our leaders are inviting foreigners to come ad reap to bcome billionaires. When are going to wake up? This pains me alot. Last week our ambassador to India was inviting Indians to come to Zambia…

  6. #1.4 Gay Jay: “Not all elders are wise…old hen Bo Inonge is a typical example..”

    Trib.al Gay Jay, you are really laughable.

  7. When will ECL and Ms Wina realize that they are serving the country as at now! All what these two do is talk about PF…..So PF has no educates people to fill up these positions that are being chased for by UNDP guys….how dull can one be sure!

  8. Trib.al upnd, are you telling us that your members are so cheap that they can all be bought with a packet of pamela? You are really insulting your members, when the problem is yourselves. Trib.al Hacks especially is now completely disconnected from the country.

  9. This old hen is now telling lies! Perhaps the medication in South Africa brought out something in her that made are overstay in hospital. Talking lies by an old lady is fun!

  10. Can someone tell me the value of this woman as VP or even in politics? What value has she added to Zambia? What has she done to even uplift fellow women? Even a marketeer who brings kapenta and rape (mupilu) to our dining tables is valued more than this hopeless do nothing old woman. She is not worthy of and space she occupies in parliament, govt and earth. She is a worst of anything you would think of. And you call her your leader. Yes, we deserve being listed as third poorest country on earth or probably the universe.

  11. This can’t be Inonge speaking! She is not capable of such cheap politics! It looks like we have an impostor! Ba PF, tell us the truth! Where have you hidden the real gogo Inonge?

  12. Madam, we will forgive you for this because mostly you practice decent and civil politics. But why cant you sit Sunday Chanda down and impart some thing in there, why does he think the more he writes negatively about HH, the more the authorities will notice him and give him a job. The guy has never been civil, and even one diplomat mentioned. Multiparty politics means even HH is relevant. The way this man is feared, has induced a lot of hatred in him from spineless little creatures.

  13. when you live and dine with crooks, liars, corrupt, thieves and the like to start behaving like one. i heard a gogo saying many upnd councellors are applying to join pfools, for what. well let them join for a bribe, but we know its just like water melon formular.

  14. These are the sort of people Rev sumaili should be going for, not people rumoured to be gays!

  15. Mama Wina you are the one with no future, you will not be adoped again in 2021, so I would advise you to keep quiet.

  16. Watch out for Propaganda! She trying to intice PF members trying to ditch the party to stay. How many government workers have gone unpaid for 6 months?? She’s just as bad as ECL, except that she’s an old lady and people have respect for old people especially women. She’s the wrong one.

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