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Cece Chibamba: living her dream with Emirates


Zambia-born Emirates cabin crew member Cece Chibamba always dreamt of travelling and seeing the world.And after a year and half of working in a bank the opportunity of a lifetime came along when she joined the airline four years ago, joining talented men and women from over 160 countries employed by Emirates.

“Emirates was the obvious choice for me. It is the best airline in the world,” said Ms Chibamba, who works in the airline’s business class lounge as part of the cabin crew.

She loves her job, but it’s discovering new cultures and countries that gives her the greatest thrill.
“It is like living in a dream. I get to visit places I only dreamt of and fall in love with countries I never thought I would ever get to see,” she said.

It’s a world away from her earlier career in banking, which she took up after studying law and economics at the University of Swansea in Wales.

When Ms Chibamba visits a new location, she tries her best to get the full experience and has devised a way to fully soak up the new destination.

“I find out where the locals hide out, befriend them and ask questions. The best way to experience a new country or city is through the locals’ eyes.”

At the moment Ms Chibamba’s favourite country is Italy: “I love Italy because of its rich culture, history, art, incredibly beautiful architecture and delicious food. I have been to Rome more times than I can remember but I am still excited to go back, because no matter how many times you see it, the city is always fascinating, even when I see the same things I’ve seen before.”
Ms Chibamba currently lives in Dubai, and in her spare time she likes to host friends, play her guitar to relax or watch documentaries.

It’s the numerous activities that make living in Dubai such fun, she says.
“You can never get bored in Dubai; there is so much to do. I also love the fact that all the different cultures and people co-exist.”

Although she enjoys Dubai Ms Chibamba still misses Zambia and has fond memories of it.

“My fondest memories of Zambia are the people, speaking Bemba and the food. Visiting my grandparents with all my siblings and cousins, playing out in the open, and eating chikanda.”

Ms Chibamba exemplifies Emirates’ policy of providing global opportunities to shine for people from all nationalities.

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  1. Yaba! She is ugly. Air hosts first qualification is looks. Manje this one, no. Maybe it’s these people’s way of badly portraying blacks

    • My favourite place is Africa. In Africa you live culture. People are still living like they did 10,000 years ago. Also, don’t forget the diversity of life.

    • Bro I suggest you post a picture of yourself first so we can judge you if you have good looks or just damn ugly and on top of that plain stupid. From there we will know if your comment on the girl is justified or not.

    • Emirates is an international airline. That’s the message they’re sending by recruiting staff from all continents they fly to. Bongo Bongo @1: that’s garbage unworthy of further comment.

    • Hope she will not dissapear with something, like other progressive Zambianb women are doing.
      Abanakashi ukulaiba…

  2. Chibamba, congratulations. Emirates likes to take the best from the world for their staffing. You represent our heritage (multiple or otherwise) wherever you go and what you do. Keep us all proud and good luck and best wishes to you.

  3. Congratulations my sister. While others boasts of visiting the world after stealing $450 000 or K59 000, yours is hard work and determination. You are such and inspiration and blessing.

    • Busy checking whose ugly… Its way back out dated. The question is, is she doing her job right? Get re-educated & respect your women of color. We the motherland people are more cultured, than that…. Pls that can be your direct sibling. Motherland people we can be so so hating our own, instead of uplifting one another. Thats why most times the ex colonies keep coming to brain wash our minds…. I-ll be conducting my clothing line soon in Motherland, you “ugly pointer im inviting you to showcase my clothingline’, hence send me your measurements & your photos…. Thkx peace & love


    • Good luck mama and don’t be tempted to do what your your fellow
      Women have done after being trusted with very nice jobs.looks is
      Not everything as honesty and your
      Work is what will take you further.sky is the limit.

  5. Please keep working hard always remembering that everything you do is representing your motherland Zambia.

    We are proud of you Mama and you should always keep this in mind

    God bless you abundantly

  6. Your getting that job is more than luck itself but I think you worked hard as well to get it looking at your education background. I have girl children who are hard working, in my view, and I hope they can be mentored by your success. What you are doing is offside what you went to the University for but Education as always makes you more capable to do your fights to better your life. In short Education is a foundation. With Education you can deviate into other fields and make it if you work on it well.

  7. Go on girl. Give your job the best shot. Haters will always be there to do their thing. All the best to you.

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