Mr Kapalasa flashes the UPND symbol after he was unveiled as the party’s candidate for the Katuba by election

The United Party for National Development has adopted Bampi Aubrey Kapalasa, a local businessman in Katuba, as their candidate for the upcoming Katuba Parliamentary by election.

Announcing the decision in Lusaka, UPND Chairman for elections Garry Nkombo said Mr. Kapalasa was selected from nine other candidates who applied to stand on the UPND ticket.

Mr. Nkombo said Mr. Kapalasa 42 comes from Mungule village in Chief Mungule’s area in Katuba constituency in Chibombo District and did his primary school at Jacaranda and secondary school at St Paul’s.

He said Mr. Kapalasa also did Public Administration and Information Studies at the University of Zambia and previously worked at Finance Bank and Aupi Agro Farms before establishing his own company, Frank Shewitt, which is involved in real estate and property management.

“Mr. Kapalasa is well known in Katuba. He participated in the 2016 general elections in Katuba constituency as an independent candidate and came third”, Mr. Nkombo added.

He said Mr. Kapalasa has been in the forefront in development issues in Katuba constituency as he has sunk boreholes in Kabile, Chunga, Mungule and Katuba wards.

Mr. Nkombo said Mr. Kapalasa has also helped in building classroom blocks in Kabile and Muchenje wards in Katuba constituency.

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    • Women are more exciting candidates these days.
      So PF change your candidate, go for a woman.
      This is boring.


  1. #2.1 Ichalo, that ‘s a no brainer. You have not looked at the picture? The candidate will ditch upnd a week before elections.
    Really laughable this so called party is!


  2. PF is already scared, this man is winning as he has been campaigning silently. In 2021 and there after,PF will join Unip in oblivion.


  3. #4 chatasha : “In 2021 and there after,PF will join Unip in oblivion.”

    Free correction: “In 2021 and there after, upnd will join Unip in oblivion.”

    Actually unip has better chances of resurrection that upnd.



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