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Zambians are tired of unending corruption in PF government – Msoni

Headlines Zambians are tired of unending corruption in PF government - Msoni

Opposition APC President Nason Msoni
Opposition APC President Nason Msoni

All People Congress Leader Mason Msoni says Zambians are fatigued by the unending corruption in President Edgar Lungu’s government.

Mr. Msoni says President Lungu’s lack of political will to help tackle corruption and his continued shielding of criminal suspects still serving in government has made the fight against graft extremely difficult for law enforcement officers.

He said the fight against corruption should not be left to law enforcement officers alone Zambia is to eradicate the vices and has asked Citizens to join the struggle against graft.

Mr. Msoni said corruption takes away money meant for the much needed social services and ends up in private pockets.

“In essence it is taxpayers money criminals are stealing with impunity and putting in their own pockets for personal use. We also think that the reckless abuse of public funds must now be curtailed by ensuring that those who have made it a habit to abuse public resources are brought to book”, he added.

Mr. Msoni said it is prudent to remind ourselves as citizens that we have the power to effect a citizens arrest or to apprehend any suspect found committing crimes against the people of Zambia.

He said it is now incumbent upon ourselves as citizens to join hands with law enforcement officers and help bring sanity to our country by volunteering to join the struggle against graft.

“We should all frown upon the corrupt and denounce perpetrators in the strongest terms as opposed to hero worshipping criminals and offering them support in droves when escorting them to court”, he added.

Mr. Msoni added that this attitude of giving criminals solidarity is tantamount to glorifying criminality and sending a wrong signal to other criminals still committing crimes in government.

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    • Zambians aren’t docile. Late Chiluba used to think they were and tried to cross the line and they stopped him in his tracks.

    • No one promised PF an easy ride in Government. In the flipside, no one promised the opposition an easy ride too.
      Is Corruption abstract? Is it a feeling? Is it an act? Can it not be investigated? Can it not be tested and proven? Is it elusive? Do you understand it? Can’t it be prosecuted? If it is really there, evidence can be collected and examined. By it’s definition,
      Corruption, is a noun whose meaning can be as: dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery.
      synonyms: dishonesty, dishonest dealings, unscrupulousness, deceit, deception, duplicity, double-dealing, fraud, fraudulence, misconduct, lawbreaking, crime, criminality, delinquency, wrongdoing, villainy; bribery, bribing, subornation, venality, graft, extortion, jobbery,…

    • profiteering; payola; informalcrookedness, shadiness, sleaze, palm-greasing; malfeasance, misfeasance; archaicknavery; raremalversation.
      So Msoni, get to work, let’s have perpetrators brought to book, now!

    • Peter has a good word for us. DOMICILE citizens.
      But we are so tolerant to thieves because we are Christians. We love our enemies.

  1. The only reason why Zambians cannot protest against the current rampant corruption in their leaders is because they themselves have adopted a culture of corruption and one way or another, Zambians have come to value corruption as a means to acquire ‘wealth.’
    It’s a lost cause!

    • You don’t have evidence. All you do is quack, quack, quack that’s why. It can’t end by Protesting but Prosecutions.

      To prosecute, you need money. You say you smell corruption, yet you can act by yourselves.

      Who do you want to shadow box your rumoured corruption bout? Are you nuts?

  2. Theft of public funds and corruptions needs to be nipped in the bud to avoid Zambia heading the way of one Country in South of North America where corrupt figures, drug lords and cartels lead glamorous lives, are looked up to by the impoverished local communities. Time will surely come soon when all these bad elements will account for their evil deeds.

    • Zozi-a Zizi: I doubt wht u hope for will ever come; not whn corruption has been clothed wth “Christian morality”; not Christian clergy themselves see nothing wrong. Austin Liatto was freed by a panel of three High Court judges who saw nothing wrong with asking him to explain how money grew out of the ground at his farm. Asking him to explain this isn’t the same as finding him guilty. The man chose silence and the judges were convinced that was a good enough defence. He was only convicted on appeal to the Supreme Court by the prosecution. Do u think corruption can be fought wth high judicial officers who think like that? Clearly the future doesn’t look bright.

    • You don’t have evidence. All you do is quack, quack, quack that’s why. TIME is now to end theft by public servant activities. You can’t wait for the impossible vis until double h climbs the ladder.

      That is like a fishing expedition in a potholed stagnant water. To rid Zambia of corruption, you need to act now.

      To prosecute, you need money and evidence. You say you smell corruption, yet you can’t act by yourselves.

      Are you gonna wait forever to fight the vice? Come on now, you can do better. Who do you want to shadow box your rumoured corruption bout? Are you nuts?

  3. Mr Msoni, you are the persons who are close to these politicians unlike myself a person from Kawama getto. Why you seem seem not to get support from us is that as soon as you are voted for you begin doing what you were condeming and forget us. So fight alone.

  4. US Ambassador Foote told Chitalu Chilufya that as an embassy they know about grand theft and corruption in government. Chilufya never showed any remorse nor was he embarrassed, he went about his business as if nothing serious was said. Sunday Chanda saw it fit to tell the nation about his 4 minute encounter with the freemason instead of what the ambassador said. That’s PF for you, they’ll only realize with handcuffs around their wrists


    • We dont care much about private sector since we are not shareholders in those companies. But in public sector we are all involved. Don’t you think so? This is not to say it is ok for the private sector to be infected with corruption. But I think they have faster and adequate mechanisms to deal with that.

    • No no, corruption is in your homes. In your minds. It is an attitude. It is in the opposition. Why do I say so?

      Because immediately you vote for an opposition party, 2 years in Government, they are accused of corruption.

      Conversely, corruption is in Government itself – Government as the office. I mean the Zambian Executive branch. Why do I say so?

      Immediately an opposition party, once perceived not corrupt while they called a serving party corrupt meaning they were not corrupt themselves, forms Government, they are accused of being corrupt.
      To you folks Government = Corruption.

  6. Thanks Mr. Msoni. We need to act collectively to stop this vice. I was impressed by Hong Kong where peacefully people forced govt to rescind its decision to have an extradition bill presented. We must act in the interest of many voiceless Zambians. And yes, corruption seems to be taking route in all sectors (public and private sector alike) but we must stop this before it becomes so masked as part of the values our children may inherit. It takes only good people to do nothing for evil to flourish.

    • Present evidence.

      Who do you want to shadow box your rumoured corruption bout? Are you nuts?

      Read 7.2

      Maybe you too are corrupt.

  7. Mr Msoni

    Once upon a time, Zambians were told the UNIP government led by our first President was so corrupt with massive bank accounts, hotels etc abroad, only to realize that UNIPs corruption was a mere perception /hearsay.

  8. Even churches are affected by corruption.
    LOOK at the protection of abuse of boys and nuns in the Roman Catholic church
    Some people don’t even want this mentioned: by extension that’s corruption as well.

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