Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo
Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo

Shiwang’andu Area Member of Parliament Stephen Kampyongo says the Patriotic Front (PF) says the party is becoming stronger and popular in most parts of the country.

Speaking at Makungwa school grounds yesterday during his continued tour of the constituency, Mr Kampyongo said people from opposition political parties are joining the ruling party in great numbers because the ruling party is becoming more attractive saying it will be a party to reckon with in 2021.

He says having former PF members rejoining the party, is an indication that the party is becoming more attractive and stronger each day.

He also added that the PF government is committed to uplifting the lives of every Zambian despite their political affiliation and geographical location.

And Mr Kampyongo has said that the PF has delivered and will continue to deliver developmental progress in Muchinga province from the time it was divided from Northern Province in 2011.

He said that from the time Muchinga Province was created, Chinsali which is the provincial headquarters, has recorded massive development with modern infrastructure being constructed, especially in the education sector.

Mr Kampyongo who is also Minister of Home Affairs said that creation of another constituency during the delimitation of wards and constituencies, currently underway ahead of 2021 general elections, will accelerate development in the area.

Meanwhile, Frank Musukwa who stood on the UPND ticket for Kulamwele ward in the 2016 general elections, has defected to the PF.

Mr Musukwa who was officially welcomed by Mr Kampyongo, said the PF has delivered and that he is willing to assist in that developmental agenda.

Mr. Kampyongo is on tour of his constituency to check on developmental projects in the region.

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  1. WHEN A RULING PARTY BECOMES VERY CORRUPT, THOSE IN POLITICS FOR MONEY RUN TO IT TO CHEW THE LOOT,while the masses are driting away and counting days to COME AND GIVE A THRUSHING!! We have seen it before!!


    • Come 2021 and we will see how popular it will be?There is nothing
      That people can do between now
      And 2021.wait and see.


  2. since when did this happen .you arrest your former members who join a progressive opposition party that is the party one can say its becoming more popular day by day.


  3. How do you claim to be a strong and popular PF when you Kampyongo and a bunch of your colleagues are busy plundering our economy? You’re busy taking advantage of the poor, especially the villagers. TELL ME MORE ABOUT THE FIRETRUCKS, how did a fire truck that costs in a couple of thousands of dollars cost one million dollars each? That’s broad daylight robbery Ba Kampyongo. Mind you this is just a tip of an iceberg, I know there are bigger things that will be unearthed when you leave office. Your days are numbered guys, those sits you’re occupying right now will one day be vacated. Please stop robbing Zambians off the little resources they already have. There is one who lives up yonder with the biggest eye, He watches and listens to the faintest cry.


  4. Who can stay away from free mealie-meal,free cooking oil,free chitenge and a bit of cash. Ba Kampyongo this is corruption and not popularity. You wait for 2021 you will discover how wise Zambians are. Meanwhile prepare for either jail or asylum.


  5. Which popularity when you are busy locking up your opponents for visiting their supporters? Even Roy Welensky didn’t abuse the police in the manner that you Kampyongo and PF are doing, it’s very embarrassing! You have dragged Zambia to primitive ages


  6. My mother and the entire household voted for pf in 2016. But today the entire household has changed. No one supports pf any more. They are just waiting for 2021. Ediger is the weakest link for now. Kindly wait for 2021 and you will be shocked. Just be ready for jail Kampyongo.


  7. Help Noah HAABENZU who is sick at UTH than start telling us about useless musunkwa and BGM joining your u merciless party.


  8. Jean ‘The Baptist’ in the background. Yes they are popular, let us not forget even Idi Amin, Mugabe, Hitler, Bokassa including Mobutu were popular during their time. Then what happened? What happened to their popularity?




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