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FAZ secures a $25,000 monthly salary package to recruit a quality national team coach

General News FAZ secures a $25,000 monthly salary package to recruit a quality...

Under 20 Zambian National Team
Under 20 Zambian National Team

The Ministry of Sports has sanctioned the Football Association of Zambia’s endeavor to recruit a quality national team coach by approving a US$25,000 package.

Following a meeting between the Ministry of Sports, Youth and Child Development and FAZ leadership, the two parties have made steps towards the recruitment of the Zambia National Team Coach.

Minister of Sports Moses Mawere has re-affirmed government’s financial support towards FAZ and maintained its US$10,000 allocation for the Chipolopolo coach.

FAZ Communications Manager Mwazi Chanda said further the Ministry of Sports has given FAZ a go-ahead to recruit a coach as soon as feasibly possible.

She said the Association has secured an additional US$15,000 funding towards the salary of the head coach in response to market forces.

Chanda has appealed to the corporate world to come on board and ensure that more support is secured to towards getting a top notch coach.

She said the availability of additional resources will help FAZ secure a coach at a competitive fee and has asked the football family to support the cause towards securing a coach that will take Zambia forward.

Chanda said the Association acknowledges the support government has continued to render towards football.

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  1. has asked the football family to support the cause towards securing a coach that will take Zambia forward.

    • Really laughable …when is FAZ going to self sufficient, number one sport in the country and you are still spoonfed, when a minister starts criticizing you run to Zurich citing interference but they are more than happy to be funded by taxpayers, much of this money never even reaches the coaches.

    • Government should lend the money to FAZ not donate it. That’s why Faz is full of failures cos they know they will be bailed out by government

  2. $25 000 to do what? Fail to get to AFCON 2021 and fail to qualify to the World Cup in Quatar?

    • They will look for a coach to pay $8000 a month and pocket the rest …Great Galu was a specialist at milking FAZ its no wonder managers were not paid.

  3. God forbid ! $25,000 (300,000 kwacha) per month ????
    When the majority of zambians are suffering , going hungry and contractors and many service providers are not paid for months on end by government then you have such injustice being proposed .
    The $10,000 is more than enough.

    • 25,000 a month is nothing for an International Coach that’s $300,000 a year…unless you are looking for a PF tutor but if FAZ had any sense they would be generating millions from merchandising and using such funding towards getting sports physios, sports doctors from abroad.

  4. I hope they are now paying Chambeshi $25,000 because paying some foreigner this compared a quality Zambian coach is ouch!!!!!!

  5. Jay jay. Kalusha may not be educated like but he has achieved well a lot than you. He is a celebrity and you not. He lives better than you etc…that’s life bwana know it all.

  6. circumstances has Led The former national team coach Herve Leonard Resign. Pliz FAZ don’t make a mistake to re-engage him. We need explore diversely and get someone Better. We are not a dumping place please.

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