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Another female banker on the run for theft of K59,000 from ZANACO

General News Another female banker on the run for theft of K59,000 from ZANACO

A female banker identified as Imenda Musialike has fled after allegedly stealing K59,000 from ZANACO Monze Branch.

Police have since launched a manhunt for Imenda who is suspected of arson and theft of K59,000 from a Bank client using a cloned ATM card.

Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo said this is reported to have occurred on 03rd July, 2019 at ZANACO, Monze Branch.

“The suspect is alleged to have set the registry room on fire and some property got burnt. The value has not yet been established,” Ms Katongo said.

She said Imenda is alleged to have stolen K 59,000 from a client and that at the time officials from the Bank were viewing CCTV footage from the information technology room to establish who could have withdrawn the money using the cloned ATM, she is alleged to have set the registry room located next to the information room on fire in a bid to destroy evidence but the fire was quickly quenched by other Bank officials.

She is currently on the run and investigations have been launched.

Last month, a female Barclays employee identified as Pamela Gondwe fled after staging a heist involving US$ 400,000 and Interpol have since placed her on the International Watch List.


    • Tribe does not matter my friend.

      Zambians are just very dull and want to be like Lungu.

      They think Lungu farts perfume, and sh1ts gold.

      Things will get worse.

    • How on earth would you be convicted for a mere K59,000.
      It’s not worth it.
      I thought it was $59,000 which is equally not enough to go down for.
      $590, 000, I would say, she got guts.
      Come on be serious.

      Don’t take me seriously. Stealing is bad, small or big.

      Abena CKinsultor bena go scotch free. No kukalipila ba ACC in defiance. Are political players teaching people to steal? All to play for. It’s high time the FIC report got investigated and culprits brought to book.

    • Not even the life-threatening state of Zambia’s prisons is a deterrent to crime. Prayer not working either. Now what do we do? I’m at my wits’ end.

    • Iwe, dont bring tribes in stealing, stealing is stealing knows no tribe unless you are related to Edgar lungu who sees thieves in terms of tribes

    • Zambians this is not the 60s …if you are going to physically steal money at least get money that we sort you out for life…surely what is K59,000? Is it worth detouching your self from your family…these bank workers do not know that whether you steal $1000 and $1000000 from a bank (without force) the punishment is the same.

    • @ sosoliso if you meant it to be a joke its a sick one and if not meant to be a joke then there is no seriousness in your comment as a thief is not defined by tribe! I am afraid that entrusting banks with hard earned money may lead to distrust among those who’d wish to bank then what follows is people tying their money in homes and preventing it from circulation.

    • I think fraud and tribe does not match…may you kindly check your comment,that shows how dumb you are.

  1. That amount is not even enough for an air ticket.

    Zambians these days have become very dull.

    Even the police are dull. How could this girl slip through their hands?

    Everyone wants to be like Lungu in zed, by becoming a thief.

    • I guess she is among the 4/10 from the 71/72.I wondering how someone with access to millions would get change of 59 pin, now i understand she stole from a client account.

  2. Sad for Zambia,sad for our women folk.Before,people used to entrust women with money,now it appears things are have changed.There is now ” Gender mainstreaming in stealing” – with women leading the pack so far, this year! This is a demonstration of how we have lost it as a nation.Too much artificial living especially among our women:wearing fake hair (Brazilian,Peruvian,Indian etc),fake complexions (bleached skin),fake finger nails (like eagles’ claws),fake accents ( vizingu),result – failure to live within one’s means leading to theft to keep us appearances!

    • I have always said Zanbians are thieves. It appears there’s DNA in Zambia blood to steal. Thieves and thieves everywhere in Church, in government, in homes, in work places……God help us.

    • @6.1 SMP, I am Zambian but it is so sad to see how hard it is in my country to find some one to trust and entrust wealth with especially money.Even relatives swindle their kin and one wonders why poverty has ever been growing while foreigners come and prosper in the same land!? When one lends money,it’s a fight to get it back,when one entrust a small business or task involving money,just in a few months you hear stories and money disappears!! So those with money and too busy to run some businesses just keep it or spend it on ” selfish things”!

  3. She was acting on some directive which says “Ubomba Mwibala alya Mwibala” and we have a serious outbreak of this disease since the decree!

