This serves to inform you that starting tomorrow morning at 06:00 hours Zambian Time (ZMT) , we shall be carrying out extensive background upgrade work on the backend systems of our site to pave way for a number of visible changes that we want to roll out and  accommodate peak traffic that, of late,  has tended to generate high latency,  and in a number of cases, brought  down the website.

The work will stretch throughout the weekend and we hope to be 100% done by Sunday evening.

During this period the site will be intermittently available and operating at reduced capacity. There will be even much much longer periods when the site will be offline. Effort will be made to ensure that the lengthy down time happens  late in the night.

As  team LT, we sincerely apologies for any inconvenience this will cause.

Thanks for your understanding and support that you have faithfully given to even in times when we have let you down. We will continue to improve and work hard for you to meet your expectations.

LT team

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  1. …while you’re at it, stop your censorship and blocking posts that don’t align with your views. if you want your platform to be truly independent, don’t aim to appease certain interests.
    I am not advocating for senseless name callings, but you seem to be so quick at blocking independent thoughts about various topics


    • Hope the down time will lead to visible improvements. I have seen some comments here in print in a lowbrow tabloid.


  2. Improve your poor grammar. Employ quality and qualified journalists and respect your readership so give them a product of good quality. Any baker selling us half baked bread wouldn’t return to sell us more.


  3. Keep going. In everything we do in life, there’s always room for improvement.

    This includes:


    Enjoy the weekend



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