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Saturday, January 18, 2020

2019 Trade Fair records losses

The Zambia International Trade Fair has recorded losses in profits from K7.5 million recorded last year to over K6.7 million in this year’s Trade Fair.

Zambia International Trade Fair Board Chairperson Dr. Elizabeth Nkumbula said this is as a result of the withdrawal from participation of some government ministries and department following austerity measures announced by government.

Dr. Nkumbula told the media that the holding of the Copperbelt Expo alongside the Trade Fair also negatively affected the event in terms of participation.

She says private sector enterprises and corporates participation was also low due to economic constraints.

This year`s ZITF was held from 26th June to 2nd July 2019 under the theme “inclusive growth through entrepreneurship.”

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    • These are LUNGU WASTED YEARS… I am sure the bonus for the Directors will not be affected even with reduced turnover and profit, mediocrity is the norm under Edgar Lungu!!


    • kekekekekekeke
      This story like those 7PND stories from PF secretariat or minutes from PF cabinet meeting.
      Losses in profit.


    • LT, please have proper Business Editors, the headline does not align to the article? You mean your team does not know the difference between a Loss and a reduction?


  1. Recorded losses in profits? That’s meaningless. Reduction in profit from K7.5 to K6.8 would be more meaningful.


    • Where will Lusaka Times find trained writers in a Nation full of thieves, corrupt individuals, & leaked paper graduates?


    • 3.1: Why be so apocalyptic? Where’s your suggested antidote to the rot in Zambia? You may be based somewhere now but home is here.


    • Decreased profits and losses are too different things. This also explains how people make careless comments on things they have no idea about or even on wrongly worded statements and completely fabricated stories. Shame on us and we expect Lungu to do wonders when we are a bunch of careless, low IQ souls.


  2. Trade fair premises does not match international standards. The place is too dirt coupled with dust. It’s like Chimbwi no plan by this board. We need better infrastructure. President Sata wanted to suspend the trade Fair for at least 2 years to make a place better. For now kuwayawaya fye


  3. 1.1 Gay Jay, “These are LUNGU WASTED YEARS…”.
    Trib.al, we are not going to allow “Wasted Trib.al years” either as you seem to be suggesting. Why should Zambia move from bad to worst? And even risk Rwanda type trib.al wars?

    Sorry trib.al Gay Jay, no trib.al upnd and Trib.al Hacks for us 60%, now approaching 80%.


  4. Indeed wasted years under Lungu, people cannot afford going to this place. My family went there and they lamented how it was poorly attended. The economy is bad in CB, come 2021 it’s going to be tough for PF. I feel bad for the people who were celebrating like they voted for the best president in the world little did they know how useless the guy is.


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