  4. @Zambiaisours
    Brother, even those who have enough are stealing. Pamela Gondwe is one example. Right now Chitotela is in court for Stealing. Stealing is on our veins. Theres nothing like poverty. It’s just our habit wanting to be rich even if its stealing by whatever cost.

    • @9 SMP, I meant exactly that , it is hard to entrust our own resources with ourselves.It is a matter values and ethics rather than poverty! A leader prophesing to serve his people cannot steal from them if his/her moral values and ethics are right.Same with a person entrusted with bank vault,a family business etc. We love quick gratification,to better ourselves at the expense of others.The poor when Given chance to manage instead of seeing it as an opportunity to grow wealth to better themselves and others just steal for themselves,the rich confiscate everything and start treated others as if they are not part of the same nation – we see this at all levels of our society! Very sad indeed!!

  5. this chap is useless….59pin yalakutwala kwisa? tundrama twa bolabet tukumangise sure….get some inspiration from bena pamela,u could have aimed higher not uyu umungulu….

  6. Let’s not miss the bigger picture here. Pamela stole from the vault and bank money. This one steals presumably from the ATM which is strange over a 24hour period. Barclays caps per 24 hour ATM Withdrawal at K20, 000 which means this amount could have been withdrawn over a 72hr period….Not sure ZANACO, can’t believe it’s any different and lastly she uses a cloned card! Who cloned this card? Who has this technology? Did she take advantage of her position in the bank to do the cloning? Is this Technology on the open market and how safe is our money in the banks? These are serious questions with wider implications that the missing K59, 000..

  7. Stealing is stealing whether you steal small or big! Stealing operates from the same software! It’s a heinous sin! Thou shalt not steal! Those who are in a hurry to get rich have an evil eye (Proverbs 28:22 KJV)! You can build lasting wealth without resorting to stealing! What counts is patience and contentment!
    I love the SDA and the Catholic doctrines because The Ten Commandments are Cardinal to their teachings! These are the values the Guidance Minister should be promoting not the guess work she is doing! The Law of God is Perfect and converts the soul (Psalm 19:7-11). Whether you rob banks or steal Mukula, stealing is stealing and has a sure reward!

  8. Every civil servant now thinks being a corrupt thief is no big deal since their leader lungu does not even attempt to deny accusations that he is a corrupt thief himself…….

    all his ministers refuse a lifestyle audit ,

    In Zambia it’s become a thief or you are left suffering…….

  9. Bank employee cloning an ATM card and Xapit customers losing their savings in a week.
    This is bad publicity for Zanaco. I expect serious clients to think twice about maintaining an account at Zanaco.

    This theft is an inside threat in Zanaco and the Bank lacks a good security culture. For an employee to steal
    K59,000 and run away means that employee probably is part time or gets very little per month. If the employee is well paid K59,000 is nothing. Her plan is probably to go to the village and start a new life.

    • Stealing something that you can generate, small minds with no paper route.no easy way out , learn how to make dough, we dont steal dough, we mutiply it and make deposits.

  10. Life is very difficult in Zambia and only the elite are eating. Desperate times force people to do desperate things as they have lost hope.

  11. Its scarely how ladies are now stealing money.
    Lets look for the root cause of this behaviour.

  12. ZANACO has research evidence that female bank employees have constituted the largest numbers of fraudsters. Personally I have twice been almost cheated by female cashiers in ZANACO and Standard Chartered. Both times they gave me back the stollen money as they got caught. In SA, a male cashier succeeded in stealing some R2000 from me. I wonder what screening is done for bank employees.

  13. Politicians just laugh about such stories. When Politicians steal they go back home to their families or girlfriends, whichever comes first. When a normal citizen steals, he or she must run. Politicians make the laws, control the military and police force, everything to do with trade policies, tax rates, and almost everything to do with your daily life in the country. They always lead us to temptations because we witness their daily luxury lifestyle. Being a politician in Africa is the licence to print money. A Fish Rots From the Head. How can someone wear a 1000 US Doller pair of a shoe made outside Africa? We have no respect for money and money will never respect us. Happy poor weekend!

  14. when the head is rotten the tail becomes worse. what action has been taken to the suspected thieving ministers. if the answer is nothing will that scare anyone with access to some funds, the answer is no its now each one for him/herself.

  15. And this govt have given the females thieves more time off from work in form of 6months maternity leave…
    This was such a basic theft anyway…k59 pin sure?

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